Old Cultivation Record



Chapter 35 - Would Like To Invite You


“Fine, dirty elite. I'll play ball. What do you want to know?” Amelia asks before crossing her legs.


The waiter comes by and pours some more coffee for Amelia before providing Taylor a cup.


“Thank you.” Taylor says with a smile.


“No problem. Just call if you need anything else.” The lady says a smile of her own before walking away.


“Tsk tsk tsk. You should wear a hat that says ‘I am the enemy’ in bold print, just so people know to not be nice to you.” Amelia says with a shake of her head before drinking more coffee.


Taylor smiles again, very amused. How much coffee has this lady had? He asks himself.


“Okay, Amelia. Enough games. You’ll tell me what I need to know and you’ll tell me now. The people I work for won’t take no for an answer; you should be aware, the consequences can be dire.” Taylor says, trying his hardest to look serious.


Amelia’s eyes widen in a mix of shock and fear. Her mouth hangs open, unsure of what to say.


Eventually, Taylor couldn’t hold it in and a smile breaks out on his face. “I’m joking. But we should really get to business. When was the last time you saw Robert?” Taylor asks as he takes out a notepad and pen.


Amelia’s mouth continues to hang open. “Are you really joking? This isn’t like a conspiracy thing is it? I won’t get a red target on my head just for talking, right?” She asks, currently unsure of the situation.


Taylor lets out a chuckle. “I’m really joking. What could anyone possibly gain from targeting you?” He asks before taking a sip of coffee, trying to hide his amusement.


Amelia immediately looks offended. “Hey! People could gain a lot from targeting me! I know a lot of things!” She says, trying to sound convincing.


Taylor raises his hands in the air. “Okay, okay. I believe you. Just tell me, when did you last see Robert?” He says, hoping to get what he needed and go. Although Amelia was very amusing, Robert could still be alive and kicking somewhere and it wasn’t Taylor’s style to intrude where he wasn’t needed; and if Robert was dead, it was even less Taylor’s style to get involved that sort of mess.


Amelia lets out a sigh. “We were here that night. Then he walked me home, we made some sweet love, and then he left. After that, never heard from him again.” She says, a look of longing in her eyes.


Taylor’s eyes widen. Why does that sound so familiar? He asks himself. “Ughh… I was told you were his girlfriend? You two… were… dating, right?” He continues cautiously.


Amelia raises an eyebrow. “What are you talking about? Do you think this was a one-night stand? Do you think I’m that kind of girl? Of course we were dating. That was our third date!” She says, dissatisfied.


Taylor groans. “Ugh, okay. You said he walked you home? You must not live far from here. Do you think we could retrace your steps?” He asks, hoping to get this over with.


“Fine. But you’re paying for the coffee. And buy me a blueberry muffin to go.” Amelia says before crossing her arms and looking at Taylor with impatient expectations.


Taylor smiles. “Of course, m’lady.” He says before moving to the counter to pay.



Taylor walks with Amelia to retrace her walk with Robert that night. As Taylor indulges Amelia with conversation he opens his senses for anything that might be of use.


Eventually he finds it. A camera outside a pawn shop.


Taylor approaches the store with Amelia following along. The windows were broken and the store looked looted. Taylor tries to open the door but it was locked, causing him to let out a sigh before kicking it open.


Taylor walks into the store, making his way through the dark with just his senses.


“Hey! It’s dark in there. Don’t you need a flashlight or something?” Amelia asks, lingering outside the store.


“Don’t worry. I have vampire eyesight. I can see in the dark; better to hunt lonely women with.” Taylor says casually as he looks around.


A blush immediately forms on Amelia’s cheeks. “Don’t blame me if you trip! Hmph!” She says before ignoring Taylor and waiting outside.


Taylor finds a secure office in the back and he proceeds to burn the locks away before gently opening the door. Taylor walks in and looks for some sort of storage device. With his senses, he immediately finds a network storage box. Taylor disconnects it and takes it away. He doubted this place currently had power so he might as well take it home.


Taylor walks outside to see Amelia still waiting. He raises the storage box and smiles at her. “Thanks, Amelia. I think I got what I needed. I’ll call you if I need anything else.” Taylor says, finding this experience refreshing.


“Wait, you’re going? Aren’t you going to finish walking me home first? I mean, we’re almost there.” She says, sounding a little disappointed.


Taylor smirks. “I think I can spare a moment.” He says with the face of a wolf. “Lead the way.” He says with a gentlemanly gesture.



Amelia opens the door and takes a step inside before turning around, making a quick gesture to her apartment. “Well, ugh, here we are. Would you like to come in? Um, I mean, me, Amelia, a human person, would like to invite you, a random stranger into my home.” She says with a weird sort of formal bow.


Taylor smiles. “You know I’m not a vampire, right? And I’m not actually sure if that there’s any truth to that legend. It might be the consent thing. I know a few vampires who are much hornier when consent is involved.” Taylor says, amused.


“Well, ugh, I, Amelia, consent to you coming into my home.” She says again, with a hint of blush on her face.


“Oh, I’ll come into your home alright.” Taylor says crassly before pouncing.


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