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Last updated: Mar 06, 2021

Still doing a lot of research at this point. Clinical Trial's setup and introduction is mostly complete. The middle section (build-up) takes the longest. Climax and ending are still up in the air, because I have several endings. Hopefully I'll be able to untangle the knots.

Vol 1: Coyote and Spider
Alpha Draft (30k words): Generally gramatically correct, lacks descriptive details; pacing may be off

Timo is a child who commits magical murder, and the farm sends a witchhunter to investigate. Without modern social nets that we take for granted, he is shunned, consumed by inexplicable loneliness. To survive, he must find an acceptable outlet for his powers and his moral insanity. However, Timo plans to have fun while he's at it, and mayhem is on the menu.

The Scorpion, a jaded witchhunter, tracks down the suspect. As he digs further, he must ultimately make the hardest decision of his life.

Vol 2: Clinical Trials
Drafting, estimated wordcount: 40-50k

Current Blurb:
The young sorcerer Timo readily settles into the world of medicine. An increasing workload and a kingsman's emergency widens rifts between cohorts. To provide the best care, the healers employ a gamut of medical techniques, but Timo cannot resist all of his psychopathic tendencies. Will the pursuit of riches and knowledge lead to malpractice, or does success justify the means?

Vol 3: Inquisition

Vol 4: Campaign
Trash Draft (90k words): Needs revision and streamlining

Vol 5: Rehab


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Bio: N. S. Reiss is an American dark fiction author. Her current focus is on speculative novella thrillers & creepy sad short stories.

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