Do all the rerwites before continuing with the story or no?
all chapters at 1 time
1 chapter at a time

I went to the library to borrow a certain book for reference. Unfortunately, they didn't have it. I have to wait about a week before it gets in. Until I get that book, I probably won't post anything.

So in the mean time, I am putting up a poll

Since The end of the arc is near, I will be doing the rewrite of the first 10ish chapters because I REALLY don't like how I wrote it back then.

Do you guys want me to do all the rewrites first before continuing on with the story, or should I do one chapter at a time?


As of now, I am starting to write the next arc since the referenced book won't affect my writing until later on.

Edit 2:

Just as a small bonus for those that reread previous chapters, I want to discuss the reasons of why I am not happy with the first few chapters. This is for my benefit as well since I can go back tot his post as a checklist for future chapters.

While I was procrastinating, I was actually doing something that helps me with writing. I was reading a lot of badly written WN.

I was analyzing them as I read them, making sure I list the reasons why I didn't like them. That way, I won't repeat the same mistake when I am writing mine.

Reason 1- Damage numbers

It looked cool at first, but when I re-read the chapters, it felt lame. I feel that if I keep using it, I will fall into the "Over 9000" trap, where I just make the fight scenes look cool by enlarging the numbers.

Reason 2- Skills

After writing a bit more for this story, I started to feel that I should have made written this story to be less reliant on the acquisitions of skills, to push the story forwards. I feel a lot more comfortable by pushing the story towards a "low magic/skill" settings, sort of like Game of Thrones.

Reason 3 - Writing rules

A bit into the writing the story, I made a decision that it will follow theses rules:

1- NPC will always be written in third person perspective
2-PC will always be written in first person perspective
3- Everything will be written in past tense if possible

I found that a lot of the previous chapters were breaking these rules

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