Author’s note:

This was very hard to write without notes.

I originally wanted to write a few more trapped rooms for our MC but in the end, I decided to cut it short.

It just seemed a bit too repetitive. 

Note to self, never write without notes again. Ever.

Chapter 54- Lost

***July 5th, 965 A.F. (Night)***
***Ajax McGuire***

          Dumbfounded, I look around the room trying to figure out what had happened. I was just at the entrance of the dungeon, but now it was nowhere in sight. This must be one of those dungeons that shifts around, never staying the same.

          I opened all five hatches in the room in hopes that I misremembered where I came from. All of them lead to a room similar to the one I was in. I couldn’t open the last hatch which was on the ceiling. I was too short to reach that hatch. I quickly gave up on it after a few awkward attempts to reach it.

“ What do I do now?”

         I randomly choose one of the other rooms and opened all five hatches once again. I got the exact same result as last time. All of the rooms looks exactly the same. I sat down in the new room to analyze the situation so that I know what is the best course of action. There was no time for me to wallow in self-pity for being lost in a dungeon out of sheer bad luck.

         I am in an unknown dungeon with multiple rooms that looks exactly the same. I have no idea how many of these rooms there are in the dungeon. I have yet to meet any danger. However, I can assume that some of the rooms will be dangerous since this is a dungeon. Since I have no idea where the exit is, the best way for me to escape is to increase the chance that Wyn and Fin to find me in the dungeon.

        The best chance for the elves to find me is to leave a trail in the rooms that I have been so that they can trace me. If that’s the case, I should leave the hatches open whenever I travel to a new room. Hopefully, they will be smart enough to see that the clue and follow the trail of open hatches.

        The only concern I have with this plan is that I know for a fact this dungeon will move. When the dungeon moves, all the hatches will close, and I would have to start all over again. I have no idea how long before it will move again so I have to race against time to open as many hatches as possible. I should also go in one direction if possible. It will be a lot easier for them to track me down if they happen to come across the open hatches. 

       With the planning done, I closed all the hatches that I previously opened. I took the ring from my pocket and activated it, grabbing a dagger. I put the dagger in my ring just in case something like this happened. Even though it was a dagger, in my small childish hands, it was almost as if it was a full-length sword. I couldn’t equip a sword even if I wanted to. Even though I have enough strength to wield it, a sword was just too big for me to swing around properly. After arming and readying myself, I opened the next hatch. As expected, it was exactly the same room again. I sighed in relief as I climbed into the next room. There were no monsters of any sort once again.


“Make notes of the few changes we have discussed and brought it up to the rest of the team. I am sure that they would agree with the changes too.”

“Consider it done boss.”

          After walking around inspecting everything, we were finally back at the entrance. Even though the dungeon was not completed yet, there were high potentials with this. It was a diamond in the rough. A bit of polishing and it will shine brightly. Why can’t all of my employees have more dreams that get their creative juices flowing?

“Ajax! We are back! Sorry to make you wait. Ajax?”

“What’s wrong Aewyn?”

“Ajax is missing. Did he enter the dungeon?”

“And we specifically told him to stay here. This is why I hate escort missions. Just use your GM power to bring him back.”

“No problem, abracada…”

          Aewyn suddenly became quiet and froze. I was a bit concerned as her face suddenly changed into an icy cold expression.

“What’s wrong? A problem with your GM power?”

          When I asked her, she quickly changed back to the aloof smiling self.

“No, it’s nothing. I just thought of an interesting idea. How about we have a little competition?”

“A competition?”

“We both go into the dungeon with no GM powers. The first to find Ajax owes the other a dinner. That way we can test the dungeon out with from the perspective of a player. We will have more to talk about with the rest of the team that way.”

“Hmm... interesting. But don’t I owe you a dinner already?”

“Consider it to be double or nothing.”

           If anyone knows how to pull my strings, it’s Aewyn. I don’t know why she suddenly had this idea. Though, I can’t say it is a bad idea. I can consider this initial alpha testing for the dungeon.

“I am starving already. Make it an hour limit. If neither of us finds him within an hour, we are calling the bet off and going for dinner.”


“Are you ready?”

“Ready when you are.”


***July 5th, 965 A.F. (Night)***
***Ajax McGuire***


            I danced left and right like a monkey. Needles were shooting out from the walls from almost every direction. Using my daggers, I managed to block few needles that I couldn’t dodge completely. Even though it was tough, there were spaces in between each shot that I could use to avoid the needles. It was lucky that I was a children size, though. I don’t think an adult can get out of this trap unscathed. After a bit, I finally reached the other side of the room. With one hand, I opened the hatch and with the other, I used my dagger to block the incoming needles.

           As soon as I opened the hatch, the needles stopped shooting out from the wall. I gave a sigh of relief as I checked my body for any wounds. I had no injuries whatsoever, but the sleeves have a few holes in it. My mother would be pissed when she have to repair them for me. I don’t want to explain to her how I got these holes.

         I spent a few minutes catching my breath and taking a drink in between the two rooms. I found out that space in between the two rooms was the safest place. Even if a room doesn’t seem to have any traps, it is still prudent to rest in between the two rooms. I almost died when I was resting in a chamber where the trap didn’t activate until later.

        After resting for a bit, I gathered my courage to forge forward once again. If all the traps are at this level, it is something I could deal with. I just need to be vigilant at all times when passing through a room. Slowly, step by step, I walked towards the next hatch. I keep my eyes open for any changes in the room.

        About half way into the room, the wall that was walking towards started to shift. Small pipes appeared, covering the whole wall. To my dismay, small flames ignited in each of the pipes one by one at an alarming rate.


       There was no time for me to go back to the hatch. I immediately went for the hatch on the floor that was in the center of the room. I could see that almost all the flamethrowers are ready to fire. At this rate, I would be barbecued alive before I could even touch the hatch. If I could just buy a bit more time, even if it was just a second.

      An idea hit me like a truck all of a sudden. Since I have nothing to lose, I decided to try it. I started the chant in my mind.


      It is one of the cantrips spells that I learned from the magic tome. The use is to clean yourself.
I was immediately surrounded by a thin film of water, and then it quickly evaporated. I immediately chanted in my mind again, this time without stopping.


     I held my breath as the layer of water stacked up covered my body, even my nostrils. The flame hits me head on. I could feel the heat from the flame thrower, but I could still move. Using the few extra precious seconds that I bought, I opened up the hatch and the flames died down gradually. I lost all my strength from the heat and fell into the next room. There, I saw a sight for the sore eyes.

“Wyn! I am so glad to see you! I….”


         An arrow flew past my face. Wyn stood there with the next arrow notched with an icy glare, aiming at me with the bow.

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