Mud's Mission

by ushnor

The story begins with an elderly hermit mage living on the outskirts of a labyrinth town. Invoking spellwork that is trivial for a mage of his caliber, he creates a simple mud automaton to aid him in household chores. However, in the middle of his efforts, something goes wrong; his ancient heart finally fails. Now, half complete and with limited understanding of the world, an artificial being of mud stirs. Despite its limitations, it has a mission to fulfill. The last instructions of a dying creator. "Defend my home, and my possessions." To the mechanical mind of Mud, only absolute perfection is acceptable when fulfilling the orders of The Master. Mud will make sure nothing in the universe will ever threaten The Master's home! 


This fiction contains RPG elements such as skills and levels. The protagonist has an inhuman mind and acts on instincts and preferences that are completely different from those of a normal human, and may at times fly in the face of common sense.

The general tone is lighthearted, but there are some scenes with disturbing content such as mind control and references to torture.

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 Manufactured ago
2 Movement ago
3 Missing in Action ago
4 Melee ago
5 Maleficent ago
6 Making a Deal ago
7 Mousetrap ago
8 Meeting Room ago
9 Mucus Mash ago
10 Merger ago
11 Management ago
12 Mind Mana ago
13 Mistakes ago
14 Matchup ago
15 Membrane Manipulation ago
16 Master Control ago
17 Misappropriation ago
18 Maximized ago
19 Mashed ago
20 Maintenance ago
21 Mansion Mastery ago
22 Mustachioed Monster ago
23 Misdirection ago
24 Misgivings ago
25 Mask ago
26 Muscular Minion ago
27 Mugger ago
28 Market ago
29 Membership ago
30 Man-like ago
31 Mist ago
32 Mana Probe ago
33 Mud's Metamorphosis ago
34 Missing Person ago
35 Magnetic Majesty ago
36 Massacre ago
37 Mob's Boss ago
38 Macabre Rescue ago
39 Mission Complete ago
40 Making Money ago
41 Master Smith ago
42 My Own Skill ago
43 Mental Multiprocessing ago
44 Majestic Musings ago
45 Mouth of the Dungeon ago
46 Monsterslaying Match Begins ago
47 Monster's Metamorphosis ago
48 Monster Mistaken for Monster ago
49 Mist Misfire ago
50 Mysterious Metal Mass ago
51 Mechanical Multitarget Practice ago
52 Martial Meeting ago
53 Master's Masterpiece ago
54 Mastering the Masterpiece ago
55 Mud's Mentoring ago
56 Masterwork Modification ago
57 Mastersmith Meets Masterpiece ago
58 Mucus Massacre ago
59 Matches Made ago
60 Measuring the Matchup ago
61 Mental Methods ago
62 Monster in My Mind ago
63 Mud Makes Amends ago
64 Mud's Minion ago
65 Magnificent Melody ago
66 Mist and Mats ago
67 Melodrama ago
68 Minister's Malignance ago
69 Mud Mania ago
70 Manes and Miasma ago
71 Mega Microchaetus ago
72 March to the Maw ago
73 Militia Mobilized ago
74 MITH ago
75 Murder ago
76 Mansion Mysteries ago
77 Marionette's Meeting ago
78 Mystery Man and Motors ago
79 Mana Magnet ago
80 Minion Matters ago
81 Materials & Monitoring ago
82 Muddied Meltdown ago
83 Martyrs Might ago
84 Mayhem at the Mouth ago
85 Munitions Malfunction ago
86 Military of the Masses ago
87 Mud's Misanthropy ago
88 Mirrored Monsters ago
89 Makeshift Mantrap ago
90 Moving and Majoritarianism ago
91 Meat ago
92 Multidirectional Melee & Malacostraca Mansion ago
93 Marm's Mission ago
94 Manhunt ago
Intermission - Character Glossary ago
95 Mediation Misapprehension ago
96 Matriarch ago
97 Mending Misgivings ago
98 Modeling for Mud ago
99 Mud's Monuments to Miscellanea ago
100 Monster's Mentorship ago
101 Moving to Mud ago

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The first AGI-related fiction on the top page of RoyalRoad

Reviewed at: 63 Mud Makes Amends

What happens when somebody with no common sense is given a goal to "protect this chair"? Right, they conquer the universe.

What happens when somebody is told to "make paperclips"? Right, they conquer the universe.

Any open-ended goal ends in total conquest of anything within their reach.

If it surprises you, I recommend to look at the topic called Instrumental Convergence. Mud's Mission gives a rough example of how a similar scenario could play out. The story is currently in its starting phase, but it already shows the differences between how people think and how a machine could think.

Even though it's just my guess, Mud's Mission has an amazing agenda - to show what an unaligned artificial intelligence could do. If you don't know about this theme, you will get a fun example of why unaligned AI is bad. If you've read about this theme, you will be laughing like crazy from references.

Up to Chapter 54, all the errors that I've noticed were fixed. You'll see close to no grammatical errors in this book.

Overall, I recommend this book to everyone, it is interesting.


Spoiler: Spoiler


Lil Golem trying his best to follow his Masters last Orders. To keep the hearth clean and kill pests.

Slight Chance he will have to bring the entire World under his Control to fulfill his task to the best of his capabilities.
Golem things,  you know. 



The story starts strong and is well written, but as the story advances further and further it's getting less interesting in my opinion. 100 chapters in and it has gotten to a point that I'm bored with the story. 


Liked Super Minion? You'll like this too!

Reviewed at: 65 Magnificent Melody
 Lovely little story with a delightfully naive but somewhat "evil" protagonist.
Apart from the fun premise, it's also quite well written and even funny at times. The magic system is thought out and interesting (and internally consistent), the characters are not too deep but contribute to the fun of the story in their own way.
Definitely recommend. 

So i read 50 chapters and i believe i can now review this story.

It's a story that may not be for everyone. There's maybe for some a bit of disturbing actions and theme (torture-mind control ect)

But if you are ok with a bit of torture and inhumane treatment, then this story is for you. 


The protagonist is inhuman, you don't feel he's human, his way of thinking is just alien. He is driven, intelligent, ignorant at first but oh god is he efficient. This one goal and he will do it. He does have his limits as a golem but well read it and you'll see. 

The inhuman writing is on par with super minion.

The story is okish, there's better plots, but really we are here for the characters and the world. And the story do git the characters and that's all that really matters. 

The world is actually my favorite thing about this story, there's a deep lore being built, and i highly appreciated. 


There's a few grammar mistakes, but the syntaxes is good and the speed of release is well fast, too fast. 

I hope the author will keeo sane and not burnout. 

Miner Knight

Wonderful golem MC that doesn't just feel like a human

Reviewed at: 51 Mechanical Multitarget Practice

The main character is a golem with a way of thinking that feels alien. He isn't just a human in a golem body or a golem that thinks and acts like a human which is definitely one of the better aspects of the story.

  • The story so far has been following the MC as he tries to power level which has been interesting to watch.
  • The leveling system is fun with skill points that can be spent on a large library of skills rather than just getting something predetermined at each level.
  • There hasn't been any weird sex scenes or anything which is a plus.
  • The grammar has been great with only minor problems like spacing.

I look forward to reading more.


Interesting premise, hampered by creative decisions

Reviewed at: 84 Mayhem at the Mouth

It's an OK alternative version of Everybody Loves Large Chests, and that's fine.

The early chapters are better and more focused than later ones. The introduction of the summoned demon does not do the story any favors though. Now instead of a naive golum trying to make its way in the world, there's this being under contract to help it. How convenient. (And also exactly what ELLC did)

The MC shouldn't be a monster. Well, it IS a monster, but it shouldn't be evil. It _should_ be doing its best to follow incomplete instructions in an AI-taken-to-extremes way.

Instead, lately we have the MC repeatedly considering eliminating one of its human companions because she "thinks illogically". What. This makes no sense, as it goes against two of its primary directives, those being "Don't kill humans" and "Protect my stuff". The MC was already working on getting around "Don't kill humans" which made a little sense at the time, because killing humans would give it experience points, which would make it stronger, which would allow it to follow orders better. But killing a human because they were annoying or illogical.... is illogical. And annoying. It doesn't fit the existing premise. And discarding a resource, such as a subordinate human, just directly goes against its directive to protecting the Master's stuff. Why weaken the team? That won't help it achieve its goals.

Limitations are interesting. Brandon Sanderson has many lectures about this exact thing. And the initial limitations made for an interesting premise for this story. Unfortunately, the author seems determined to get rid of the interesting limitations as soon as possible.

It's still an OK story for now though.

Grammar mistakes are abundant, and despite them being pointed out in the comments by multiple people, the author has explicitly stated (on Discord) that they don't bother with all the comments here. The author is not active with the audience on RR.

Andross Guile

Have you read "Everybody Loves Large Chests"? Well, there's no need for you to read this review, because it's very similar. 

The style's playful, quite easy and enjoyable to read. There is no unnecessary flowery language or long descriptions. Short and sweet. The combat's decent too.

The story, as of yet, hasn't revealed itself. It is currently a slice of life with some power ups and a few tidbits here and there.

The grammar's close to perfect. There are negligible errors here and there and even a pedant won't be bothered.

The characters are well executed archetypes. The demon girl is suitably demonic and the MC is suitably artifical. 

This is a very good story. It'll deserve a 5 star once the characters have come into their own and the story has begun.


Rudimentary, but interesting.

Reviewed at: 62 Monster in My Mind

Very well written story and while the premise is rather simple it doesn't detract from the entertaining and interesting possibilities.


His name is mud, mud golem.

Reviewed at: 101 Moving to Mud

Fun story about the limitations or lack thereof when dealing with AI. Where I could argue itself in a circle a or the entire 100 chapters it moves along nicely with some nice splashes of humor and fantasy story building every chapter.