Sorcerer of the City

Sorcerer of the City

by RobotOnRepeat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

In the capitol city, Keystun, a political struggle begins to unfold in the city and the poison spans out to the very edges of the northern mountains where the elves dwell to the thick forests to the west and the dry deserts of the south. Rania, a mercenary-for-hire and an elf wielding magic, is pulled into the struggle when she helps a collection of bandits. On her own personal mission to discover what had caused her village to be attacked by trolls as a child, she is briefly forced to protect the bandits and help them all get to safety in the most unlikely of places - Keystun.

With the bandits and an elven apothecary merchant with uncertain loyalties, Rania must not only assist in resolving the political corruption in Keystun, but discover the corruption of Nature that had begun in her village and has spread throughout the kingdom. In this, she believes she will find the truth of what happened with her people - and the truth behind elven magic. 

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So number 1 i detest star ratings! So i always give 5 stars if i like it.

I liked the prologue and opening chapter and this novel is going on my reading list
Your characters banter is hilarious at times and the world is interesting! Keep it up!


Great fantasy story. Takes a lot of tropes and fantasy species, but does it very well. It's a nice comfort read.

The writing is great- published novel level.


(Writing as of chapter 5.)


Style - The story is written very cleanly, and the chapters are a reasonable length, the descriptions of the characters and setting are quick and tell you what you need to know, personally I like this because you don't get bogged down in a page of descriptions about a single room or something.

Grammar - 5/5, the grammar is perfect.

Story - So far, the story is setting up to be a very traditional fantasy story, it follows multiple groups of characters and at times it's hard to tell if the author want multiple main character or not, that said this never really impacts the story negatively in my opinion.

If you're looking for a well crafter traditional world, this story may be for you, if you're looking for a wilder, less typical fantasy world, this may not be for you, humans are humanish, elves are elvish and goblins are gobliny.

Characters - The characters are fairly likeable, I'm looking forward to more development with the elf, at first I was a bit put off by her brash and emotional attitude of hers, but it grew on me, plus it is consistent since the start.


Overall, a solid read if you like fantasy, the pacing is really good too, so you don't have to sit through a dozen chapters to get any actions :D