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Crap, I forgot to tell you guys that school started once again.

I will try to write at least one chapter a week.

Also, hold your horses guys, and 10 points to Gryffindor for guessing there will be another Dev meeting :P a lot of the explanation would be in that chapter, but I have already planted seeds for this fight since him getting a bearskin Ki’th

There is going to be an epilog before the rewrite starts

Chapter 32 - Continue?

Day  39 (Night)
***The Lonely Mountain***


            I opened my eyes at the sound of my name and stared at the crescent moon. Queenie? No! It’s too dangerous to be in here. At best, I had blinded one of Smaug’s eye and knocked him out.  Still lying on my back, I tried to yell out and tell her to get back, but all that came out of my mouth was blood. It was my blood. A metallic taste filled my mouth to the brim. I coughed a few more times as spat out the red syrup from of my mouth. With my throat cleared, I yelled back in distress.

“Get back!” *Cough* ”The dragon should not be dead yet!”


         A purple haired goblin as beautiful as the crescent moon soon popped up from the side, replacing the one in the sky.

“Cani, don’t worry. The dragon is dead. It’s not breathing. Is… is that your blood?”

“Some of it, ya.”

            I gave a quick chuckle after hearing the news. I was covered head to toe in thick dragon blood. I gave out a long sigh and finally relaxed from the tension of the fight. I don’t understand why it was able to kill it in one hit, but I guess I shouldn’t look at a dead, gift dragon in the mouth. I tried to get up and see the dragon’s body myself.

          I couldn't.

         I tried to move my knees, my ankle, my toes, my hands, my elbow. Nothing moved. I then tried the feel the cold hard ground. I felt nothing. After the adrenalin wore off, I finally realized my body was in a terrible condition. Every labored breath I took, I can feel my broken ribs that punctured my lungs. My spine was broken as well. I was dying soon. Accepting my fate, I closed my eyes and smiled. At least this death was epic compared to the first time around. I heard that the brain released dopamine near death. I guess this is why I felt so content, so complete.

“Help me sit up.”

         Following my request, Queenie pulled me up into a sitting position, supporting my limp back with her hand. Luckily I could still turn my head to see the body of Smaug, with blood still trickling out of his now hollowed eye socket. It served him right. I turned back and looked at kneeling Queenie and with Sylva, standing behind her.

“Queenie” *Cough* “I am going to die soon.”

“No no no, don’t say that.”

        Her eyes sparkled in the night with tears.

“You need to lead the others...”

“NO SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Are you ditching your responsibility as the leader of this clan?”

“Queenie, please…”

       She burst into tears and buried her face into my chest. I wanted to stroke her face with my hand to calm her down, but I forgot that I was paralyzed.

“Queenie, you have to listen to me. There has to be a way out of here. Search every room and turn every stone to find it. You have plenty of time. I just got us enough meat for the tribe to last at least a month.” *Gasp* “Once you find the exit, stay here and make this place a paradise for goblins.”

       Queenie’s answer was muffled by her sobs and my chest. It was getting harder and harder to breath. I could feel my lungs starting to fill with blood. I have to make this quick before I lose my ability to speak. I turned my attention to Sylva.

“Sylva, do you hate me?”

“I did once.”

“I am sorry, if there were any other” *gasp* “way, I would have done it without killing anyone. But I had to protect my tribe. My tribe comes first.”

“I understand. I would have done the same.”

        I closed my eyes and thought for a while.

“Sylva, I have yet to declare your punishment.” *gasp* “This is your punishment, Sylva. Treat this tribe as though it was your own, and help Queenie as the leader.”

        With a glint of tear her eyes, she answered my plead with nods filled with determination. I turned my attention back to Queenie. I gave a quick sigh at this bittersweet situation. I decided to comfort her with one final lie.

“Queenie, please. Listen to me. Look into my eyes.”

        Queenie pulled her head up. Her eyes were swollen with tears. I smile wryly at her.

“I am going soon. I am going to where the goblin” *Gasp* ”god is. I am going beat him up and tell him to bring me back to you.”

“No, no, no, please don’t go, Cani, I need you here.”

“Don’t you trust me that” *gasp* “I will be back?”

“Just stay here, Cani...please… I lost your child already; I can’t lose you too.”

“Queenie, Let me” *gasp* “touch your”*gasp* “face” *gasp* “one” *gasp* “last” *gasp* “time.”

          She held my hand up to her tear soaked face. I couldn’t feel it. I couldn’t feel the warmth, I couldn’t feel the smoothness, I couldn’t. I couldn’t feel her face one last time. This was the only regret that I had. I lived as a goblin for not longer than two months. I had a more fulfilling life than my time as a human. What an irony.  The world faded gradually to black and white.I took one last gasp of air before I slowly closed my eyes.

“No.. Cani…. wake….”

Status: Respawning 2...1...0

System Message: Resetting memories, existing stats, and abilities..

System message: Data wipe failed. Data currently in use. Reattempting 1/3

System message: Data wipe failed. Data currently in use. Reattempting 2/3

System message: Data wipe failed. Data currently in use. Reattempting 3/3

System message: ERROR. Data wipe failed. Bypassing data wipe.

System message: Spawning Personality 29A in designated starting area

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