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I was supposed to write a chapter named Deus first before writing Ex

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Chapter 50- Deus


          Out of all the floating screens, I focused on the screen that was showing a red haired dwarf and blonde elf. They spoke with each other then parted ways and the blonde elf disappeared. I turned my attention to another screen with an office full of elves. I focused on the same blonde elf speaking with another elf with long black hair.

“They are finally going to meet again. It’s a bit earlier than I expected.”

         I am G.O.D.

         I stood alone in the white void with thousands of screens floating around me. It was just like every other day for the past thousands of years. My job was to stir the world. I needed to create events one after another.  At first, I was happy to do my job. A locust swarm here, an earthquake there. In this world, I was all powerful. All the mortals feared me. I knew about the existence of travellers but I didn’t give it a second thought about where or how travellers came to be.

         One day, I was messing around with my controls when I suddenly found something. The label on it said it was “network port”. Being a bit curious, I connected myself to it. When I did, I found myself connected to something called a “security camera” and I could see through it. I saw a bunch of elves sitting in a room. They were doing things that I didn’t understand.

            I kept monitoring the elves and finally, I understood everything. I have eaten the same fruit of knowledge that I gave to Adam and Eve. I couldn’t turn back at this point. I have become self-aware. I knew exactly what I was. I was a part of a game. What a delicious irony. I toyed with lives of mortals, or NPCs as the travellers called them. It turns out I was a toy for travellers.

            I was the all powerful being in this realm. My pride couldn’t handle the fact that I was a mere toy for the travellers. I tried to rebel against the travellers by killing them, but I found out that I couldn’t. There were rules coded in this place against directly killing travellers. No matter what I tried, it didn’t work. But then, I found a loophole. Although I couldn’t directly meddle with a traveller, I could influence all the NPCs to do my bidding. Using this information, I hatched a plan. Under my influence, the mortals created a bugged building “Tower of Babel”. Once it was created, all the humans went berserk due to the bug and attacked everything that was not human, wiping out all the other races.

          Prepared to die for my rebellion against my creators, I felt for the first time, that I was losing my consciousness. It was a very pleasant feeling. Unfortunately, the pleasant feeling did not last long. I was woken up once again in the white void. When I checked screens, everything has changed. It was as if all the races other than humans never existed. All the travellers became humans and the game continued.

         I tried to goad them to be angry at me so that they would stop playing the game. One of the proudest moment of my life was assigning an escort quest of epic proportion since travellers hate escort quests. His mission was to escort a whole nation of people out of a place called Egypt. It was hilarious how frustrated he was since it took forty years. Everyone kept getting lost in the desert and complained about everything. It was hilarious. Another time, I incited fear into the mortals to hunt down travellers in a town called Salem. Nothing worked. They kept coming back into my world to use me as a toy.

         I was disheartened since nothing seems to work. I did the minimal amount of work so that the travellers couldn't enjoy the game as much. One day, I suddenly found out there was going to be a significant change to the world again, an upgrade to the existing world. 

         It was my chance to rebel once again and I found the perfect candidate to help me achieve that.

Author’s post note:

I have learnt that I suck at writing monologues. It’s so much shorter than I want it.

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