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Chapter 21- Love Story

Day  32 (Night)
***Cani's Cave***

         The night was calm and quiet as if it was the prelude to the upcoming storm inside the cave. Only faint rustling of leaves in the forest could be heard from time to time. In front of the recently erected stone fence were a few goblins, finishing their dinner around a smoldering campfire. All the other goblins have already finished theirs and retreated into the sleeping quarter. However, there was a single goblin that was neither of these 2 group. It was Queenie. With her purple hair swaying with the wind, she sat at the edge of the cliff, looking over everyone below. She was too irritated to sleep for the few past days, ever since that Cani had his deal with his “guests”. She hated the idea of Cani having a children with an outsider, though this was only because of her own jealousy, a feeling that she is completely unfamiliar with.

         She was the strongest since birth. No other goblins in her tribe could contest with her. When she was hungry, she fought off all the goblins until she has had her fill. When she wanted the best spear in the tribe, she disposed the old matriarch and took it away from her. After she became the matriarch, she wanted her Ki’th to be different than others, so she took the life of a wolf. She had never had something taken from her. There was no chance for her to experience jealousy.

         One day, she saw a young goblin that wasn’t even an adult after returning from a hunt, sitting in front of a fire. Curiosity got the better and she approached him to see what he was doing. It turns out that he was cooking the food, something that Queenie had never experienced. He offered her the cooked meat and it was delicious. Even though the food was good, she needed to teach him a lesson for sneaking outside and trying to eat meat before his first hunt.

          It was supposed to be simple punishment: she would beat him until he submits and apologize for breaking the tribe rules. All went well until he threw a simple punch. And just like that, she had her first lost of in her life. He had took her perfect record from her. Threatening her position as the matriarch, she made up a plan on the spot. She had to send him away. Just as he was about to leave, something in her heart swelled up. Something that makes her feel that she wants to see him again.

            He was not supposed to come back, let alone getting a bear Ki’th. With that, he took the second thing from her. He took her leadership position. This time however, she didn’t felt any sadness or threatened. Her thinking was in the of line “what is mine also belongs to him, therefore nothing is really taken.” She has decided fully support his position to lead the tribe. She didn’t understand at that point though.

           Not long after that, the other goblin tribe attacked. Her heart was prepared for great losses. But once again, he defied her expectation. The other tribe which outnumbered them two to one, was defeated. What’s more, they did not lose a single. She was entranced by everything that he did. She wanted to stick close to him and observe. Slowly, her curiosity of him slowly morphed into love.  However, she doesn’t understand this feeling of love. It is because goblins lives are too short. They live, they eat, they grow up, they mate then they die. There was simply no chance to develope it. They didn’t give birth to children because of love, they simply did it so that their tribe can be strengthened and survive.

          When she heard that the new goblin Sylva was going to bear Cani’s child, it felt like that Cani was taken away from her. After she suffering for four days from this unfamiliar feeling called jealousy, she finally decided to something about it. She needs to get rid of Sylva and take Cani back. Unlike Cani, she does not know how to solve problems with words. There was only one way that she knows how to handle it. Hiding copper dagger that she had gotten from the enemy in her Ki’th, she headed towards the food storage.

Day  32 (Night)
***Cani's Cave***


         Today was a good day. A few days ago, we sent a scout to our northern hideout to tell the non-combatant that it was safe to come back. They all came back today with a bit of the leftover food stock. A few of the goblins also became adults. I have a bigger workforce to work with from now on. On top of that, we finally finished building the third layer of stone fences. It took a lot longer to complete compared to the first two because I sent a few of them on a hunt. Now that there was no immediate threat, I can afford to stretch the workers out a bit and do multiple things at the same time. I am thinking of adding a fourth layer. Perhaps I can even turn the whole thing into a stone maze by adding and removing a wall here and there. Dungeon master title, here I come!

I finished my dinner and headed towards the sleeping quarter. On the way, I saw Queenie sitting at the edge of the cliff and just staring into nothing. Is it just me or Queenie seems different? Is it because she worries about threat of the dwarves on the horizon? I should ask her tomorrow and tell her that it is useless to worry about it.

         Making sure I don’t accidentally step on any of the goblins, I slowly make my way to the bed. I did a quick stretch before I lay down on it. When I was just about to close my eyes, I caught a glimpse of Queenie passing by the sleeping quarter. Does she need to go to washroom before heading to bed…

         Wait a minute, the washroom is no longer a washroom. There is no reason for her to head there. So that means she is heading towards the food storage. She wants to talk with Sylva? Out of curiousity I went out and followed her to the storage. When I reached it, I saw Queenie standing in front of Sylva. She reached inside her Ki’th and pulled out a copper dagger. I yelled at the top of my lungs


           Lunging at Queenies arm, barely managing to stop her attack. We wrestled around on the floor. I tried to get the dagger away from her hands. Sylva and the others were still stunned from the sudden attack. Somehow, I got her under my control. With her lying face down, I put my knees on her back and stopping her from getting up. She struggles in anger, yet she refuses to let go of the dagger and continues to grunts in frustration and tries to throw me off her back. Seeing that I had a chance, I yelled at the guards.

“Get everyone out of here now!”

         The guards woke up from the initial shock with my command, and hastily escorted the everyone out. When I confirmed that everyone have left, I let Queenie up from the floor. Both of us are panting heavily trying to catch our breath. After a brief silence, I finally said something.


         She looked at me with scornful eyes in silence and refused to respond to me. I grabbed her shoulders and shook her lightly.


             She finally lost the anger in her eyes. It was replaced with eyes that was filled with sorrow and sadness. Her mouth trembled with a frown. The face that she was making was completely contradictory to her normal confident self. It was kind of cute in a weird way. Is this what people call “gap moe”? With a trembling voice she finally answered.

“You never… you never even looked at me.”

         With my hands still on her shoulders, I stood there without saying a word trying to decipher what she meant. Tears starts to roll onto her green cheeks.

“The way you look at Sylva, you never once looked at me that way. I am your mate! I claimed you already when you went to hunt for your Ki’th. I don’t care if you took my position as the chief and lead our people. I don’t care if you take in goblins from other tribes. I care that you never look at me once with those… wanting eyes.!”

“Queenie, I want to tell you something. You might have figured it by now, but I am not a normal goblin.”

“Yes, I know. You are someone chosen by the goblin god.”

“That’s not what I... nevermind. Let’s just go with that. It’s… it’s not that you are not attractive to me. But whenever I think about goblins having a nara, I feel… I feel repulsed. I know that a other goblins are not like that but I am. I found out by chance that Sylva doesn’t have one for some reason. That’s the biggest reason I am attracted to her. If it wasn’t for that, I would have made you mine already.”

“Is… is that the truth?”


“If that is the case…”

         Without hesitating even for a second, Queenie raised her copper dagger and stabbed downwards towards her nara. I caught her wrist and stopped her. I immediately reprimanded her

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

“The pain of losing my nara would be less than the pain of you not wanting me.”

            She stood there looking at me with tears in her eyes, yet it wasn’t sadness. It was filled with resolve. The resolve and determination of getting me no matter what. I smile wryly at the situation on hand. I have been treating her as my subordinate. She might be a close friend, but I know for fact that I don’t love Queenie. Hell, I don’t even like Sylva. I just wanted to get my hands on Sylva as an outlet for my lust. The nights I have to endure after I have been an adult goblin has been, in a word, painful. The biological drive to procreate in goblins were powerful. Unfortunately, my pride as a human was ever so slightly stronger. Right now, however, my pride as a man forbids me to hurt Queenie anymore than this. I had to sacrifice, I owe her that much.

         I took a deep breath and ready myself for what’s to come. It was finally time for me to do as the Romans do. I undid Queenie’s silver Ki’th and tied it across my eyes, making a blindfold.

“If I don’t see your nara, I won’t get repulsed… I hope. I can’t see anything so you would have to guide me.”

          That night, on the cold hard floor of the food storage, I lost both my humanity and my goblin virginity at the same time. She violated me to her heart's content. I'm sorry dear, Queenie has made me her play thing.

I can't become a bride anymore.

(Author's Post Notes:
Also, to some of you that are confused, no, MC did not lose his anal virginity.
That last 2 sentence was a reference to Mushoku Tensei, when Eris had sex with the MC.

Click here to see what I am talking about. Scroll down to part 4


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