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Yay a triple release, even though this one is a short one.

Chapter 19- Negotiation

Day  28
***Cani's Cave***

“Wait. Did you just say you want to join us?”


         This is obviously a trick. Are they trying to get close to us and rescue the princess? How dumb do you think I am, if you think I will fall for that. Let’s test the water a bit by suggesting the princess is dead.

“We killed all the attackers that you have brought. There is no reason to believe that you will join us  willingly out of the blue.”

“We have no tribe to return to.”

“Is it because your matriarch will punish you for the failed attack?”

“NO, its because, its because…”

One of them broke into tears. The other goblins comforted her. After a while, one of the goblin decides to tell the whole reason in place of the first goblin.

“Our tribe was wiped out while we attacked you. We are the last goblins of our tribe.”

         Wow that is impressive. Even though the timing seems is a little bit convenient to be true, their excuse is logical and sound. Assuming that they are telling the truth, they have no home to return to and they are as good as dead. On top of that, they say that they are the only ones left of the tribe, implying that they don’t know Sylva is still alive. If they are lying about this, their acting skills are top tier. Still, I should keep my guard up just in case.

“I am going to need a little bit more information about the attack to be convinced.”

“When we reached our cave to report our failed attack, we found that the elven kingdom attacked us and killed everybody. There were no survivors. We found out that the dwarves paid off the elves in order to gain control of our copper vein.”

“Now how did you found out about the deal?”

“They were talking about it at the cave. They said something about signing a 'contwact'. The dwarves will give ten 'pah-cent' of the coppers that is produced to the elves for next five years and then after that they would be sold to the elves at fifteen 'pah-cent' less than the 'mahket pice'. They used a lot of words that we don't understand but I can guess the details.”

         I can conclude that definitely speaking the truth. It sounds like the elves and the dwarves have a contract with each other to clear out the goblins for the access of copper veins inside the cave. There is no way that can make up something that sound so close to what a deal between nations sounds like. Looks like I have to give up trying to acquire the copper vein for the time being. Even if I manage to wipe out the dwarves and reclaim the copper veins, they would just get the elves to do the same thing all over again. Worst of all, I would piss off both the elves and dwarves at the same time. There is a silver lining to this situation though. There are no more threats of attacks from the other tribe and I can relax a bit. There is something else I can gain out of this as well. With this news, I can completely break down Sylva and get my hands on her. VILLAIN MODE ACTIVATE!

“MWHAHAHAHAHA, you must surely jest. Why would I want defeated foes in my tribe? Even though you are holding a hostage, I value the safety of my tribe more than one goblin’s life. The fact is, you cannot guarantee that you will not kill us in revenge while we sleep. On top of that, since we don't need to defend against your tribe anymore, we don't need as many goblins. You need to give me a better reason to let you join us.”

“It is because the dwarves are eyeing to expand. After they are settled, they will be attacking this this cave. You will need all the soldiers you can get to defend. We want a chance at revenge for our tribe. If you decline our request, you will lose four goblins here, us three and this scout.”

           Shit. She got me there. Even if we don’t have any veins in here, the dwarves will definitely try to find more veins by following the mountain range. I can’t even afford to lose one goblin when they do decide to attack us.

“You are not afraid that we will disposed of you after we defend ourselves from the dwarves and elves?”

“If we can get our revenge on the dwarves and elves, we will have no regret dying.”

“Good, Good. It seems that you are telling the truth. I can see the resolve in your eyes.  I can tell that you three are excellent soldiers, being able to escape from our trap. I would like more goblins to defend our home as well.”

          With that, the three goblins eyes lit up with hope. My villain alter-ego doesn’t seem to want to let it end here though.


          The three girls reacted to my words with surprise.

“I don’t like the fact that you are the one dictating all the terms. Even though it is true that our tribe would greatly benefit by accepting you three, it is a simple matter of principle that I cannot agree with you. It is only acceptable if I get to determine all the terms and conditions."

          Inserting my trademarked villainous dramatic pause here.

"As a gesture of good faith between our negotiation, let me show you something interesting.”

           I whispered to a guard, telling him to bring Sylva out. After a while, two guards carried the bounded up princess and placed her standing next to me. I grabbed a spear from a guard and threatening Sylva’s life by pointing the spear at her throat. All three of goblins shouted out at the same time.


          I grinned at their respond. Everything is going in accordance to my prediction. 

“I believe you know each other well. Now that we both have a hostage on hand, let’s restart the negotiation. Where should we begin? Ah, yes. Let’s start by having those three tell you a story about what happened to your precious little tribe.”

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