Curse Gunner

by IcedFairy

Original COMPLETED Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Curse Gunner is urban fantasy, set in a realm where magic is common but powerful magicians are not.  Unfortunately for Helena Aoede, if your magical specialties are necromancy, curses, and blowing things up it's hard to find a job no matter how strong a magician you are.  So when a rich woman who needs a curse removed shows up at her apartment, it seems like a solution to her problems.  Or at least a good way to pay the rent.

Unfortunately this curse is backed by a raging inferno of hatred, and it seems it won't relent until it's sated with blood.

Then again Helena's never been shy about shedding blood.  Especially if she gets to decide who's blood it is.

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Good story, well-written with great characters.

Reviewed at: Home

This story has definitely impressed me. I've read the entire first arc tonight and I believe that it is as good as any professionally published book. There's a solid, coherent plotline, with good pacing, and interesting twists and turns. Most impressive, are the characters that the author has created. Within only a few pages even a newly intoduced charcter comes alive with their own personality shining through in their actions and dialogue. It definitely made me invested in the story and its outcomes, and I hope to see more of them in the future.

I have a few minor criticisms, though these are my personal opinions and should definitely not be taken as fact. The introduction of Alexis seems a bit stilted. She comes off a bit artificial, and while this might be intentional, it's a bit weird to balance the composed picture that we first see with the fact that she fled from her home in a panic. It actually made me wonder whether she had ill-intentions for Helena. Then, there's the fact that the capture of Grete feels a bit anticlimactic. While it's true that they had a plan and the cooperation of three witches, it feels like the famous masked bandit and the kobolds went down too easy. Finally, the climax of the arc seems a bit disjointed, with the fight being split into three different sections within the same chapter.

Spoiler: Spoiler


While the setting is cliche, with a border dimension set between many worlds of fantasy, the author has added enough intriguing details to make the world appear unique, and I'm looking forward to further explanations of what has caused it to be. The author has also managed to avoid the trap of overwhelming exposition, keeping in enough details to color a few pictures, but maintaining an air of mystery and intrigue as well. The fact that they've skilled managed to intertwine a lot of different fantasy elements to make their own unique setting, seems to show that the author has put a lot of thought and preparation into this story, which bodes well for the future arcs.

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Fun story set in an interesting world.

Reviewed at: Home

Stylistically, it really shines. The multiverse of every mythology being real and intersecting is delivered to us in quick, descriptive snippets interspersed throughout, never infodumping or getting in the way of character moments or story beats. 

Story: my only real gripe with the story is that it's sadly short (comparitively, it's still book length). Thus the story and the characters are self contained, and despite the hints of a larger backstory for our protagonist, we don't get to explore the world beyond the two main settings for the plot. 

Grammar: Stellar, not much to say here. Well edited, with few mistakes.

Characters are great. The two mains are from different worlds, mythological cultures, and religions. These differences provide for engaging interactions and a believable clash of cultures and personalities. Sadly again, the brief and fast paced story mean that we don't get to see much character development. What is there is effective and plenty for the story, I just wish there was more of everything.

Overall, the is one of the better quality novels on the site, and if you like magic and mythology, this is for you.

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Really damn good fantasy story

Reviewed at: Home

The story starts with Helena, a mage living in a transitory magical realm running out of funds and desperately requiring a job. When the job comes to her in the form of a derailing carriage she quickly finds herself drawn into the mystery of the cursed noble Alexis. Where Helena is trying to find the source of the curse as well as the reasons behind it while protecting Alexis from the curse.

It's a story of revenge, friendship, missunderstandings and people doing vile deeds for understandable reasons. This is not a web fiction, but rather a traditional novel. This is great fantasy literature and I don't really understand why this isn't being published professionally. This doesn't seem to be amateur work.

Overall a great story I can absolutely recommend for a read. I'm just not sure if this should really be tagged urban fantasy since it's largely playing in fantastical realms bordering on fairy tale lands.

  • Overall Score

A thoroughly enjoyable short story.

Reviewed at: Moving along + Omake

An enjoyable read from start to finish.

A very interesting take on magic and realms.

Well structured, well written and a satisfying ending.