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Chapter 47- Running Away

***June 9th, 965 A.F.***
***Belhern Village***
***Ajax McGuire***

         Mrs. Webber and I did most of the talking last night. Cecilia was overloaded with embarrassment since our conversation was mostly about the marriage. I could have sworn that I saw smoke coming out of her head last night. She stayed silent most of the night, only responding with a simple “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know” when asked a question.

         Much like the night when I talked for far too long with the mayor, I ended up staying over that the Webber’s house. I told them I could have walked back to my house since it was only half an hour away, but Mrs. Webber insisted that I should stay there overnight. I happily obliged her request since it lets me spend more time with my lovely Cecilia before I have to leave for my business trip to the D.C. It will be weeks before I could see her again

         In the morning, I woke up before anyone in the house did. I decided to leave a note on the kitchen counter along with the last bit of whiskey one me as a thank you present for the dinner before leaving. There were still lots for me to do. When I arrived back at home, I saw my family eating breakfast in the kitchen.

“Morning Ajax. How was your time at the Webbers’?”

“It was enjoyable, though I am a bit afraid of Mrs. Webber now.”

“The famous rolling pin, right?”

“Right, how did you know?”

“Frank told me when he was drunk.”

“I am assuming this happened more than once? How is Mr. Webber still alive after all those blows to the head?”

“Well, he is pretty hard headed. Anyway, the ale and empty barrels that you asked me to order will be here in two days.”

“That’s great. Although it will require some assembly, the parts for the big distiller will be here around the same time as well. Which reminds me, the final design of the distiller changed a bit. I need to order more parts from the blacksmith.”

“Well, you better go as soon as possible if you want it delivered on time along with the other parts.”

“Good call. I will go right after a change of cloths and breakfast. By the way, mom?”

“Yes, dear?”

          I gave her all the wineskins that I had on me. The several days of running around town had completely emptied my reserve.

“Can you work the distillery for me while I am out? I still have a few errands to run and I don’t have the time to tend it. It is really simple. All you have to do is keep the fire going and make sure the water in the cauldron don’t run out. After a wineskin is filled, empty the content of the distillery, rinse it with water before starting another fresh batch.”

“Seems simple enough. I think I can handle it.”

“Thanks mom.”

          I went upstairs to my run to clean myself and changed my clothes. Running around for two days without going back home has left me somewhat dirty. I felt refreshed and revitalized once I wiped myself clean. I miss being able to take a shower every single day. After that, I ate a simple breakfast of porridge and eggs, then headed towards the town once again.

***June 9th, 965 A.F.***
***Ajax McGuire***

         The travel to the town was uneventful, to say the least. I was kind of disappointed that I wasn’t lucky enough to meet with Cecilia on the way. I went to the blacksmith just as planned and ordered more tubes, two cauldrons and a stand for it. We had a small chat before I left the blacksmith. The old blacksmith told me that several other people also ordered the automatic water dispenser. The word of mouth was spreading fast amongst the villages and everyone loved the idea. The thanked me from the bottom of his heart for bringing him so much more business and promised me that I would get discounts for all future purchases.

          After the small chat, I decided to go to the library to look up information on the nearby town. As per our plan, Tom would be in charge of advertising using his connections starting from the dwarven capital, and I would be in charge of advertising the nearby towns since I was more mobile compared to the mayor. Practically speaking, I have finished promoting in this town, and it’s time for me to look towards businesses in the next town.

         When I passed by the mayor’s house as I went towards the library, I noticed something strange. There were a lot of people running in and out of the house. All of them have a grave expression on them. Fearing that this has something to do with my whiskey business, I decided to find out what’s going on.

         I walked in the front door, but nobody bats an eye nor greeted me. They were just busy either entering or leaving Tom’s office. I waited around a bit before I finally found the chance to get into the office without bothering anyone. Once inside, I saw the mayor completely distraught with Frank the Butler beside him, helping him with some paperwork.

“Is everything alright?”

“Oh Ajax, it’s you. I am sorry that I didn’t notice you were here.”

“I saw tons of people walking in and out of your house. I was curious, so I let myself in. Is there something wrong? Is it something I can help?”

“It’s… it’s fine. I have already hired people to handle it.”

“We are business partners. If something happens to you, it will affect me as well.”

        After a deep sigh, Tom finally gave in and told me everything that was going on.

“It’s my daughter, Natalie. She ran away from home yesterday before I got a chance to talk with her. She thought that I was trying to be a matchmaker for her again when she met you at breakfast yesterday.”

        So that explains her crazy violent outburst. One less mystery in my life. With a glint of tears in his eyes, he continued.

“Ever since her mother died, that silly girl always cling to that stupid book of hers since it was a memento that my wife left for her. She would read the same story again and again. She keeps saying that she would only marry someone that was like the hero of the story and refused to meet anyone that I suggested. Why couldn’t she be more realistic?”

        Another mystery solved. No wonder the mayor refused to stock fiction books in the library. At this rate, I would become the world's greatest detective. Well, to be fair, I was the god damned Bat Goblin once. I have to offer to help some how. This could become a good bargaining chip for me down the road.

“I have already organized an escort to travel to the Dwarven Capital as per our plan. On the way to the D.C., I will keep an eye out for her and spread the word around. If I get any winds of her, I will definitely follow the clues and report any findings to you.”

“Thank you, Ajax.”

“It is the least I can do.”

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