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I am trying a little different style with this bonus chapter. This chapter is heavy in conversation. It is a little short but hope you guys like it.

Chapter 45.5- Death of Brian

***June 8th, 965 A.F. ***
***Welleborne Forest***
***Uram Bladestrum***

         Orcs are nomads, so they rarely stay in one place. However, they were in the same area for three days to prepare for the ritual. Today, the preparation was finally completed. Deep in the woods was a small patch clearing prepared by the orcs. In the centre of the clearing was a small altar made from the trees that they cut down. Surrounding the altar was five elder orcs with their arms crossed in front of their chest and chanting a hymn. All of the other orcs in the tribe observed in silence at a distant.

          The sun in the west covered the forest in an orange hue. Just as the last ray of sunshine disappears into the dark horizon, all five of the elder orcs stopped chanting in sync. They were waiting for the moon and stars to come out before proceeding with the ritual. An orc from the audience handed a torch to one of the elders and backed away in reverence. Everyone remained silent. The only sound in the surrounding was leaves rustling in the wind and the crackling torch.

         They were performing the burial rites handed from their ancestors for one of their tribe members. However, there was something special compared to all the other burial. The body that was laying on top of the altar was not an orc, but a small old goblin. It was the body of Brian, the lost scout from Cani’s tribe.

        After a moment of solemn remembrance, the elder with the torch raised it in the air and resumed the ritual.

“Goblin Brain from the tribe of Cani. Though you were not born of our tribe, may the moon and the stars, guide your soul, so that you may be reborn amidst our tribe. Es nu alar, ”

“”””””Es nu alar.””””””

        Everyone echoed the phrase in unison. The elder threw the torch into the middle of the altar. Soon, the altar was roaring in a blaze. Nobody moved a single muscle. They stood still in respect, watching the cremation until the fire burned itself out.

***June 8th, 965 A.F.(Night) ***
***Welleborne Forest***
***Uram Bladestrum***

           Two orcs sat around a campfire next to their tent. It was their turn for the night watch, keeping the rest of the tribe safe at night. After taking a sip of water from his gourd, Uram continued his conversation with the Grung.

“He finally couldn’t hold on, huh?”

“Yes, at least, he died peacefully in his sleep.”

“Good old Brain. I still remember eight years ago when we saved him on a whim.”

“That was an excellent shot. What was it, two wolves with one shot?”

“Three. It wasn't my skill. I was just lucky.  At that time, I figured I just let three arrows fly at the same time since the wolves were clustered together.”

“You are lucky you didn’t hit him. That would have been bad.”

“Well in my defence, at that point in time, I didn’t care if I hit him.”

“Remember when he woke up after we saved him? Boy, was he loud when he cried and scream.”

“Hahaha! That scene was hilarious. He ran around the camp like a headless chicken.”

“Well, if there was one thing he could do well, it was running away.”

“Nobody could catch him and calm him down. We had to wait till he fainted again from exhaustion. After that, Shabak tied him up with a leash to prevent him from running away. It is kind of hilarious that they tied the knot later.”

“How is Shabak taking his death?”

“She took it pretty hard. I don’t think I saw her attended the ritual. Last time I checked, she was still crying in her tent.”

“Wasn’t she carrying his child? That can’t be good for her.”

“The chief said that he will do everything he can to help her raise the child. From what I have heard, he is going to adopt the child.”

“You think it is a good idea? I mean, nothing like this have happened before. Will the child come out as a goblin, an orc, or something else?”

“The moon and stars would know. No matter what happens, though, I will protect that child. It is the least I can do for old Brian since he saved my life before.”

“That little skirmish we had with the elves, right?”

“That’s right. We were on a scouting around when suddenly, we were surrounded by an ambush by the elves. They claimed that we have trespassed on elven lands. "

"Curse those elves. How can they claim the land is theirs when it belongs to the moon and stars. How did Brain save you?"

"Although I am pretty sure he didn’t do it on purpose, he screamed at the top of his lungs and ran away, drawing the attention of all the elves away from me. With that little distraction, we were able to finish off all the elves with no injuries.”

“I could only imagine how funny the whole sequence of events would look like.”


“Without him, night watch would be so much harder.”

“Remember that time when a herd of Sleipnir got close to the camp site? He ran around the camp waking everyone up with pots and pans.”

“I thought he was crazy until I saw the Sleipnirs. It would have been dangerous for everyone if he didn’t do that. How does he know anyway?”

“I asked him about that afterwards. He told me that whenever there is any danger around him, he would get this suffocating feeling. The more dangerous it is, the worse that feeling becomes. That night, when the herd got close, he nearly passed out from not being able to breathe. At that point, he knew that everyone was in grave danger and had to wake everyone up.”

“Ha! He can sense danger and best at running away. What a perfect coward.”

“A toast to the heroic coward!”

“Es nu alar!”

“Es nu alar!”

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