The Courts Divided

by KellInkston

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The old guard is now threatened by older evils.

Without their legendary king to guide them, an ancient way of life and honor is put to the test.

What starts with a string of unexplained murders in the fairy lands, steadily develops into the greatest crisis Western Civilization has ever encountered.

Not the dragons and their ilk, not The Trenchlings that gnash in their holes, not even the great empire of Ulteria that holds the power of gunpowder and electricity.

This is the oldest, most consolidated structure of evil the omniverse has ever known. Hiding between silent nightmares and the deepest crevices of the human psyche, necromancers, vampires, demons, and all manners of undead hold covenent with this one, ultimate predator upon humanity's hope: The Night God.

The West is strong, held up by the remaining bastion of their immaculately-powerful witch knights, but when their sworn nemisis and a beloved traitor are the ones that uncover the great masquerade, will they trust them, or will they doom the planet by holding fast to what they know?

Magical power beyond all comprehension is what they're up against, that is of no doubt.

The question of the hour is this: can old knights of a dead kingdom stand up once more to put the dark back in its place?

The Courts Divided is a massive fantasy project containing humor, horror, and some of the strangest forms of magic known to man or arcanite alike.

Daily updates until June.

Cover by Shiroasa.

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Extra-dimensional Freak

Word Count (13)
Group Leader (III)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - A World Close Together ago
2 - From The Front to The Back ago
3 - New and Old ago
4 - Into the Old Woods ago
5 - Unexpected inhabitants of the Golden Swamp ago
6 - Settling into Liefland ago
7 - Initial Relaxatiations* ago
8 - Serious Force Alpha: The Return of the Grizzled War Veterans ago
9 - Hide and Go Seek ago
10 - Working Hard, I see! ago
11 - Being a Knight ago
12 - Cookin’ up a Sweet Escape ago
13 - A Love for the Impossible Realm ago
14 - Counter-Interrogation ago
15 - A Bad Deal ago
16 - Bearings, Natural or Otherwise ago
17 - With Hands Tied ago
18 - Ticking Noise ago
19 - Coming and Going ago
20 - The Unstoppable High Overlord and his Oh-So-Delicate Children ago
21 - Two of a Kind ago
22 - Dangerous Wrong-doer BRUTALLY MURDERS Innocent Elves without Mercy ago
23 - The Plan ago
23 1/2 - Goodbye as we know it ago
24.1 - Contact and Receive (AKA: Part Twenty Four: Dresmond Ulveroth Edition) ago
24.2 - Ancestors, see me. (AKA: Part Twenty Four: Hoss'Rayull Edition) ago
24.3 - Soon to be Ex-Friends (AKA: Chapter Twenty Four: Meeo Letlind Edition) ago
25 - The Execution ago
26 - The Butcher enter his Workplace ago
26.2 - The Commoner’s way of Entering ago
27 - Cower and Squirm in the wake of my Tactical Dominance! ago
28 - Not much better Outside ago
29 - The Table and The Guest ago
30 - Steal Away ago
31 - The Rear ago
32 - Entry into a Planetary Graveyard ago
33 - Hot on the Trail ago
34 - One Last Breath ago

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