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Also, to some of you that are confused, no, MC did not lose his anal virginity.

That last 2 sentence was a reference to Mushoku Tensei, when Eris had sex with the MC.

 Love Story Killed (Non-Canon)

Day  32 (Night)
***Cani's Cave***

“Is… is that the truth?”


“If that is the case…”

         Without hesitating even for a second, Queenie raised her copper dagger and stabbed downwards towards her nara. Cani tried to stop her but it was too late. The dagger cut through her nara. Queenie dropped her dagger on the floor. Blood started to trickle down her leg. Even with the pain shooting up her spine, Queenie refused to lie down and stared straight into Cani’s eye. Cani grabbed the dagger and cut a piece from his Ki’th. Using the piece as a gauze, he tried to stop the bleeding.

“Why did you hurt yourself?! Are you crazy?”

“Now that I don’t have a nara, you will want me as your mate now right?.”

         Even with Cani putting pressure onto the wound, the bleeding would not stop. Queenie lost enough blood and she became unstable. She falls onto the floor with a loud thud. Feeling tired, her thoughts become hazy and she slowly closes her eyes. Seeing her eyes are closing, Cani lifted her head with his other hand. Tears starts to well in his eyes.

“I will be your mate. Please, don’t close your eyes, please, don’t close your eyes. I... ”

“You… are ...finally… looking…..…”

             With that, Queenie could not hold on and closed her eyes. Cani’s starts tears flows uncontrollably. Shaking her body a bit, Cani goes into denial.

“Queenie? Dear? Please wake up, don’t you want to make little goblins with me?”

            He repeated the question again and again. Of course, there was no answer. She was already dead from bleeding out. Goblin lives were extremely fragile compared to other race. After 30 minutes of doing the same thing, Cani finally accepted that she was dead. He also realize that it was his fault. It was his fault for not being able to abandon a silly little thing called human pride. He was a goblin. If he did what a goblin was supposed to do, this whole tragedy wouldn’t have happened. Hugging the body of Queenie, he yelled and screamed in frustration, cursing the heaven until the morning.

Day  33
***Cani's Cave***

          At the break of dawn, Cani carried Queenie’s body out into the open. Every step he took was solemn. Not a single sound was made by the surrounding goblins. No one dared to ask what happened with Queenie. When he got to outside of the stone fence, he laid down Queenie’s body gently beside him. He started to dig a hole in the ground next to the mountain. The other goblins looks in curiosity. Burying of their dead was not practiced. Instead, they just throw them down the underground river. Goblins simply dies too much. If they bury their dead, The whole forest would have been a goblin graveyard.

           After taking off his Ki'th, Cani strikes his hammer onto the ground, softening it. Then cupping with both of his hand, he removed the soil bit by bit. Even though he can ask another goblin to help him, he felt that this was his penance for causing this tragedy. Even by a bit, he would like to lessen the enormous guilt in his heart for causing the death of Queenie. He work tirelessly throughout the day, not taking a single break.

          By the time he finished digging the hole, it was almost sunset. He carefully lowered Queenie’s body into the hole, and putting her arms across her chest. He placed his hammer into her hands as a burial gift  and started to fill in the hole. By this time, his hand was completely bloodied, not only from Queenie’s blood, but also the nicks and scratches from handling soil with his bare hand. Even though his hands are full of pain, it was nothing compared to the pain in his heart.

        After filling in the hole, he found a small stone and planted next to the grave. Using the copper dagger that was drenched in Queenie’s blood, he carved out the epitaph. He puts Ki'th back on, though now it is clearly missing a huge piece, just like Cani's heart. He knelt in front of the grave in silence. With his Ki'th fluttering in the night wind, he stayed there for the whole night.

“To my beloved Queenie, whom I did not treasure until it was too late.”

Author’s post note:

Yes, this is a big “Fuck you” to all the readers that post comments saying that I should get rid of the penis. Well, your wish is granted. Hope you are happy.

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