Cultivation Anomaly Type 7A Variation 3Z

by UselessMortals

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Supernatural Wuxia Xianxia

A person from Earth dies and is reborn! Initially delighted, he quickly begins to realize that being in a cultivation novel is much more frightening than reading a book. Still, he does his best to keep a cheerful, positive outlook on life while going to extreme lengths to prevent his own miserable and possibly brutal death.

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This is honestly a really interesting fic. The author has done a good job of developing a cohesive world and a set of semi-realistic characters. At the time of this posting (chapter 5) there has yet to be much in the way of plot but there is a lot of promise. 


Always glad to see another offshoot of "Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4".


This is awesome, the biggest problem this has in the moment, is, that if it doesn't get more chapters it will most likely go down from trending. I really hope this doesn't go into hiatus, as after arrogant master, this is a very close follow up according to quality.

The MC is a very realistic character, while it would be good to include some more details of his past in future chapters, his character is being fleshed out.

I have found nothing wrong with Grammar, and the story is building up, other characters are very realistic. Most of cultivation storys just have those illogical people who go around being arrogant for no reason and when meeting someone stronger instantly submissing. Here on the other hand it was explained why to follow orders of inner disciples and elders, which I found very nice.

The biggest "problem" this has is the author. Now most novels, especially on Royalroad, go into hiatus, because of the author giving up the story, or not visiting royal road anymore. Those who don't visit Royalroad anymore like LivingSpoon most certainly have personal reasons for not doing so, maybe they are dead(hopefully not), have RL problems, or a hard time with their jobs or simply problems with time-management. As the author of this novel is still here I hope he sets a frequent release date, as I see it this is the next "Arrogant Master" of novels on this site.

The only thing stopping it, is the lack of chapters.


Great Potential but Needs more to Become Truly Great

Reviewed at: Planning things out (not a chapter)

I will state that I am not a fan of using western names and having a gamer system in xianxia so that may make my view biased. 

But back to the review. It has just gotten started and you can feel that things are building up and you are only seeing a tip of the world with the slight tidbits being fed to you. But nothing major has happened yet so I cannot do an advanced review and it all still seems to be in the preparation phase.

Aside from being knowledgable and cold the protagonist has no other defining features, except the system and all of his monologues and thoughts are monotone aside from the occasional surprises. I will looking forward to more chapters that give the character depth.

The world is still unknown and I would lhave liked the protagonist interact more with his father or have a longer dialogue to expand their relationship dynamic more. So far there has been no deep relationships between the protagonist and another character aside from one single characterization such as the protgaonist saying that Elder Han would be his favorite Elder. 

Also the protagonist already discovered two "genius" level characters despite being in a low tier sect hinting that they along with him may go to a higher rank sect, after he makes the "MC" hates his guts of course.

Looking forward to more.



Reviewed at: Planning things out (not a chapter)

This is a really interesting fic with just enough game elements to be good and not annoying. The only thing i have to complain is the immersion breaking conversations of the caracters and their western names. Also the complete lack of seriousness and rigidity that should exist in that situation of being the young master of a sect. like the scenes with the mc uncle, his father, or the sect as a whole ( even the guy who was testing MC talent at the begining, what was that lack of respect to the young master ?) 



It's a good story.

The concept of choosing your own reward and punishment based on your deed in your previous life make it a good idea, simple but balanced, he truly earns what he got, paying the price fully.

He got it through good deeds. Not just a lucky encounter, that his existence can be replaced by any other and the story would just continue coz it only cares about luck, not the person.


It Definitely in my top 6 on this site

Reviewed at: Ch. 5 - The Mission!

Amazing novel pls update soon. I really enjoy the concept and hope me gets stronger or gets a cool item soon.