Virtuous Cultivation

by Luna The Ghost

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life Wuxia Xianxia

The path of cultivation is often portrayed as one stained by bloodshed. But is that truly necessary?

Heaven is merciful, after all. 



[Tired of murderhobo wuxia/xianxia mcs with no morals? Well, this novel doesn't have that!]

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Interesting but not great

Reviewed at: 14. Parents

It's a fun, unique take on cultivation from a different point of view.  That's the good.  The bad is short chapters and an uninteresting mc.  

The short chapters give s the story a feeling that it lacks depth.  The uninspiring mc simply makes me bored, despite the interesting premise.

Overall, it could be better, but still is probably worth reading, just for the different take.  

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I was rooting for her failure by chapter 25

Reviewed at: 33. Feng Shen

This story is very well written and most of the characters are interesting but suffers because of how easily the main character lost my sympathy.

By chapter 25 I was actively rooting for her failure due to how bratty she was being.

My suggestion to the author is that it is time for the MC to start growing up.

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Yeah, okay. It's 11 chapters in. It has yet to even reach its stride. Still, I'm enjoying it so far.  Take this review as a bit of encouragement to give the series a read.

I'll first talk about the story itself. So far, it's all about cultivation. Our protagonist is kidnapped by a sect, where she cultivates. Not much else has happened in the story. It's all treated in stride with a bit of humor and a light tone. I will just say though, the plot is rather simple so far, as typical of cultivation stories. As for how things will develop, it's hard to say. I just hope it will remain lighthearted.

As for the characters, there is our protagonist and the 4 side characters that were kidnapped into the sect at the same time she was. I won't claim they've been well-developed already, but they do have distinct personalities, which is already a one-up on most Xianxia out there. The protag especially seems like a fun las to follow. I like her chagrin towards farming despite being a farmer, I laughed when she mentioned the 'curse' of farming following her to cultivation.

As for the writing, it's neat. In that, I mean, it's easy to read. It's not prose on the level of some of the big-shots in fantasy, nor is it on the level of some of the worst typically hardly readable cultivation novels. Simplicity is perfectly fine for a lighthearted story like this. Grammar is likewise, neat. I have yet to notice any glaring errors, that's all I can ask for.

So yeah, that's about it. I'm enjoying it so far, and I really hope that the author won't abruptly stop writing, as is the fate of many cultivation stories here.



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Endearing rather than aggressive

Reviewed at: 36. City Antics

I've always struggled with cultivation novels, given how many of them seem to feel that the main character must always be just as arrogant and prideful as the antagonists that oppose them. This story makes for a nice change of pace. Instead of a constant aggressive schedule of brutal training, constant cultivation, and bullying nobles, this is an actual school. The teachers are largely helpful, encourage constructive rather than destructive arts, and most of all, treat the children like children. I love stories like Forge of Destiny as much as anyone, but it's nice to see some variety creeping into the cultivation genre.

The protagonist is a young farm girl, who dreams of attaining the martial might of the cultivators that she's heard of in stories. Instead, she finds herself repeatedly guided towards horticulture, and while stubbornly resisting that call, her character slowly grows in maturity as time goes by. She doesn't love cultivation, viewing it as a chore (much like most consider exercise), but still progresses forward and attends her lectures. Otherwise, the Sect just... is. They aren't being invaded by demonic cultivators. Evil spirits aren't preying on the surrounding area. It's the sort of place that people would be comfortable sending their kids to learn and grow. They even have a teleportation array that allows them to visit their family each month.

Overall, it's pleasant. There isn't much conflict, so it definitely proceeds in a slice of life fashion, but it makes for a nice story to unwind to. I'm not sure where the story is going at this point, but it has the feel of a Hogwarts unthreatened by Voldemort and interpreted through a different cultural lens. The child-like behavior of the MC might be a bit of a turn off for some, with the occasional 'bratty' moment, but it's very true to life in capturing how kids act. Not to mention that she's seemed to have grown up a bit in the more recent chapters. I'd recommend this for a relaxing read, but probably not for those hunting a heaven-defying tale.

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A different sort of approach to a cultivation novel

Reviewed at: 8. Reaching Qi Gathering

The story has barely begun so far, but there are a few interesting aspects. First the differentiation between sects into virtuous, neutral and evil. Where neutral sects would be the standards sect we know, and virtuous sects actually go out of their way to do good.

In this world the heavens actually seem to reward that, which makes nice behavior a surprisingly effective strategy for cultivation.

The protagonist gets abducted by a virtuous sect master (how that works with the abduction, I'm not too sure). Then it turns out that her life as a farmer has crippled her medians even though she theoretically has rather good talent. Leaving her rather average. Though the sect doesn't seem to care too much about that, admitting her anyways. One would think that is because she's still better than most of her classmates, but they also admitted children with only the most basic of talent, so it's apparently something virtuous sects just do.

That said, her first attempt at becoming a proper MC by learning formations was foiled by her crippled Medians. Perhaps her farming experience will allow her to follow the good old cultivation cultivator power up routine. Though she'd probably hate it.

At this point it's a bit hard to say where this will go, but it looks pretty promising so far.

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So first and foremost without offering spoilers, I'll state the author absolutely nails writing for a child as a Main character. The downside is that may put many people off because she's actually childish and immature. Stupid decisions, pursuing fantasy stories over reality and a wandering attention span. If you're fine with that it's a great light hearted cultivation novel in my opinion.

Spoiler: Spoiler


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A nice, calm, relaxing and funny daily life of a lazy peasant girl trying to be a cultivator.

Made me smile a few times and was enjoyable throughout.

So five stars for you cause I want to read more~