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Felix exited the small cell in a crouched position, listening for the sounds, making every movement as quiet as she was able. Still in the enclosed, hollow space they were in, even the tiniest noise, ricocheted of the walls, back to them. She flinched with every sound that was louder than it should have been.

Gin stood up and tied the pouch to a belt on his waist, before creeping up to one side of the door. He positioned himself there, ready to strike at anything that came through. Not that it would do any of them any good. The man hand no weapons, other than his own body.

One step took Raithe right up behind Felix, who was sniffing the ground around them and the air. Another growl sounded out, loud and clear and seemed to come from every direction. Both of them paused, as still as statues. Not moving and he had to even slow his breathing for the fear that whatever it was, would use that to lock onto them. It was a low, guttural cry. Primal at its core, hungry, violent. It went silent and the air became tense.

Shadows loomed over, breathing on his neck, scraping against the wall!

Raithe spun around, eyes wide and alert. Darting every which way, trying to discern where the sound was coming from. In the darkness, the shadows, he could see nothing. He pivoted on his heel to face in the other direction as the thing snarled. Angry, still hungry, a vicious, invisible beast.

Felix snarled and let out a pained yowl as it lept from the ceiling and onto her form. A wolf like creature with arms and legs similar to that of a human. Thin, grey, wiry fur covered the creature's body. Its tail was long and bushy and it fingers and toes armed with razor sharp claws. The wolf thing bit down on Felix's neck, trying to pin her to the ground and she continued to struggle. Shaking her body violently, snarling in outrage.

There was one point where the creature was flung off, but even as Felix ran to increase her distance from it, it flung itself right back. Claws dug into her sides and Raithe could catch the slightest hint of her blood staining the air.

Gin stepped out from where he had been hiding and did something unexpected. Raithe knew that he should have expected it, since it was well... Gin, but somehow it just caught him of guard. With one powerful kick, the creature flew off of Felix and into the nearby wall.

Raithe ran over to her and knelt down. “You alright?” he asked.

Her response was a shake of her entire body, spraying little droplets of blood at him and an indignant growl.

“Yeah yeah,” Raithe said. He stood up as that creature began to recover.

It snarled and then lept at Gin.

Raithe twisted himself so that he was in front of the creature and put his half staff up as a guard. It worked as intended, catching it in midair. He held it away as one arm tried to reach out for him and those jaws kept snapping. Then he found himself flying to the floor as the creature, with its long legs, had kicked him in his stomach.

“ough... owe...” he said, climbing back to his feet.

The creature wasted no time and lept into the air, meaning to pounce on him. Felix ended the creature's leap however, by body chucking it across the room and Gin came up in a forward flip. He ended it acrobatically, with a heel to the creature's skull. Although that move might have knocked any normal animal out, the wolf thing that was attacking them seemed to be thick headed and was merely dazed for a moment.

Before it could do anything else, the moment Gin's foot hit the ground again, he lept at the creature. Placing himself on its back with his arms around its neck, Gin attempted to choke it. “What are you doing?” he snarled. “That pointy stick of yours has got to be good for something.”

Raithe looked at it, then the creature and nodded. As Gin removed his arms from the struggling beast, he plunged it in. Blood squirted from the wound around the spear in tiny spurts. Then even more so, when he yanked it free. The creature fell limp to the floor, dead.

“Wha-what is that thing?” Raithe asked.

Of course Gin acted as if nothing had even happened, standing up and brushing all the dust, blood and sweat that he could, off of him. “Let's just call it... a werewolf.”

“A werewolf?” Raithe was not convinced. That thing he knew, wasn't one of those mythological creatures. To become a werewolf you'd have had to undergo some kind of curse. He stopped walking. How was it that he even knew that?

“It looks like it could be one,” Gin said. “Though... maybe not.” he reentered the cell, picked the torch out of the sconce and proceeded through the room. “This way.”

“Let's go Felix,” Raithe said as he walked passed the now grooming panther.

She grunted her annoyance, but then stood up and followed.

Another arched doorway was located on the other end of the chamber and they stepped out, into it and Raithe could feel a sudden pressure upon him. The opposite of the room they had entered before where all tension eased. This was far different and a far worse feeling than when they had left the threshold.

The light from their torch flickered.

Felix made a faint huffing sound and looked up.

Raithe held his breath and he could see Gin do the same.

Then the light went out.

“Crap!” Gin said in the darkness. His voice sounded panicked. There was the sound of Gin taking in deep, slow breaths of air and then he said in a calmer tone, “I hope you can see well in the dark, because I can't see a damned thing.”

Raithe started the motion of shaking his head, but then remembered. He stopped and sighed. “I could normally. It doesn't seem possible here though...”

“Tch, fine. We'll just have to find our way like this then.”

Raithe nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a little tug on his shirt. A moment later he realized that it was just Gin and he relaxed a little. Felix came up to his other side and rubbed against his waist. He clutched her fur lightly and allowed her to lead the way. Staying together like this, was probably their best option.

Unease continued to grow, the further in they walked as shadows loomed over them. Smiled creepily and leered. They made the structure they were in, seem like it was alive. With almost every step, he could feel his prey instinct kick in. Like he was being hunted and they needed to run. Gin must have felt the same way as well, because he clutched onto Raithe's arm tighter and with two hands. Felix growled quietly a few times to let him know that she was still there. Time stopped.

A light chirping sounds filled his ears and gradually, light began to fill the hallway. The chirping was like the sound of hundreds of crickets all singing in unison, getting louder and louder. The chirping ended and there was a dizzy sensation.

A door at the far end of the corridor slammed open and a man stepped out. He was tall with raven black hair. Though the man appeared young in age, his dark eyes appeared to belong to someone who had weathered through many decades. He wore a long, leather coat which hung to his ankles and his boots were thick and waterproof.

“Rae,” the man said, then he nodded toward the door. “We need you, come.” the man left, vanishing into the other room.

“Yes sir,” Rae said obediently. He reached down and clutched the hilt of the sword at his hip tighter, for comfort and security. Then he felt the journal still hidden away under his coat, good. Rae steeled himself and stepped toward the doors. He didn't know what would happen on the other side, but then again, he was only new. A fresh recruit. Terrified yes, but if he wasn't... Rae felt as if that would be a very foolish thing. Rae breathed in all his courage and stepped beyond the threshold.

The spell broke and darkness returned.

“What... was that?” Gin asked. His voice was shaking and full of uncertainty.

“I uh... that's a good question,” Raithe replied.

That vision they had just now, was it of the past? It seemed so real, like he had been right there. Like he had been Rae and Rae had been him. They took another step... and another, another. The sound of crickets chirping. They became louder, filling the corridor, resonating with each other.

Raithe blinked.

He was in a darker room now. Darker but with just enough light for him to see shadows and make out shapes around him. Rae held his sword by his side and looked around nervously. Three others were there with him. That first man whom he guessed, was his commanding officer and the other two were new recruits like him. Young people who were apart of his squad.

Rae didn't know their names yet, but he knew that by the light of his sword, they could be trusted.

“Watch out!” the man said. “Here it comes!”

A low rumbling shook the room, nearly knocking all of the new recruits off their feet, including Rae. He planted a foot, making himself more sturdy and took his blade, the Zwinger up in both hands! He was ready!

Hissing came from a wall opposite of them. The rumbling continued, more hissing and then the wall burst. Granite flew everywhere and Rae had to duck in order to avoid most of it. Though some still hit him in the shoulder and the knee, causing him to step back and flinch with the sudden, sharp pain. But he shook it off and faced the thing.

“You alright?” came a female voice.

Rae looked over and though he couldn't see her fully in the darkness, her voice made her sound... absolutely gorgeous.

“I think he's dead,” came another voice, male this time.

“Eh... no sorry, I'm fine,” Rae replied. He knew not what either of them looked like or even their names. The events leading up to this moment happened too quickly to –

The creature struck!

Raithe blinked his eyes open. “I... don't think I like this place,” he said nervously.

“You and me both,” Gin said.

He looked up and ahead of them, came a soft, silver light streaming out of a doorway. The same door he knew was there but... it didn't appear like they had even moved at all.

“I think we should run,” he said.

“What? In this darkness?”

“Do you want to live through another one of those visions?” he asked.

There was a long sigh, then silence. Then Gin admitted, “no... I'd rather not.”

“Good.” Raithe took another step forward. More chirping and he winced. “We have to run now!” he shouted and was about to proceed with that plan...

The chirping stopped. Instead of being projected into the minds of those strangers this time however, some of the darkness became a little bit lighter and shadowy shapes appeared within the hall. The first was a young man, a few years younger than himself. With him being a shadow, Raithe could see the color of his eyes or his clothing. Even so, he could tell by the general outline, that the young man standing there, was the one through which his eyes had seen through.

No sound emanated from the man at the other end, who had slammed the door open. Raithe could not make out the words as the man spoke, but he was sure he knew what they were anyway. A veteran collecting one of his new recruits to fight a monster.

As the vision cleared, the shadows dissipated and the room darkened, a cold breeze swept through the hall. An invisible thing above them... perhaps another shadow... whispered into his ear. This is a memory. Something fell to the floor from above, landing with a gentle clink. Then whatever it was that had spoken, was gone.

Raithe reached down to pick the item up. Though he couldn't see the item in the darkness, its cool texture and shape betrayed to him, what it was. He straightened and with a more confident gait, led Gin to the door at the other end of the hall.


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