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This was a lot harder to write than what I imagined. It’s a bit shorter than what I would have liked, but I feel that the next part deserves it’s own chapter. Enjoy

Chapter 31- Fall

Day  39 (Night)
***The Lonely Mountain***

“I have got to admit, little goblin. You are good. No other mortals had lasted this long against me.”

          I can barely open my eyes due to the wind and dust. Out of the slits of my eyelids, I saw a large halberd, flying straight towards me. Like an acrobat, I twisted my body, dodging the deadly missile. I couldn’t avoid it completely, though. The halberd sliced my shoulder, opening a wound. I used my free hand to cover the fresh wound, hoping it will slow the bleeding down even by a bit.

“Can’t we talk about this like a gentleman? I am just a goblin, why are you so insistent on killing me?”

          Smaug didn’t answer my question. I tried to raise my voice and spoke to Smaug again.


“After I will kill you, I will make sure the rest of your tribe to follow your footstep to hell.”

           It looked like he couldn’t hear me at all. The howling wind completely drowned out all other sounds except for Smaug’s powerful voice. I ran through my head a quick analysis of the current situation. Knicks and scratches riddled my body. I couldn’t even stand up in this artificial hurricane that Smaug created, let alone run. I looked up at Smaug in despair. Without stopping the creating the storm, he took steps towards me. Slowly but steadily, he walked towards me as if each step was a countdown towards my execution. It looked like this was checkmate. I couldn’t run, and I couldn’t talk, the only option left is…  I smirked at my idea. It is too crazy for it not work.

“Just who do you think you are? Daring to challenge Smaug, the Magnificent? The emperor of the Lonely Mountain?

“Are you retarded? Who do I think I am?”

          I grabbed the two corners of my Ki’th with my toes. If I couldn’t run, and I couldn’t talk, then only option left is to fly.


          I retracted my hammer from the ground and held on to it with my mouth. I stretched out my Ki’th as far as I could; I turned it into a makeshift wingsuit. Immediately, I shot up from where I was and flew around the room along with the rough turbulence. When I was still a human, I played in an indoor skydiving once. I can’t say that I am excellent at it, but this had a similar feeling to it: except there were no flying shrapnels or worry about a dragon wanting to kill me in the middle of the room. The air current was not that cooperative, though. It was pushing me straight into walls of the circular room. I contorted my body and tried to change my heading. The very last second managed to change the directions. I flew in a beautiful parabola millimeters away from the wall.

“What? How did you...?”

     My actions caught Smaug completely off guard. He stopped beating his wing, and the wind slowly died down. The air pressure that was keeping me against the wall was gradually weakened. Seeing the chance, I kicked against the wall as hard as I could. Stunned by the sudden turn of events, Smaug completely froze, baffled by my actions. I knew I only had one shot at this. Grabbing the hammer from my mouth, I aimed myself towards Smaug’s eyes and readied myself to strike.


     I struck Smaug right in the center of the pupil. A loud thud sounded. When the hammer collided with it, it was as if time slowed down. I could clearly see everything happening at bullet time. The only thing that was moving was a small ripple, radiating from the point of impact. It spread towards, the cornea, then towards the head, neck, and eventually the rest of Smaug’s body. It was almost the same as the scene in “Matrix” where the helicopter crashed into the building. When it ripples finally spread throughout the whole body, his eye burst open, and blood gushed out. The red geyser knocked me back, sending me flying through the air. I did not stop until I hit the wall. With a loud thunderous crash, both Smaug and I fell onto the floor at the same time.

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