A few days had passed uneventfully. Since it became so calm again, we were allowed to go out again. I had used those days to fully memorise the incantation, so I could pull out that spell at any time. The chief had given me more incantations for other spells and told me to try them once I went outside again. We went out together to try them.


We went back to the spot I threw my first acid ball at. The rock I hit still had a mark from the hit. It was going to be used as my target for the next spells as well. Every spell the chief had told me about were attack spells. He only knew one non attack spell, which was a spell that created a magical armour on the caster. He said that it was simple compared to most, which leads him to suspect that it isn’t the only non attack spell.


“Alright, Othokentir. Try to cast civip vreol”, the chief ordered.


I went through all the steps in my head. Focusing the magic in my palm, remembering the incantation and visual… I just remembered I have no idea what it looks like. I turned to the chief with a somewhat stupid expression, to which he starts laughing.


“I had a feeling this would happen. It’s why I took the liberty to come with you”, he said.


“Did you do this on purpose?”


“An old man has to entertain himself somehow”.


I was somewhat surprised the chief would pull a prank, especially such a lame one. I guess even he has a non serious side, although it needs some work.


The chief got in front of the rock held his palm towards it and chanted: “May my powers shoot out and freeze you, like the mighty white dragons”. A icy blue beam shot out and hit the rock. It caused some damage, about as much as my acid ball, and left some frost on the rock.


“It’s not the most powerful spell, but it’s one that’s easy to use and thus suitable for beginners. Now, it’s your turn”.


I held out my palm, focused my magic, visualised the beam shooting out and said the chant, ...but nothing happened. I was sure I caught every detail. What could I have done wrong?


“Should I demonstrate it again?”, the chief asked.


“Maybe that will help”.


He showed it to me again. Nothing was different, I’m sure I didn’t miss anything. I tried it myself again, but still nothing. Not even a hint of something icy. I just looked like a dork holding out my hand as if I was going to shoot out a laser from it.


“What’s wrong, Othokentir? You could do that acid spell of yours perfectly after just two tries, so why isn’t this one working?”, the chief asked.


“I don’t know. I’m doing everything the same way I did when I cast that spell, so I have no clue”.


“Cast the acid spell again”.


I made the same motions as last time and hurled a ball of acid at the rock, worsening the mark I had left previously. At least I didn’t suddenly lose the ability to cast magic, that’s a relief.


“Can you chant that incantation in Draconic?”, the chief asked.


“No, I don’t know what it says. I just memorised it when the elf said it”.


“I see. Well, just standing here and swinging your arm about isn’t going to accomplish anything. You can try out the other spells now, if you’d like. Maybe you just aren’t compatible with ice magic”.


“Is that possible? Can certain people not cast certain types of spells?”.


“No idea. I’ve never seen it before”.


“Then why are you saying that’s the case? Are you trying to pull another prank?”.


“Seeing you has showed me that there’s a lot about this world I don’t know yet. That goes for magic as well. Perhaps there are those unlucky few who can’t cast certain types of magic. Perhaps you can only cast magic that involves poisons and toxins. I know an easy spell of that sort, so how about you try that one?”.

The chief held up his palm again to the rock, pulled it back towards his stomach and pushed it back towards the rock. All while chanting: “Let thine poison be as potent as the gas of a green dragon”. A toxic gas shot out and made its way toward the rock. The rock didn’t experience any damage. Before long the gas had dissipated, with the rock not having been affected at all.


“Look at the plants around it”, the chief said after noticing my confused look.


Around the rock were a few tiny weeds. They had all died. Their colour looked darker and they looked like they would crumble to dust any second. The spell must’ve been a poison, not an acid as I expected. The gas was visible, however, and it didn’t travel far. So, you’d have to stand close to your opponent to use it.


Since the gas was visible, I didn’t have to kill more plants. I could just aim it at the rock again. I went through the same motions as the chief and chanted. Again, nothing happened.


“Well, looks like I was wrong. Perhaps my second theory might be correct then”, the chief said.


“What’s your second theory?”.


“Remember how you said that your magic felt different from mine? Perhaps it’s from another origin and thus needs different chants. An argument could be made that it’s heresy and that I should ban you from using it, but we’re in a tough situation and we don’t know much about it yet”.


“Well, if it needs different chants, how am I going to learn them?”.


I didn’t like the thought of being banned from using my magic, but at least he won’t ban it right now. I still have some time. If I can help keep the adventurers at bay with it, he might not ban it. That means putting my life at risk, however. I like my magic, but I’m not about to die for it.


“Simple. You’ll have to learn it from that elf”, the chief said.


“Wait, what?!”.


“You’ll have to start spying on them again. They might not expect it, since there hasn’t been any activity for a few days, but you should be careful nonetheless”.


“Maybe I can learn it from another place. I can be patient, so there’s no need to rush this!”.


“No, we could use as much power as we can get our hands on right now. You have to learn it! It might mean the difference between survival and death for our tribe! Rest up. Tomorrow, at dusk, you and your group will return to the human settlement. Stay there for as long as you need, but be sure to come back at the slightest hint of trouble”.


With that, he left. Arguing clearly wasn’t going to accomplish anything, so I was going back to the lions den, no matter what. The mere thought made me anxious. I barely escaped with my life from them twice. Third time might be the charm for them.


They’ll be wary. The chief might think they’ve forgotten about us, but he doesn’t know them like I do. They’re experienced, no doubt about it. The acid ball and frost ray from the elf were apparently low level spells. Who knows what she’s capable of when not holding back.


There’s the armoured guy. He might be a knight. He certainly is as skilled as one. He could cut all of us down before we can even retaliate.


The short guy might be a dwarf. He looked as bulky as a boulder. I’m sure he could overpower even Vyth. The rest of them are a complete unknown. They looked human, but I thought the elf was human before I got a closer look, so I can’t be sure. What am I gonna do? How do I make it out alive this time?


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Bio: I'm just a fantasy and horror writer. Currently working on Era of the Kobold and the world it takes place in.

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