“Where are we going exactly?” Taylor asks as he drives the car.


“Just go straight. I'll let you know when to turn.” Jesse says with her eyes closed.


“And what are we doing exactly?” Taylor asks again.


“What are you? A kid? Stop asking so many questions.” Jesse says, intent on ignoring Taylor.


“If you aren't going to tell me, we can talk about something else.” Taylor continues, ignoring Jesse's growing frustration.


Jesse groans, expressing her annoyance.


“How's it going with Johan?” Taylor asks.


Jesse groans again. “Let’s not talk about Johan. How’s it going with Sylvie?” She asks with a smile.


Taylor groans, reminded that the situation between them was a little tense at the moment. I should probably stop banging Maggie. Things are getting weird… Taylor thinks, letting out a hot breath.


“Do you want to stop and get a drink?” Taylor asks nonchalantly.


Jesse raises an eyebrow. This isn’t going to end well… Jesse thinks with a sigh. But when she opened her mouth, all she said was, “Yes.”




Jesse opens her eyes and looks to her right side. Taylor was sleeping soundly.


Why did that feel so good? She wonders to herself, feeling Taylor’s lingering touch and the pressure of his body against her loins.


As she watched Taylor’s sleeping face, her eyes opened wide and she realized something. I’m going to marry him. She thinks, almost unwilling to believe herself. She turns to face the sky as her face blushes. I can’t believe I’m going to marry him. She continues to think. As her thoughts wandered, she couldn’t help but reach down and touch herself.



Taylor inhales a breath of smoke as he rests his hand outside of the window while driving the car. “Do you want to talk about it?” Taylor asks.


Jesse’s face turns a shade of red. “What do you want to talk about? Unless you’re going to say how you plan to move forward in our relationship, we have nothing to talk about.” Jessie responds, letting the words come out freely.


Taylor’s eyes widen. Our relationship? He exclaims to himself. “Ugh… What do you mean exactly?” Taylor asks, testing the waters.


“I mean, when are you going to ask me to marry you? When are we going to start having kids? And whether you’re going to leave your wife.” Jesse lets out, unhindered by the wildness of these ideas.


“Holy fuck.” Taylor exclaims in a quiet voice as he stares at the road ahead. Johan is going to kill me… Taylor thinks with a groan.

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so, this is quickly turning to a harem so i'm going to add the tag... dont judge me, im already ashamed of myself lol

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