The Awakening – From a Nobody To The World’s Strongest Antihero

by FireStorm21

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

One day a young boy awakened powers of raising the dead as his summons, and a shady group of researchers got a hold of him. They experimented on him in hopes of replicating his one of a kind powers but failed.

Suffering through countless gruelling years he was rescued by Dr Grace who sent him to a special high school, but his troubles never ended there after hoping for a better future for himself. He was constantly reminded that the world back then is just as cruel as today and gives up. Not knowing what to do someone helps him redirect all those emotions towards the corrupt leaders who created such a society to exist.

Forced to retreat, he escapes through a portal to another world. Having grown up and with a clear direction in mind, he slowly builds up his army defeating powerful monsters with nothing other than his wits as he navigates the difficult political climate of the world he is in and back home. Wherever he goes chaos follows as he slowly puts together the pieces of clues about the origin of the Awakening.

Expect adventures, epic boss battles, wars, politics, dungeons, portals to other worlds etc...

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noodle the noodle
  • Overall Score

Overall Solid, Syntax could use some work

Reviewed at: Chapter 5.2 – An Offer

The story is intriguing, characters decent, well thought out system, unique premise. My only issues with this story have been the syntax issues. Again, the overall story, big picture kinda stuff is high quality, this is a well crafted story, but once you move to the sentence to sentence level, you start to encounter small issues. There will be jumps in logic that I can't quite understand, syntax errors that I have to reread several times to figure out, and it throws in weird verbs occasionally. I get it, trying to spice up the dialogue and not say `said` every time the characters stop, but the sudden weird verbs are kind of jarring. So, I would say that big picture, overall story and concept, this is well done, but once you get down to individual sentences to start to encounter errors. The reason this is 4 star is that I can still understand the story, and get past the errors, but they throw me off a lot. 

This has nothing to do with the story, but the visual aids are top notch. Status screens, little images add a lot.