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Chapter 45- Adventurer’s Guild


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Chapter 45- Adventurer’s Guild

***June 8th, 965 A.F.***
***Ajax McGuire***

*knock knock*

“Our young guest, are you awake? May I come in?”

“Yes, you may.”

           I was woken up by a knock on the door. It was Frank, the butler, with the morning called. I lazily sat on the edge of the bed with my eyes barely opened. I started to lick the roof of my mouth to moisten my cotton mouth. Frank came with a basin of water and some towels for me. What a great service. I would rate this hotel five out of five stars on yelp.

“Sir, after you have cleaned yourself, there is breakfast ready for you downstairs. Our master has already left the house for business.”

“Thank you, Frank.”

         Free breakfast too? I change my mind. I give it six stars. Frank left the room as I soaked the towel with water and washed my face. Feeling completely refreshed, I grabbed all my belongings and headed downstairs towards the dining room. I found two plates of sausage and eggs set on top of the long wooden table. Since Tom was out of the house already, does that mean there was someone else in the house? I doubt it would be Frank’s breakfast since he is a professional butler. It would be inappropriate for him to eat with me. He would know better. I didn’t think much more before I dug into the breakfast.

        Halfway through my breakfast, I heard a yawn coming from outside of the dining room. I looked up to find an attractive young girl about the same age as me with a bit of messy bed hair still in her white pajamas. She was reading a book with a smile as she walked into the room. She had the same brunette hair that Tom has. Perhaps she was his daughter? Still completely entranced by her book, she sat down at the other end of the table and started slowly eating the eggs with her free hand. Since she doesn’t seem to notice my presence, I decided to greet her.

“Good morning.”


       She answered without even taking a look as she continued to eat while reading. Suddenly, it was as if something clicked in her mind. Her whole body froze. With her fork still in mid-air, she slowly lowered the book and we made eye contact. After a good minute of staring at each other without moving a muscle, she finally decided to break the awkward silence.

“Who are you?”

“Hi, my name is Ajax. The mayor invited me over to…”

       Before I could finish my sentence, a plate full of eggs hit my face at lightning speed. She threw her plate of breakfast at me. The yolks of the eggs slid off my cheek and dripped onto the wooden floor.


“Why did you..”


        A silver knife flew past, barely missing me by a few millimeters and was stuck on the wall behind me. She started to throw everything she could get her hands on at me. Plates exploded on the floor left and right of me like I had stepped on a landmine in the battlefield. I covered my head for protection and ran out the door. Once outside, I looked around to confirm that I was safe, and there were no serious injuries on my body.

“What the fuck was that! What the fuck just happened?”

       I stood in front of the house in complete daze and confusion. Why did she suddenly attacked me? Was she embarrassed that and outsider saw her in her pajamas? She doesn’t seem to be embarrassed, though, so I don't have any idea why she was so angry at me. I decided that it would be the best leave for now and come back another time when Tom was present. I wiped the food that was sticking on my face and headed towards the commercial district. Following the plan that Tom and I made last night, there was much to be done today.

      Learning from my previous mistake, the first thing I did was buying a few small cups from vendors. I only had two wineskins worth of whiskeys left. I couldn’t afford to let anyone else drink the whole thing. After that, I went around, giving a taste samples to all the restaurant owners in town. I told them about the whiskey, and I would be officially starting to sell them in around two weeks. I also notify them that if they were interested, they should talk with the mayor since he would be the one responsible for distribution.The response overall was extremely positive, though there were a bit skeptical. The biggest concern for everyone was the price point. I made a mental note to discuss further it with Tom.

       It was just before noon when I reached the last stop, the adventurers guild. Outside of the two-story building hangs a sign with a pair of crossed swords and a scroll behind it. It was the official sign for the adventurers guild. When I walked into the building, contrary to my expectation, the guild was empty and devoid of any life.


       An old man walked out of the back room and sat behind the counter. Even though both his hair and beard are grey, he carries an aura of a warrior and doesn’t seem to be weak at all.

“Hold your horses. I am coming. Oh, it’s just a kid. What can I do for you? Just so you know, you can’t become an adventurer, you are too young. I wouldn’t let you even if you beg me.”

“You don’t seem to be too happy to see me.”

“I was hoping for a traveller to come in and help with some of the requests that have been piling up.”

      A traveller is a common term for NPCs used to describe players. I learned of it a couple of years ago when a traveller stumbled into our village. He was completely lost, and my father had to lead him back to town.

“Sorry, but I have one more to add to the list.”

“And now you know why I wasn’t happy to see you. The name is Frank. So what’s the request?”

      Another old man Frank huh? If this were a novel, this would be so confusing. He pulled out a quill, ink and parchment from underneath the counter. I recalled what I discussed with Tom last night and told him exactly what I need.

“My name is Ajax. I need a party to escort me and a full wagon to the D.C. in about two or three weeks.”

“Escort missions? I heard travellers hate doing those. They rarely get fulfilled.”

        I admit that when I was playing World of Warcraft, I avoided escort missions as well. Well played, god of irony, well played. Worst case scenario, if no one would pick up my request, I will just have to go to the capital myself. If I meet any thieves on the way, I will have to make sure that there are no survivors to tell the tale.

“Just post the request. I will just go to the capital by myself if anything else.”

“I can’t let such a cute kid go to the capital all by himself. It is too dangerous to go alone. Good afternoon Frank.”

        I turned around to find myself staring at an elvish lady with a short blonde hair, carrying a bow on her back and a sword sheathed at her waist. She gave off a vibe that screams that she is a traveller since there are rarely any elves around this part of the kingdom. I will be careful of how I act around her. I can’t let her know that I am an NPC that is self-aware. Before I could say anything, she crouched down so that we are at the same eye level and spoke to me. When she did that, she leaned towards me, accentuating her boobs. I had a hard time maintaining eye contact with her.

“Can you tell big sister what’s your name?”

“My name is Ajax.”

          She laughs out loud for no apparent reason before saying anything else.

“Hello, Francis. My name is Wyn. Nice to meet you.”

“I said my name is Ajax, not Francis.”

         How the hell did she hear that my name is Francis? Is she teasing me? Is it some joke that I don’t get?

“Nope, I don’t care. You are called Francis from now on.”

        Okay, it is confirmed. She is teasing me with an inside joke that I don’t understand. She stood up straight and turned her attention to Frank before I can protest that she changed my name on a whim.

“Frank, I will take this escort mission.”

“I thought you said you will never take any escort requests.”

“It’s different when it’s for such a cute kid.”

“He hasn’t even paid the deposit for the request.”

“Don’t care. I am taking it.”


“Zip it. I’m taking him on a trip.”

           Before anyone could say anything, she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the adventurer’s guild. When we are outside, she raised her arm and declared full of spirit that we are heading to the capital right now.

“Alright let’s go!”


“Don’t worry about the money. I will escort you there.”

“Stop. Just stop for a second and listen to me. I don’t need to go now. I need the escort in about two weeks time.”

“Oh. Okay, no problem I will see you in two weeks. We will meet in front of the adventurer's guild in the morning. Bye, Francis.”

         Before I could say anything, she ran off into the distance at full speed. I sighed as I massage the bridge of my nose. What was with my luck today. First, I was attacked at breakfast for no apparent reason. Then I had to deal with a weird shotacon that wants to escort me to the capital. I decided to take the rest of the day off by heading towards the school so that I can pick up Cecilia. The sight of my cute fiance heals my heart.

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