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Chapter 55.5- Assassin’s Guild

***July 5th, 965 A.F. (Night)***
***Boneforge Manor, Dwarven Capital***
***Spencer Boneforge***

         The summer night was refreshingly cool, creating a dark contrast to the humid air of the room that the dwarf was working in. The flickering candles on stands around the room illuminates his scar-ridden face, a face that could make any children cry. Sitting in the center of the chamber was a middle-aged dwarf was counting a mountain of coins and papers.  The room was completely enclosed from all sides with a stone wall. There were no windows of any sort. In fact, There wasn’t even a visible door. If it weren’t for the fact that there was a small duct to draw fresh air into the room, the dwarf would have suffocated long ago.

         The coin gave out delicate clinks as he arranged the coins into neat little stacks.  After completing a stack, he stopped, pick up a quill pen and wrote in a little black book. After that, he picked up more coins from the pile and continued his counting routine. Suddenly, the wall in front of him started to rumble. Instinctively, he placed his hands on the hilt of his swords, readying himself for intruders. He wasn’t expecting any visitors tonight. The stone wall started to turn, and a trap door appeared. In the opening, a familiar face appeared. The dwarf let out a sigh of relief, let go of the hilt of his sword, and continued his work.

“Boss Boneforge.”

“You have something to report?”

“Don’t be so cold, boss. After all these years I have worked for you, can’t you at least give me a decent greeting?”

      The old dwarf stopped his work once again and stared straight at the visitor’s face. His tone of voice did not change. However, it could be clear as day that he was annoyed at the jestings from the unexpected visitor.

“Calvin Reinhart. Do you have something to report?”

“Fine, fine, fine. I will get straight to the point. You don’t have to get your sword stuck in the scabbard. Our recent client wants to retrieve all the records of our dealings. They would pay handsomely for them.”

“Reject them.”

        At this point, Calvin moved in closer to the table to protest.

“But boss, we could make so much just by burning a few pieces of paper!”

“Do you know why I rejected right away?”

“Are you going to threaten them and extort more money years down the road?”

“I would do that if I want to commit suicide. Just remember who we are dealing with. We are dealing with the Royalties.”

         Spencer nonchalantly continued his work while answering Calvin.

“I can’t be too careful when we are dealing with them. I took a huge risk taking this job already. I am afraid that they will silence us once they have all the evidence. I want to keep an ace up my sleeve in case something happens.”

“So we aren’t getting rid of them no matter what?”

“That is correct. I can’t lose such an important shield against the Royalties.”

“All right, I will relay that to our client. If I don’t report back tomorrow, assume that they have captured me.”

“I will reply in force if that happens and rescue you.”

“You are a good boss. Thank you… and goodbye.”

          All of a sudden Calvin turned around, pulled out his long sword and slashed Spencer in one swift motion. A red line appeared on the neck of Spencer. First, it was a few trickles down the shirt, but before long, crimson blood started to gush out of his neck. Spencer was caught completely off guard with Calvin’s attack. His eyes were wide open in shock at the sudden betrayal. With his throat slashed, he couldn’t even muster up a whimper to call for help. He held his throat to try to stop the bleeding, but it was fruitless. It was already too late. He was as good as a dead man.

“You must be surprised why I betrayed you. I will let you in on a little secret. I was never your man. The queen sent me beside you to make sure you don’t act out of control. Though, this is a shame. If you had handed me everything, I wouldn’t have to do this. The queen would have happily left you alone. Goodbye, Spencer. I enjoyed pretending to be your friend. It was.... fun.”

         Spencer finally slumped over the desk and died with his eyes still wide opened. Calvin places his sword back into the scabbard on his waist. He then removed a candle from its stand, using it to set fire to all the paper in the room. After he had finished, he threw the candle onto the floor. It landed on a wool rug and soon, the flame spread across the chamber. He turned around and walked out of the secret hideout.

***July 5th, 965 A.F. (Night)***
***Dwarven Capital***
***Queen Rosie Barrett***

         Fire alarms went off throughout the capital. Standing on a balcony of the castle, Queen Rosie watched as the smoke rises from a distance.  The peasants scattered around the city, trying to put out the flame. The scene reminded Rosie of an ant colony, finding their prey. The wind carried the black fog away from the castle, dissipating into the air. Rosie, still in her sleeping attire, shudders in the cold summer breeze. As if on cue, Sebas appears from the shadow with a blanket, covering Rosie’s bare shoulders.

“I assume that they declined.”

“Yes, my queen.”

“”What a pity. I had such grand plans for him too.”

“What is your orders, my queen.”

“Water that is too pure breeds no life. We still need a group to control the underground. Without Boneforge’s group, things could get out of control in the underground scene. I would like to build an organization from the ground up to control the underground and have it under our control.”

“As you wish.”

“We will create a new group from the ashes of Boneforge. I shall name it.... The Mountain’s Mouth.”

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