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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Jinx and his friends are typical everyday high school students; Fooling around in class, making teachers cry, chasing skirts, jerking... You get it. When RoyalRoad came out, it was the chance for them to make mischief on a whole new scale, in a whole new realm. Furthermore, NO HOLDS BARRED. Little did they know, just 4 students who loved to have fun would be the catalyst which inspired one of the biggest events ever in RR history that changed the future of the game forever. This is their mischief, their legacy. Rated M for mature due to occasional jokes which involves strong language and/or sexual references.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 : Prologue ago
Chapter 1 : Till We Meet Again ago
Chapter 2 : Mana Manipulation ago
Chapter 3 : The Boar's Head ago
Chapter 4 : A Senior's Help ago
Chapter 5 : The 30th Day ago
Chapter 6 : And Then There Were Slaps ago
Chapter 7 : BOTs ago
Chapter 8 : An Interrupted Feast ago
Chapter 9 : Snakes ago
Chapter 10 : Revelation ago
Chapter 11 : A Meeting ago
Chapter 12 : Preparations Complete ago
Chapter 13 : The Boss ago
Chapter 14 : Éljúðnir Castle ago
Chapter 15 : The Plan ago
Chapter 16 : Carnival ago
Chapter 17 : Fountain of Carnival ago
Chapter 18 : The Ascension ago
Chapter 19 : Treats, And Many Many Slaps ago
Chapter 20 : Rainbow Sacks ago
Chapter 21 : Estrogenesis ago
Chapter 22 : What Carnival Means To Me ago
Chapter 23 : Back To School ago
Chapter 24 : Forest Of No Return ago
Chapter 25 : The Training Begins ago
Chapter 26 : Weighing Scales ago
Chapter 27 : Almost There ago
Chapter 28 : Evolution of the BOTS ago
Chapter 29 : Second Training, Complete ago
Chapter 30 : The Profession ago
Chapter 31 : Confession ago
Chapter 32 : Team BALLs ago
Chapter 33 : The Clash ago
Chapter 34 : The Rally ago
Chapter 35 : The Beginning Of The End ago
Chapter 36 : Gods, Assemble. ago
Chapter 37 : The First Death ago
Chapter 38 : Anger ago
Chapter 39 : And Off The Head Goes ago
Chapter 40 : Loki Indeed ago
Chapter 41 : Death's Busy Day. ago
Chapter 42 : The Ending??? ago
Chapter 43 : The Real Ending ago
New Fiction! ago

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really enjoyed the read, it was funny and pretty well written for a fan fic   Hope to see more from you
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Another Good Read with a certain kind of humor

A very interesting read! Contains some clever and well no so clever comedy but it hits me in the right spot lol It's a slight crude but it's part of the appeal I think. I really enjoy the story as it so far, I am intrigued at the way you have managed to give each character a full set of unique skills, though I kind of wish that Jinx might be able to hone more of his swordsmanship in the future since he's an elementary swordman. Hope to see more either way and to see how this latest arc turns out! =]
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  SPOILERS- please read at you own discretion _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________     - wasn't Jinx able to compress his mana into the seal (1000000 x 5 = 5000000) - shouldn't you get some kind of bonus/ title for killing a god-- I mean it is a pretty great achievement. - how come Jinx didn't get any lvls for thor. Ps: sorry for any mistakes that i made
  • Overall Score

Hey, chapter 15 not working, can you re up it? Greta story so far!!

  • Overall Score

Shit ton of LAUGHTER ! :))

The story is great, the grammar is good, the chapters length is good and they are posted often which is really good. It has a lot of crazy, funny and stupid funny moments but there are serious fights and moments as well. It's one hell of a FF.
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Fantastic plot and character development with epic comedy and jokes at every chapter. definitely a must read! IT’S TOO AWESOME. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JINX WHOOOOOP!!
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title says all
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Ragnarök never became quite so funny till a certain bunch of tards entered the scene. Jinx’s story is truly glorious, has all the elements to make a truly great story. A MUST READ!!!
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MORE!!! That is about the only thing I can think of that would describe how I feel after every update.  I thank you profusely for sharing this story with us! -JUJA
  • Overall Score
great comedy, plenty of laughs to be had and very well written at the same time, totally on the jinx/horse boat tho lol