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Chapter 23- Rain

Day  33
***Cani's Cave***

          Just as I was about to announce the punishment, a few drops of water landed on my bald head. The fire that we use to cook the breakfast started to sizzle as well. White smoke started to rise from the fire. I held my hand out and look into the sky. At first, it was a light drizzle, but then thunder could be heard from a distant. I could see dark clouds gathering in the sky I pulled my hood up to block out the rain. This was the first time I have seen experienced a storm since I have revived. I turn to speak to Sylva.

“It seems that it is going rain heavily soon. Let’s leave your punishment for now and head inside.”

          I quickly told everyone to stop working and retreat into the cave. Everyone awkwardly scramble to gather their belonging and headed inside the cave. By this time, the fire was completely put out by the rain. Not even a smoldering ember was left in the fire pit. Making sure everyone retreated, I was the last one to enter the cave. I was completely drenched at this point. It was kind of refreshing to take a full shower to be very honest. The only self cleaning that I did was just basically wiping with some pelts.I took off my Ki’th, gave it a quick twist to drain the water out.

“Are you going to tell you what my punishment is?”

       She is trying to hide her nervousness by putting on a pouty poker face, but her fidgety body language betrayed her. Uwwwaaaaaa, that is just too cute. It just makes me want to tease you more, you know.

“It will be postponed until an appropriate time.”

           As if the goblin gods have sensed my evil intention, a flash of lightning and thunder rang behind my back after I said that. Not bad for dramatic effect. The only thing that was missing was the “DUN DUN DUN” background music. I held the urge to throw out an evil laughter. That would have been a bit too cheesy.

Day  36
***Cani's Cave***

“Mother fucking rain!”

         I yelled in frustration as I stared outside the cave. We have been stuck inside the cave for three days already and there was no sign of the torrential downpour letting up. The boredom was starting to get at me. There was absolutely nothing to do. Since there weren’t a lot to do, a lot of the other goblins have their own “fun” time. I couldn’t have fun with Queenie even if I wanted to. I was told yesterday by Queenie that she was pregnant.

         Even with all the free time due to the rain, I cannot think of a solution to my difficult position. It is the dream of a lot of men to have an harem, but I am one of the exceptions. I can’t stand the idea of being NTRed. Losing my girlfriend once was more than enough. It feels equally terrible to become a hypocrite. My original plan was to have Sylva as my mate. Now that Queenie is pregnant with my child, I feel obligated to dedicate myself to her.

        I am tempted to implement a rule invoking the name of the goblin god to make the tribe monogamous to secure Queenie to me. On the other hand, the fact that our tribe is pretty small.  Allowing polygamy would increase our tribe’s number quicker than monogamy, not to mention goblins are originally polygamous. However, if everyone goes overboard with the polygamy, we will have the problem of losing our fighting force due to the pregnancies. I definitely need to introduce the idea of marriage at some point as it will help me control the number of pregnant goblins and deal with inbreeding. Still at this time, I think I should stick with the status quo for now, since I have not thought of an appropriate course of action for Sylva. Even if I am evil, I pride myself of being a responsible villain.

         One of the biggest problem we have right now is food. We can’t cook anyhting because we couldn’t start a fire. We have been eating raw meat for the past few days. Raw meat tastes terrible. Fresh fish tastes terrible raw as well, unlike the salt water fish which are used to make those delicious sashimi. On top of the taste problem, we are actually starting to run low on food. Due to the rain, the underground river has became a rapid. It is next to impossible to fish in the speedy current. We still manage to catch one or two a day, but at this rate, we will run out of food very soon . Since we are expecting a bunch of babies next week with everyone having “fun” during the rain, As soon as the rain ends, I need to assign an extra squad of goblins for hunting.

“What are you looking at?”

         Queenie snuck up behind from me. I turned around to meet my eyes with her’s. Even though it was only a few days, her stomach shows a little bump already. Goblin’s growth rate is just abnormal. She handed me my Ki’th. I gave it to one of the goblins yesterday to add a small belt to it so that it can hold various small tools and items. I am officially Batgoblin now. Since my Ki’th is made out of bear, does that make me half-bear, half-goblin, half-bat? Donning my cape and cowl, I replied.

“Nothing, I am just thinking what we need to do about the food. If it gets bad enough, we need to send out a hunting party even in the rain. You think any of the girls are willing to hunt in the rain?”

“If you say the word, I am sure they will go out. Though I must say, no one has any experience hunting in the rain.”

         Turning back around to stare at the rain, I sat down in silence. After a while, Queenie took the chance to hug me from behind and watched the rain with me. Her body warmth penetrated through my Ki’th and radiated across my back. We both enjoyed the sound of the rain pattering on the soil outside. I finally decided to break the silence.

“I want to ask you something. If you don’t want to answer, that is fine as well.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“I heard from other goblins that a strong female will often take multiple mates for herself. Will you do that?”

“You alone, is enough for me. I will not take any others.”

“If that is the case, I really want to give you the same promise to make it fair. However, that deal I have with Sylva…”

“Hmm.. since you made that deal before I made you my mate, I am willing to forgive you.”

“But what should I do with Sylva? What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t want my mate to go back on his words, so I will allow her to bear one of your child. Don’t get me wrong, I only allow you to do this once. But after that, you must make lots and lots little one with me.”

“Are you sure you are good with that? You are not going to repeat what happened a few days ago?”

         She rubbed her face against my cheek.

“I promise I won’t do something like that again. Unless of course, you have more than one child with Sylva or any others.”

        Yikes, I am getting a serious yandere vibe here. I don’t want to be involved in a  “nice boat” ending. Makoto-kun, your death serves as a cautionary tale for all men. May your soul rest in peace. I imagined myself bowing in front of the Makoto’s gravestone. It's a good thing I asked.

         A low rumbling sound from the ceiling broke our conversation. I stuck my head outside to take a quick look.


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