Author’s note:

I decided to power through this even though I didn’t really want to write a .5 chapter.

I was planning to write a chapter last week, but I had to take a forced vacation with my parents for Canada Day.

I was binging on Cultivation Chat Group (Chinese Raw). It was deliciously hilarious. I would recommend it to anyone, though, you would miss out on some jokes if you don’t understand Chinese/ Chinese culture.

And Overwatch, ya…..

(Sorry don’t hate me==” *Prostrate* Overwatch is too much fun.)

Base on my workload at school and work, the release schedule will be one chapter every Sunday guaranteed until further notice. In between, I will try to write a chapter or two. I have Sunday off of work for now.

Chapter 65.5- Devoured (Timeline A)


“Gah, this is why I didn’t want to use heat pulse. It damaged everything. I have to reset the dungeon. It’s so annoying. Saving data… resetting...”

        I sat down on top of a hatch with the in-game GM terminal opened. The green text based terminal floating in front of me is what I used for in-game commands. Even though it was dark, I could see the terminal perfectly since it glows in the dark. 

“Ok, reset dungeon complete. Now let’s deal with that hacker. Let’s see…”

       I opened the list of the dead for this dungeon. It lets me see everyone in the dungeon that is waiting for to be respawned. I was completely surprised by what I found: nothing. If this were anyone else, they would still be in the respawn waiting area. 

“That can’t be right, he shouldn’t have respawned yet.

      I went comb through the log carefully, trying to determine what happened. I found the entry that I wanted. I used hand gestures and commanded the glowing green terminal to enlarge on that section.

Ajax McGuire takes 4455 fire damage.

Ajax McGuire died.

        After that, there was no entry, which means he wasn’t respawned yet. In fact, there were no entries after Ajax died. What is going on? Everything goes completely against what I know about the game. Could he use a hack to escape the respawn zone? His skill as a hacker is ungodly. I am tempted to get Fin to hire him as a consultant.

        I concentrated working in the darkness trying to figure out what’s going on. I stopped when I felt a sudden chill crawling on my back. It wasn’t only that I felt something was watching me, but the air around me grew colder in an instant as well. I stood up and turned around and yelled at the darkness.

“Fin? Is that you?”


“Fin? Is that your stomach growling?”

           After adjusting my eyes to the darkness, I saw a pair of eyes in the glowed in the dark from far away. I heard a low rumbling growl coming from the same direction. Before I could even respond, it leaped at me with incredible speed.


*Knock Knock Knock*

“Wyn? Are you ready to leave?”

            I knocked on the door of Aewyn’s office. Only silence returned my question. I knocked once again.

*Knock Knock Knock*

“Wyn, let’s go already. I am hungry. And how many times I told you to answer when I message you.”

             Again there was no answer.


          Sensing that there was something wrong, I tried to open the door. It wasn’t locked, so I helped myself into Aewyn's office. The first thing I noticed in the room was a burning metallic smell in the air. I immediately started to panic.


        I rushed to where Aewyn was lying down. There was smoke coming out of the gaming custom-made pink helmet that she was wearing, which was slightly blackened by the rising smoke. Seeing the scene, I removed her helmet immediately and tried to wake her by shaking her limp body.

“Wyn! Wake up! What’s wrong!”

         She didn’t respond at all. I could still see that she was breathing normally, but I don’t know what happened to her. Fearing the worst, I got up and rushed to phone hospital for help.

Author’s post note:

Sorry, this one was super short. When I planned this out, it sounded a lot longer in my head than this.

The next regular chapter will be longer, I promise.

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