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At first, I was going to announce that I was going to drop the series, but I felt April fool jokes about writer’s dropping the series were overdone.

I devised this little twist to this classic april fools joke.

*Dodges rotten tomatoes*

No, I have been late with the updates due to writer’s block. I have a vision of how the story needs to go, but I just can’t seem to connect them interestingly.

Chapter 46- Meet the Parents

***June 8th, 965 A.F.***
***Ajax McGuire***

“The mayor came by this morning to sign off all the documents. Congratulation you have officially graduated from the mandatory education.

         I met up with Mr. Ferguson at school just as class ended. The mayor apparently stopped by to clear everything up. He is pretty efficient at his job, unlike the politicians when I was a human. I am happy to have him as a partner. I shook Richard’s hand.

“Thank you for everything, Mr. Ferguson. Though, you are going to need to find someone else to help you from now on.”

“I will manage.”


         Cecilia ran towards me waving her arms around to get my attention. When she reached me, she gave me a flying glomp. I would have fallen backward from the impact if my stats wasn’t through the roof. After I had caught her, I spun her around a bit.
      When the other students that saw this, they started to tease us by whistling. Immediately, when she heard that, she retracted her arms, and her face glowed red. Ah, the sight of her cuteness heals the damage to my soul that I received from the two crazies this morning. To save her from any more embarrassments, I grabbed her hand and ran away from the school. Before we know it, we were at the fork in the road between our villages. We stopped and sat down on a rock beside the road. I waited for Cecilia to catch her breath before talking to her again.

“Cici, I want, to be honest with you. I am going to be extremely busy later on, so I might not be able to see you as often. Is there some place you want to spend time together with me before I get too busy?”

      Cecilia showed a disappointed face when she heard the news. She thought long and hard before answering me.

“Um, there… there is one thing I want to do with you. I want to have dinner together at my house.”

      Instead of asking me to take her out for dinner in town so that we can be alone, she told me to go to her house. It can only mean one thing.

“So you want me to meet your parents?”

“If that is no good…”

       She showed a bit of a panic when I said her real intentions out loud. I assured her a bit by pulling her closer to me.

“Silly girl, just tell me straight next time and don’t say it in such a roundabout way. Of course, it is fine. In fact, I will go tonight.”

“You will?”

“Your wish is my command. Though, we have to stop by my house because I spent the night at the mayor’s house last night. I need to tell my parents so that they won’t worry.”

“You were at the mayor’s house last night?”

“Yep, I had to talk business with him till late at night, so I ended up staying at his house overnight.”

“You never told me what you have planned. What kind of business is it?”

          I turned to her while holding her hand. I gave the most solemn look I can muster to emphasize the importance.

“It’s better if I show you. Remember, whatever you see, you cannot tell it to anyone. You need to keep it a secret. This includes your parents.”

        She agreed to keep the secret with a serious look. We continued the walk to my house. When I got there, I found that no one was home. I gave her a quick tour of my business, showing her how everything works. I made sure that I only gave her the tiniest amount of alcohol to try. Of course, like any other dwarves, as soon as she tried it, she asked for more. I refused immediately. If I got her drunk while we were alone in the house, it would be terrible for both of our images. She gave me a cute pout before complying. Seeing that my parents were out, I wrote a small message and left it on the kitchen table before heading out towards Cecilia’s home.


“Oh my god, Fin.”

“What is it this time?”

          I stopped typing on the computer, and I rolled my eyes when I heard Wyn. I know what is about to happen.

“I met the cutest little dwarf today. I want to hug him and squeeze him all day long. His name is Ajax, but I named him Francis because Deadpool, and it’s funny. When I adopt the child, I hope that he will be as cute as him.”

         She has been on full maternal mode after she learned that she passed the test to adopt a child. It was funny at first, but now it was starting to get on my nerves.

“Don’t tell me you used your admin power to change his name to Francis.”

“That's a terrific idea! Thanks, Fin.”

“No Wyn. Bad girl! Down!”

         I rolled up a bunch of paper and swatted her on the head.

“Ouch, I was just joking.”

“I doubt you came here just to talk about an NPC. What else are you here for?”

“Geeze, can’t I visit my favorite boss slash friend when I am not busy?”

“Well if you got nothing, I am going back to work. The reports aren’t going to write themselves.”

“Fine, there is something else. As a player, I accepted an escort quest from Francis. I was toying with an idea, so I planted a special encounter on the way using my admin power. I want you to join my escort quest and give me some feedback on it.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Can’t you just show me in now so we can get it out of the way?”

“I want to show you how the cute kid is as well.”

        When she is like this, she won’t stop until she gets it her way. I decided to agree with her. Hopefully, it would be quick and painless, unlike last time where she pestered me for a whole month for a blind double date before she was married.

“Fine, fine, fine. We will do it your way.”

“Yay! The escort quest is in two weeks. Meet me at Caedona. Remember, no cheating.”

         I yelled at her as she skipped out of my room.

“You are the only one who cheats using their admin power!”

***June 8th, 965 A.F.(Night)***
***Hindan Village***
***Ajax McGuire***

         I found myself staring a table full of food. Cecilia was sitting right next to me. Sitting across me was Cecilia’s father, giving me the dirtiest stink eyes with his arms crossed. Beside him was her mother, greeting me with a gentle smile. Everyone sat completely still and silent. You could hear a pin drop. Finally, her mother finally broke the ice.

“Let’s start eating before the dinner gets cold. You don’t have to be so shy.”

“Well then, I won’t hold back then, Mrs. Webber.”

        I used my fork to put a few pieces of chicken on Cecilia’s plate before putting it on my own. When her mother saw that, her smile was visibly brighter. My ikeman strategy is working beautifully on her. Now I only need to worry about her dad.

“Frank, are you not hungry? You haven’t touched the food yet.”

         Cecilia's dad is the third Frank I met today. What is with the naming sense of the last generation, or is just my luck? Just so I wouldn’t get confused, I think I should call him Mr. Webber at all times.

“What are you planning, kid.”

         Finally, it arrived. The epic battle between future son-in-law and future father-in-law.

“Well, I am planning to go to the Royal Academy together with Cici. After we graduate, I will marry her.”

         I thought Cecilia’s face couldn’t get any redder. I was wrong. She was practically glowing like a tomato when I said that I will marry her.

“Oh dear, I didn’t hear from Cecilia about you two marrying.”


        Mrs. Webber pulled out a rolling pin seemingly from the legendary hammer space and whacked Frank in the head,  incapacitating him. He fell face first into a bowl of soup. Without breaking her smile, she turned her focus back to me.

“Dear me, it looks like Frank is not feeling well and needs a nap. Please excuse me while I put him to bed.”

       Without any sign of a struggle, she grabbed Frank’s leg with one hand and started to drag him upstairs. Even though I couldn’t see anything, I could hear a rhythmic thud. I am pretty sure it was from Frank’s head hitting every step of the stair. It looks like I don’t have to worry about dealing with Mr. Webber in the future. Note to self. Don’t ever piss Mrs. Webber off. Ever. Before long, she came back down and sat in front of me.

“I am sorry you had to see that. Now, where were we? Oh yes, silly me. You were saying that you want to marry Cecilia after graduating from the Royal Academy, yes? Unless Cecilia disagrees with that plan, I have no problem with that. Cecilia, do you want to go with what Ajax said?”

        Cecilia answered with the faintest sound while looking down in shyness.


“Good. So you would be the one paying all the fees, yes?”

“Yes, Mrs. Webber.”

“Please just call me Margaret, okay? We are a family now. No need to be so formal, yes? I want to know since it is going to be a lot of money, can you tell me how are you planning to earn so much money in the short term?”

“I made a business deal with Mayor Tom this morning. We are going to sell superior alcohol. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the details yet. The fewer people know about this, the better.”

“Wow, that's incredible that you did so much while you are still so young. I can tell that Cecilia will be in good hands in the future. Now, let’s eat before dinner gets cold. There are desserts as well, so please enjoy yourself.”

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