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Chapter 72- Deliveries

***July 10th, 965 A.F.***
***Dwarven Capital***
***Ajax McGuire***

             There were only a few days left before the coronation of the king. There wasn’t much time left. Because of that, I decided to leave Geordi alone in the inn. I don’t want him to say the wrong thing or take care of him today.

             After stopping at the adventurer’s guild to drop off the barrel I promised to Trevor, I still have three places to go, two of which is at the opposite end of the capital. There is only a small time frame for my plan to work. Every minute is gold.



            The pair of oxen moans in dissatisfactions. I know that whipping them wouldn't make them walk much faster, but I had no choice. Even by just a fraction of a second, I need to finish everything today. I’m sorry, Sir Loin and Mr. T-bone. I will make sure you get top grade feed tonight for the hard work today.

              The second destination for today is the Royal Castle, which is located in the center of the capital. I heard a low rumbling sound which grew louder as I got closer to the castle. It was the huge waterfall that lies behind the castle. The mist from the waterfall refracted rays of light from the sun, creating a rainbow behind the castle. If the castle were in western style instead of oriental style, it would look exactly like the Disney logo.

            I was stopped just outside of the northern gate. There was a line up for people waiting for their turn to go in. Naturally, I parked drove my wagon to the end of the line to wait for my turn to get into the castle.

          This was the first step in my plan. I found out that there was a celebration party tonight for the coronation when I talked with Trevor yesterday. I adjusted my plans accordingly to the new information I received. By visiting the castle, I believe that it will increase my chance of succeeding promoting my whiskey to the nobles.


          After about a half an hour of waiting in line, it was finally my turn. I had no business entering the castle. There are strict guidelines on who can go in, which does not include me. There is an easy solution, though. All I have to do, though, is to make it my business to enter.

“Good morning, Mr. Soldier.”

“State your purpose.”

          I pulled out a piece of paper from my pocket. I pretend to read from it a bit before handing it to the soldier. It was an invoice for an order. Mayor Tom gave them to me to record additional sales, just in case if I found more people interested in buying the whiskey. I created this phony invoice to repurpose it as an entrance ticket to the castle. 

“I am here to deliver... uh … three barrels of Belhern Whiskey ordered by the Royal Winery Association.”

“Belhern Whiskey? I have never heard of that type of wine before.”

“I am not sure. I think it’s a new kind of wine.Don’t shoot the messenger with questions, though I am only a delivery boy.”

          I decided to feign ignorance for the trip in all. Even though I didn’t need to, I think it would save me time if I let the people in the castle figure everything out themselves. My goal is to drop off the barrels and deliver a letter along with it to whoever in charge of the party. I don’t need to waste time explaining myself. Not to mention, I think it’s a better cover to pose myself as a delivery boy to enter the castle.

          The soldier took a quick glance at the invoice and shoved it back to me.

“Alright, follow the road and keep to the right at the fork. You will find the storage area at the end of the road. If you aren’t sure, just find a maid inside, and she should lead you to the right place. Move along. NEXT!”

         Success! I got into the castle without a hitch. I have guessed correctly that they would not look too deeply into the invoice since everyone is busy with the party. It was simply infeasible for the soldiers to check everyone coming through the gate in detail. If they really wanted to, they could have called up someone from the Royal Winery. Even if they do catch me, I can just tell them that I am just making deliveries, and I didn’t know anything. I am sure that Mayor Tom will back up my lies when push comes to shove.

          I drove my cart towards the castle. Following the soldier’s direction, I came to the end of the road. It was a large storage area. Even from a distant, I could hear how busy it was inside. The air was filled with noise. Animals squeals reverberated throughout the area as they were being slaughtered for the upcoming feast. Even my oxen were visible shaken by the cries.

        I came across someone walking around in quick strides. He was checking items off of the stack of paper in his hand as he moves from one place to the other. He looks like exactly the person I need to speak to. I got off my wagon and ran straight towards him.

“Excuse me, sir! Excuse me!”

        He stopped and looked at me with a pair of disdainful exhausted eyes.

“Make it quick, I am extremely busy.”

“Sure, it’s nothing much. I have a delivery for you from the Royal Winery.”

“The Royal Winery?”

       He flipped through his the pages hand before stopping and points to a line on the page.

“We have the delivery from last night already. Did you made a mistake?”

“This is a new product from them that barely made it here in time for the party, all the way from Belhern. I don’t know any details, though. Oh! I almost forgot. There was a letter that came with the barrels. Will you please sign for it so we can both go on our way? I got more deliveries to make too.”

        I handed him my fake invoice and the letter. He quickly signed the paper and shoved the letter into his pocket. 

“Here, put those barrels by the wall. I’ll get someone to load it into our storage later.”

        Another success! It was definitely the right decision to make the deliveries today. Everyone is too busy to take notice of me. I blend in with all the other deliveries that are being made. I feel like I am half a ninja. Without waiting for another moment, I hastily headed back to the to my wagon to unload the barrels. By the time I finished, that man was nowhere within sight. I got back on my wagon and head to my second destination.

       After stopping to ask for directions, I headed towards the southern gate. Since it seems like my oxen were exhausted, I decided to let them have a small break, grazing by the river that ran through the middle of the castle grounds. Taking a quick look to make sure there is no one around, I took some food out of my ring and ate my lunch along with my oxen. Just as I was about to take a bite of my sandwich, I heard a yell.


        Ignore it, Ajax. It’s none of your business. You don’t have time for this. Just sit there and enjoy your lunch. Pretend you didn’t hear anything. We are inside the castle grounds. It should be safe here. I am sure some soldier in the castle will help him. Just finish your lunch and go to the next stop. There’s no reason for you to be the hero.


         I facepalmed as my conscience guilts me to reconsider my inaction. God damn it. I hate myself sometimes. I activated my ring and put my sandwich back inside.

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