The Most Powerful Ant in the Universe

by Angry Spider

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

As an ant, I am very weak, to the point that anything can defeat me without trying at all. And then a strange person gives me unimaginable potential...

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Angry Spider

Angry Spider

The Arachnid Author

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One - The Inhuman Human ago
Chapter Two: Spider Battle ago
Chapter Three: Back to the Hill ago
Chapter Four: V.E.A.U. ago
Chapter Five: Getting Stronger... Barely ago
Chapter Six: It Wasn't Worth It ago
Chapter Seven: Hunting Spiders ago
Chapter Eight: He's Back. ago
Chapter Nine: Actually Getting Stronger ago
Chapter Ten: Larger Prey ago
Chapter Eleven: More Understanding ago
Chapter Twelve: Getting the Hang of it ago
Chapter Thirteen: Turned Away ago
Chapter Fourteen: A Cosmic Favor ago
Chapter Fifteen: New Home ago
Chapter Sixteen: Unwelcome Visitor ago
Chapter Seventeen: Caster ago
Chapter Eighteen: Certain Lessons ago
Chapter Nineteen: Joule's Back ago
Chapter Twenty: Renewed Resolve ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Absorption ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: King Kapoof ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Named ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: A Short Interlude ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Null and Void ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Distinct Advantage ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Investing in Power ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Smoke and Mirrors ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Mind Over Body ago
Chapter Thirty: Too Many Noahs ago
Chapter Thirty-One: The Nightmare is Over ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: The 'Pet' ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Improving the Pet ago
Quick Question ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Of Slime and Water ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Evolution ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Noah's Normal Day ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Joule's Malfunction ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Exploring Dangerously ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Dragon Dilemma ago
Chapter Forty: A Helpful Gift ago
Chapter Forty-One: To the Lions ago
Chapter Forty-Two: Emergency Conditions ago
Chapter Forty-Three: It's Rewind Time ago
Chapter Forty-Four: A Display of Power ago
Chapter Forty-Five: An Important Discussion ago
Chapter Forty-Six: Back to Null ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: Talking Ants ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: A Change of Plans ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: Journey's Beginning ago
Chapter Fifty: Bonus Chapter (Noah's Loop) ago
Chapter Fifty-One: MegaJoule ago
Chapter Fifty-Two: A Quick Explanation.. or Not ago
Quick Break ago
Chapter Fifty-Three: The Other System ago
Chapter Fifty-Four: Kadaialon ago
Chapter Fifty-Five: Interrupted Discussion ago
Chapter Fifty-Six: Different Priorities ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Leaving the Forest ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight: Surrounded ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine: Level Up ago
Chapter Sixty: Infighting ago
Chapter Sixty-One: Moral ago
Chapter Sixty-Two: Meeting the Family ago
Chapter Sixty-Three: Barabar ago
Chapter Sixty-Four: The Woodsman ago
Chapter Sixty-Five: Mistakes Were Made ago
Chapter Sixty-Six: The Butcher ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven: Leaving Barabar ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Guards ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine: Discussing Colonies ago
Chapter Seventy: Systematic Info-Gathering ago
Chapter Seventy-One: The Hot Dogs ago
Chapter Seventy-Two: Mom Cosmic ago
Chapter Seventy-Three: The Guildmaster ago
Temporary Hiatus ago
Chapter Seventy-Four: The Library ago
Chapter Seventy-Five: Noah's Not Happy ago
Chapter Seventy-Six: Unexpected Repurcussions ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven: Sky Sickness ago
Chapter Seventy-Eight: Impact ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine: Bubbles' Dilemma ago

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A Fusion of Chrysalis and A Snake's Rise, well-written but not interesting

Reviewed at: Chapter Sixty-Five: Mistakes Were Made

It's another generic story where a random creature has a system and grows infinitely powerful. There wasn't much conflict beyond basic survival and one chapter's worth of emotional conflict between two charactesr until 40 chapters in, so it was a struggle to stay invested in the story. The characters aren't interesting yet - once upon a time the idea of a non-human MC was fascinating, but now that's been done so many times that it's not interesting by defaualt, and the auther doesn't do anything special with it here. 

The author's style and grammar are good - the flow is never dull and I'm yet to spot glaring grammar issues, so even though the story wasn't terribly interesting, it wasn't hard to keep reading anyways. 

I think a portion of why this story isn't that interesting is because the MC starts out with broken/OP abilities. He's never truly in danger, and he's got a literal deus ex machina built into him that just takes over and saves him when there is danger. Sure, it has arbitrary limits, but 65 chapters in I'm still yet to get emotionally invested in the MC. 

Emperor Lake
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
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First Statement:

"This novel is a well written, but lacks emotions."

Second Statement:

"The Ant, known as Null, is a good character. As an Ant, he definitely deserves the character progression I feel is coming. March on!"

Third Statement:

"Although the characters are a bit dull compared to some works, and keeping your attention is difficult in some parts, I enjoy it a lot."

Fourth, Final Statement:

"Good read. The Author communicates with their fans through the discord, and it's pretty well active for the most part. The story is constantly being improved, but doesn't have much attention because of his other works."