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Chapter 71- Trap

***July 9th, 965 A.F.***
***Dwarven Capital***
***Ajax McGuire***

“Burn it huh? I figured something like that happened. I should remember to give Mayor Tom a heads up about this too after I head back to Caedona.”


              I cast a spell on the letter. A small spark leaped from my finger and headed straight towards the letter. It was engulfed in flame and soon, nothing was left except for a burn mark on the table. Trevor gave me a curious look.

“Aren’t you going to ask about what happened to Boneforge and why I tell you to  burn the letter?”

“What’s a Boneforge? Is that something you can eat?”

             Trevor blinked and stared at me, stunned by my words for a brief moment. After several seconds to register everything I have said, he broke out of his stoic character into a hysterical laughter

“HAHAHAHA!! You! I like your style, boy. I can see why Leo is friendly with you. Tell me, aren’t you a bit curious about the situation at all?”

“Not if it puts me in danger. It’s clear as daylight from your reaction after you have read the letter.”

“It’s nothing that serious. Well, maybe it is. I don’t know the detail, but I think it’s safer if you know the dangers than pretend that they don’t exist. The reason why I said your letter was dangerous is that the Boneforges was purged, and several business ventures that had dealings with them vanished along with them.”

“Which is fortunate for me. I don’t have to sell my stuff through the Boneforge. They are just a means to an end. I just need to sell it to someone.”

“Which is?”

“Here, have a taste. I call them whiskeys.”

          I pulled out the wineskin along with a small cup I had in my pouch this morning before the forced detour. I poured the golden whiskey and handed him the cup. After a quick sniff, he drank the whole shot in one go and slammed the cup onto the table, splintering the wooden container.


“You broke my cup.”

“I’ll give you another cup, give me more.”

“Nope, I need to sell this. I can’t just give it to you for free.”

“I will buy all of it from you. How much do you want for it? Name your price.”

“I have better plans for them. There is something you can do for me. I can give you a whole barrel as payment if you can help me.”

         As soon as he heard that he can get a barrel for free, his squinty eyes widen. I could hear his breath accelerate. He is visibly excited. Thinking back on all the people that tried my whiskey, I think I discovered liquid cocaine for dwarves. He quickly recovers from his excitement and tries to convince me to change my mind.

“I will give you one piece of gold for four, no three barrels. You can’t beat that price.”

“As much as I am tempted to take your offer, I must decline. I want to do something which is better in the long term. Besides, I don’t know what’s a fair market price for them since they are a new product.”

“You got me beat. What else could be better than selling it to me? There are tons of people going in and out of the adventurer’s guild. You can sell so much through me.”

“Yes, that’s precisely the problem. I don’t want the sales volume. It’s much too bothersome for me to do that. No, I want to sell it to the rich people and make loads of money off of a few sales.”

“Targeting the rich huh? I think you have come to the wrong place then. There are not many rich folks that wander into our bar. They don’t like our cheap ale. It will be hard us to get them to try it. ”

“They don’t visit your bar people with money do visit the guild. They must use your service. Even if they don’t come in personally, they must have one of their servants come in and register for a request.”

 “That is true. So you want to sell it through the servants? I doubt they will buy it without their master's’ permission.”

          I wagged my finger in disapproval at Trevor.

“No, no, no. It cheapens my whiskeys if I pitch my sales to them. No, I must make them beg me for it.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“I just need you to connect me to certain people. On top of that, I need them know that I mean business and not just a kid playing around, wasting their time.”

“And that’s all I need to do for me to get a barrel of whiskey?”

“I will even pay you in advance. Even if everything I planned fell through, I will bring you a barrel tomorrow.”

          A barrel of whiskey is a fair price to pay for a backup plan. If nothing goes according to my strategy, it would be great if I can still sell everything through the adventurer’s guild. It would be stupid for me to kill off this great sales network just to save on one barrel. It wouldn’t be optimal, but at the very least, I will earn enough money for Cici and I. I will just have to work harder.

“Who do you need to meet?”

***July 9th, 965 A.F.***
***Dwarven Capital***
***Ajax McGuire***

       With everything settled, I headed back to the Prancing Bear. I am still soaked head to toe from the sudden rain, and I cannot wait till I get back to my room to clean myself up with some hot water.

“Hi, Ms. Beare.”

“Welcome back young sir. And please, just call me Emmy.”

“Did my cousin come back?”

“Why, yes. I gave him the keys to your room, so he should still be in there.”

             That’s a load off my mind. With everything happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened and I had to go out find him. I h

“Thank you, Emmy. Can you prepare some hot water for me in my room so that I can clean myself?”

“Certainly. That will be five small coppers.”

            Five small copper just for a bucket of hot water? That’s so expensive! I am bleeding money left right and center while living in the capital. I can’t wait until everything is finished, and I am sitting in the comfort of my home. I begrudgingly gave her the large copper coin. I expected some change, but she just smiled at me without doing anything.

“Uh.. shouldn’t I get five small copper in change?”

“Your cousin asked for the same thing as well. He told me to put it on your tab.”

            Damn it Geordi. Couldn’t you have waited so we can share the hot water? I am not made of money. Not yet at least. I wouldn’t be so angry if I could finalize all my deals.

“Will it cost money for you to bring it up to my room?”

“No young sir.”


            I headed up to my room. When I reached it, I blasted the door open with anger.


“What’s a trap?”

            I saw Geordie in the jumping up and down on his bed. I expected that much from Geordie after he found his calling. What my heart was not prepared for was finding him in a frilly white dress. Complete with his androgynous face and figure, he looks no different from any other girl. In fact, I would wager that he looks better than most girls.

“Nothing, nevermind that. What happened to your clothes?”

“Oh, I was soaking wet, so the auntie downstairs gave me these to change into.”

          As if on cue, I heard a cough behind me. I turned around to find Emmy with a bucket of hot water.

“Young sir, since I saw that he needs a change of clothes, so I gave him some of mine.”

“But you gave him a dress!”

“I am sorry sir, that’s the only thing I have. I think it's fine, though. He looks so cute in them.”

“I am in a dress?”


“No wonder it feels different.”

“Shouldn’t you give a bit more reaction knowing that you are in a dress designed for a girl? Change your clothes already.”

“But it feels so nice and soft and fluffy. I want to keep wearing it.”

“Take them off. Now!”

“Young sir? Should I put the bucket of hot water here and leave you two alone?”

        I can see her blush a bit with a coy smile as she retreated. It’s on purpose! She definitely did this on purpose!

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