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Arc 2 Prologue- Reroll

***Belhern Village ***
***Cani Garland***

          I silently hid behind a tree. Looking around, I saw that there were no dangers nearby. I proceed to sit down next to the tree relaxing for a bit. It took me three days of wandering around before I finally found this remote dwarven village. I was given a quest to secure a new food source for the goblins.            

         Due to the increase of goblins living in The Lonely Mountain, the food supplies were running low. The elders started to become desperate for securing more food. One of the elders told me that if I can acquire a large amount of food, they would promote me to a leader of a small squad. I proposed that we were to seek out a dwarven village and pillage their food. The elders agreed with my plans and made an offer for this quest. They would have me lead the raid and all the goblins that survive the assault would permanently become my squad members.

         My plans have three stages. The first is to locate a village that was as far away from the dwarven city and the borders as possible. Villages are rarely stationed with troops. The only exception to those would be ones that are near the borders or the capital. They would provide the least resistance. On top of that, most villages rely on agriculture as their primary income source. That would mean that we would be able to acquire a large amount of food in one go.

        The second stage is to scout the surroundings. I need to know exactly where the village stores their food. I need to know where the defenses are. I need to know where I can enter and exit easily. I need to hit this fast and hard to avoid any casualties.

        The third stage would be for me to go back to The Lonely Mountain, lead my squad to this village, and execute the plan. I am hoping to borrow at least 30 goblins more for this mission on top of what I will be assigned. We will need help carrying the food back.

         It was noon with a few clouds in the sky. I decided to stay put and hide inside the edge of the forest. I planned to move closer to the village once it becomes dark so that nobody would see me. Seeing that there was quite a while before it was night, I decided to take a nap in the shade in this perfect weather. I would need to be well rested for the scouting that I would do tonight. I gathered some leaves to cover myself and closed my eyes.

***Belhern Village***
***Cani Garland***


         A loud crash woke me from my slumber. I quickly grabbed my spear and armed myself. Looking around, I finally found what caused the loud crash. There were several dwarves on the road about half a kilometer from where I was. It looked like the cart that was carrying large sacks had broken down. The dwarves that were transporting gathered around the cart discussing what to do. One of the dwarves unhitched the donkeys from the cart and led them away down the road.

        After a while, a bunch of dwarves came back with the one that left with the donkey. One of the dwarves climbed the cart and started to pass the sacks to the other dwarves. It looked like that they were going to carry the bags one by one. About half of the cart was emptied by the time everyone was carrying a sack. They started to leave the cart, carrying the sack on their shoulder.
All of them did the same except one of them. It looked like that he would stay behind and look after the broken cart. It looked like it was a dwarven child

        I debated with myself if I should use the opportunity to kidnap the lone child and save some time by forcing him to tell me everything about the village. In the end, I decided against and kept myself hidden. I don’t want to risk alerting the village of my presence and jeopardizing my quest in the long run.

        I kept my eyes on the situation when suddenly, the red headed kid stare straight my direction. I was well hidden, so I doubt that he saw me. I decided not to move at all and hope it wasn’t the case. Just when I was trying to convince myself that he couldn’t see me, he started to walk towards me. Curses. As much as I hate to hurt a child, he left me with no choice. I have to capture him to stop him from alerting the others. Sorry kid, you are out of luck.

        When he was about 100 meters away, I revealed myself from my hiding place. I ran out into the opening towards the road with my spear readied in my hands. Rushing towards him, I commanded him to stop moving.

“Alright stop moving if you don’t want to get hurt.”

       He stopped in his tracks. I slowly approached him. Just as I thought I got the situation under control, he suddenly speeds up and ran towards me, catching me off guard. He closed the distance between us, pulled his right hand back and punched me in the face.

System message: You are dead.

Status: Respawning 29...28...27

“FUCK! ARE YOU SERIOUS? System, log out.”

       I took off the virtual reality helmet and threw it on the bed in frustration. After watching the promo video for the new race, I was eager to play as a goblin. I liked the video so much that I even named myself after the goblin in the video. It turned out that goblins were one of the race with the weakest stats. In return, you can command a bunch of goblins with absolute loyalty. I expected for me to be weak, but I didn’t expect to be killed by a child in one hit. I am done playing as a goblin. I put my helmet back on.

“System, delete character Cani.”

System message: Are you sure you want to delete the character Cani? Y/N


System Message: Character deleted.

          Seeing that I was killed by a dwarf, I might as well try it.

“System, roll new character, dwarves.”

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