Old Cultivation Record



Chapter 33 - Continuing Life Normally


“There have been several disappearances happening across Oceanview, and not just the disciples under Raz. We've received data from all over the world and from other supernatural organizations; this doesn't seem to be an isolated situation. We believe the cause are higher level Naturalists, on the fourth stage to fifth stage. At the moment we're unsure if this is a requirement for their evolutions or if there is just a collective hatred among the Naturalists for the rest of the supernatural world. At the moment, you're assigned to look into the disappearances of Raz’s disciples, but you will likely be assigned similar work in the future. I will send you a file with the necessary details. Oh, and if the culprit happens to be a Naturalist, try your best to interrogate them; we can use all the information we can get.” The cultivation association representative says over the phone.


“Damn.” Taylor exclaims. “You said fourth to fifth stage. Has no one encountered a sixth stage Naturalist yet?” Taylor asks, curious.


“As of yet, no. But if they are out there, then they’re probably hiding. And the association very much believes that they’re out there.” The representative answers.


Taylor sighs. “Alright. Send me the file. I’ll report back if I learn anything.” Taylor says before ending the call.


It wasn’t long before he received an email on his cultivation association account.


Taylor clicks on the email and downloads the attachments. Various reports of last known locations, home addresses, known acquaintances, and personal information on their families, their cultivation, and their marital statuses.


Taylor groans at all the information before going through them one by one and processing it, trying to piece together a clue.


The work begins to overwhelm him and as Taylor does best, he shut off the logical part of his brain and decided to work through the case through instinct. Taylor finds a contact among the files and gives the number a call.


“Hello? Who’s this?” A feminine voice says over the phone.


Taylor gives her profile a quick glance before deciding on his next words. “Hi, Amelia. I’m with the authorities who are currently looking into the disappearance of your boyfriend, Robert. You are currently listed as the last person who saw him before his disappearance. I was wondering if to had a moment to talk?” Taylor asks, trying to sound proper.


“Authority?” The voice says with a snort. “What fucking authority? You mean the vampires who have been feeding on people behind the scenes, telling blatant lies to society, and hiding their ugly psychopath faces behind meaningless smiles?” The voice interrogates with righteous prejudice.


Taylor’s eyes widen. Fuck. I misread that situation. Taylor thinks with some regret. It says on her file that she was a normal person, but Taylor forgot that the world had since gone to shit. The supernatural world had been revealed, wars were being fought all over the world, and the Naturalists were rampaging among the regular people like wolves among a flock of sheep.


“Ugh, no. I’m not a vampire. Has ugh… your boyfriend ever explained to you what he was?” Taylor asks, moving forward cautiously.


“Not like it’s any of your business, but yes, he’s explained it to me. On the night of the blood moon he told me he was a cultivator.” The lady says, slightly annoyed.


“Ah, well, I’m from the cultivation association and I’ve been assigned to investigate his disappearance. Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.” Taylor says, trying to sound polite.


“What’s your name, Mr. Investigator?” Amelia asks in a commanding tone.


“Ugh, Taylor. Taylor Murphy.” He responds obediently.


“Taylor. Meet me at Kohl’s Koffee in an hour. It’s the only café in town that seems to have any interest in continuing life normally.” She says before ending the call.


Taylor sighs. “Yes, mom.” He says to no one in particular. Why is that so attractive to me? Harmless women with strong egos. Damn. Just get’s me going. He thinks to himself before sighing again and getting up from his desk. He hasn’t been to café in forever.


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