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You have Entered the Dungeon

of the Lizardmen Lord

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Water splashed as Kibo stepped through the portal and onto the other side. A nearby school of fish darted away. He spun in a circle and noticed he was surrounded by a shallow pool of water which reached as far as his eyes could see. At the end of the horizon, he noticed things which seemed like trees.

‘Could I be in a floodplain? I guess learning a little about the Dungeon before entering does help a lot. Good thing I bought some waterproof boots.’’ Kibo thought with a satisfied look.

He looked towards the clear blue skies, and the blazing sun was directly above him. Trying to avoid the bright rays of light he looked back down, and in the corner of his eyes, he noticed something out of the ordinary. He squinted his eyes, and far away he barely noticed buildings on stilts and a few things which moved around.

“Are those lizardmen?” he told himself.

“They are pretty far away, and this humidity will kill me before I reach any of the lizardmen. I should finish this up quick.”


Kibo unconsciously only awakened Zana and black smoke appeared just as quickly as it dispersed into the surrounding air. She was sitting down as she looked towards the sky, he smiled and thought, ‘she looks majestic as ever’.

Not wanting to waste any time he used Leap to jump onto the back of his summon. They raced towards the lizardmen camp.

As they approached closer to the camp, he saw numerous buildings on wooden stilts and a large hut in the centre, ‘probably the home of the boss’ he wondered. There were multiple fish farms in the outer areas of the camp and some guard towers in the corners.

‘Hmm, it’s no fun if I send Zana straight in to clear this up, I need to test my goblins teamwork. He awakened the 12 remaining Goblins and the Goblin Lord. A row of black smoke appeared, which attracted the attention of the patrolling guards.

The lizardmen charged towards them with spears, and they lunged their weapons towards the black monsters. However, to their astonishment, the holes in the goblins' bodies reformed. The lizardmen later gasped in surprise as they saw the Goblin Lord appear right in front of them.

He swung his thick, wooden club directly towards the heads of the two guards which killed them instantly. He pointed his club forward, and the goblins charged into the camp.

“Never dying troops, it’s like I have an immortal army. Maybe there is a limit to how many troops I could have out? Well, until I reach those limits, I don’t know for sure. For now, all I can do is just sit back while my summons slaughters my enemies.”

╔═════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═════════╗

You have Cleared 50% of the Dungeon.

Do you wish to exit now?


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“...Ooh, it seems like they cleared 50% of the Dungeon, they took a lot longer than I had expected.” Kibo spoke to himself until he heard loud noises from objects clashing with one another.

He headed into the camp on Zana's back to take a closer look and noticed the Goblin Lord and the Lizardmen Lord in a heated duel. The Lizardmen Lord was more skilled, however, Kibo was not interested in playing fair. He instructed Zana to finish him up without tearing away his limbs.

Kibo leapt off the back, and Zana rapidly charged forward, the Lizardmen Lord did not have any time to react before being hit with sharp claws at lightning speeds from directly above. Already worn out and bruised from the Goblin Lord supposedly infinite stamina, the attack from Zana finally finished him.

╔═══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═══════╗

Dungeon Cleared Successfully

╚═══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═══════╝

You have received 32 low tier energy stones

You have received 1 mid-tier energy stone

Kibo started to chuckle. This raid had two purposes: one was to test out the goblins teamwork which needed some work, but the second was to increase his summons. In the previous raid, Zana had torn more than half the goblins apart, and they were unable to be awakened.

Kibo looked around and started to smirk. The message Awaken appeared on over 90% of the lizardmen which laid dead in the camp.

“Unlike last time, this was a success!” He excitedly mentioned.


All around the camp, the bodies disappeared as they turned into mist, and the familiar black smoke rose from the ground as it mixed with the mist. The forms of their previous selves reformed as they became hidden in a cloak of black smoke.

The Lizardmen Lord [Rank: 2] has awakened as your Summon.

Lizardman [Rank: 1] has awakened as your Summon.

Lizardman [Rank: 1] has awakened as your Summon.

Lizardman [Rank: 1] has awakened as your Summon.

Lizardman [Rank: 1] has awakened as your Summon.

Lizardman [Rank: 1] has awakened as your Summon.



“This is perfect. My ranks have increased with the additional 75 Lizardmen and their Lord added to them."

Lizardmen are stronger than Goblins, but on their own, they would only be considered higher-end D-class on Earth. In groups they are harder to deal with so only C-class teams or above can take them on. Now I can let the smaller troops attack while the Lords protect my back!”

Kibo quickly panicked as he realised he needed to pick up the energy stones before the Dungeon closes. The message said he had received 32 low-tier energy stones and 1 mid-tier stone. His summons went out to find the stones and quickly placed them into a sack. When they had finished, Kibo returned all his summons and left the Dungeon.

“Well that was fun, maybe I can get another boss on my first try ag…”

Kibo looked around and became nervous as he saw himself surrounded by guards, and directly in front of the guards stood the Crimson Hunters and Lynessa. Ayane was clutching onto a piece of paper as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

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