Old Cultivation Record



Chapter 9 - Mess the Place Up and Leave


“Okay, get the teleporta—” Taylor begins to say before he was cut off by a very loud crash. Dust filled the air and Taylor covers his face with his sleeve. “Fuck.” He exclaims.


Behind the drifting cloud of dust, that hulking figure looked down on them. Breathing heavily and snarling, it looked to Taylor with killing intent. Taylor's eyes open wide. Fuck, of course this guy heard me. Why wouldn't he hear me? He's fucking stage 7. Taylor thinks with frustration.


“Annie… Come home… Now…” The beast says between snarls.


Taylor looks and Annie begins to cry. How far is this dude willing to go? Taylor wonders as he looks back to the hulking werewolf figure.


The creature lets out what Taylor thinks is a sigh. Then his huge figure began to shrink. As the mass decreased in size, the fur began to shrink until Taylor could see the man’s skin. Before long, a healthy old man stood before them, naked.


“Annie, come now. Don’t be difficult. If you want, your boyfriend can come too. I’m okay with it as long as he abandons his family; we can’t have anyone on the other side of the war lingering around our family members.” The old man says with a gentle voice before sighing again.


Taylor’s eyes open wide. Fuck, that change was drastic. Why are we bullshitting around then? We could have just talked this whole thing over with this dude! Taylor thinks with some exasperation.


Annie looks to Daryl, a question in her eyes.


There was a moment of struggle on Daryl's face before he looked to Taylor.


Taylor raises his hands in the air and takes a step back. “Don’t look at me, dude. Go if you want. But try to stay out of the war, if you could. Would make things easier on me.” Taylor says with a bitter smile.


Daryl looks back to Annie and smiles. “Yeah, let’s go. Fuck the war, anyway.” Daryl says with enthusiasm.


Daryl puts his arms around Annie and walk over to the old man. “I’ll be off, Taylor. If you need me, you know how to find me.” He says with a wave of his hand.


Eventually the trio had walked off into the distance, leaving Taylor in the ruined building as he thought about what happened. That ended in an unusually easy manner. Is the world such a nice place? Taylor wonders to himself, giving it some serious thought.


“Hey, asshole. What’s the holdup? Let’s get going. We still have to do my thing.” Jesse calls out from the parking lot.


Oh, that’s right. I’m still on the clock. Taylor thinks before walking out of the large hole in the building.


As Taylor got in the car to leave, the steward of the place gave them a blank stare. Sure, just mess the place up and leave. I guess someone will clean it up. He thinks with a sigh.


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