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I lost everything =="

Also small edit in regards to how the day system work. Every sunrise will be a start of a new day (Day X). After sunset it becomes (Day X (Night)). When the sun rises, it becomes (Day X+1). This is to clarify and a more precise way to signify passage of time.

Also I decided to not use computer/gaming themed titles. Its starting to get a little bit too hard to think of one.

Chapter 16 -99 Problems

Day  21 (Night)
***Cani's Cave***

          I couldn't sleep. I toss and turned in my bed. There is just too many things on my mind for me to sleep. Since I couldn't sleep, I decided that I will clean myself up a bit. I quietly got up and turned to the side. Queenie wasn't there. If she was, she would have insisted to be sleeping beside me. I sent her out to hunt two nights ago, on the condition that she will return before nightfall tomorrow. She would have to return by then regardless of how much food she have gathered. After tomorrow, we would be under the constant threat of being attacked.

          I tip toed across the sleeping quarter. making sure not to step on any other goblins. When i finally got out of the sleep quarter, I turned to walk deeper into the cave, towards the washroom. I noticed the two goblins standing in front of the the food storage, guarding Sylva. I guess I should check up on her condition first.

"How's the prisoner?"

"She has fallen asleep."

          I tried to look into the food storage, but I couldn't see anything since it was pitch black. I can still hear her teeth chattering from the cold though. If this was two days ago, I wouldn't even hear her chattering since she was gagged. But after I fed her, she expressed the need to go to the washroom. I have decided not to continue gagging her ever since. Good thing I did that too because she almost relieved herself while being bound. It would have been fine to let that happen so that it further crushes her pride, but she was held inside the food storage. It would have contaminated whats left of our precious food. Of course, I didn't let her know that is what I was worrying about. I didn't want to give her the idea to piss all over our food in revenge. I did it under the pretense that since she was cooperating with us, that she was granted the privilege of going to the washroom.

"Bring her out of the storage and into the hallway where it is warmer. It won't do us any good if she freezes to death."

"Yes my lord."

          They carried the tied up goblin out and gently lay her in the corridor floor. She didn't wake up from all the movements, she must be mentally exhausted spending these days as a prisoner. She was still shivering in the relatively warmer corridor. I took off my Ki'th and covered her body.

"When she wakes up, return my Ki'th to me."

            Being completely naked, I turned and walked towards the washroom. Using the the trickle of water on the wall I started to clean myself. Putting my hands against the wall, cupped some water and then spread it across my body. Using this method, I repeatedly cleanse my body. I am really missing the my shower back on old earth. I reminisce about the warm water that sprayed on my face. I remember how the shower just melts my fatigue after a good day of work.

"Arg... my stomach."

          I knelt down holding my abdomen.  Its getting worst. My stress level is through the roof. I don't think I can handle another week of this. The pain... everything is going black....

Goblin Extermination Event Cleared!

Top Contributors                    Goblins Killed

1.CANI                               58/186

2.MYRIN                             23/186

3.YHENDORN                      21/186

System message: Prizes for the "Goblin Extermination Event" has been distributed directly to the winners.


"Fin, come take a look at this post for a second. There are players complaining about the first place player of the event. The players that participated said that they didn't even see anyone with the name Cani, let alone being able kill more than 50 goblins by himself. Can you take a look at the back log for the event?"

"Sure give me a sec, let me load it up."

          Fin'Vaiel furiously type on the keyboard then stopped, takes a sip of her coffee and read off the screen.

"Ok, according to this, a player name Cani used fire to kill 58 goblins right after the event was announced. No one saw it because it was the middle of the night. I am guessing Cani sets up a trap for the goblins and coincidentally got top score for the event without realizing it. I can't access any more information in regards to this unless I get a warrant from court."

"You want me to give an official response on the forum?" 

"Ya, just tell them everything was legit and there was nothing wrong and they are just a bunch of whiny bitches.............. Don't put that in the post."

"Hahaha, consider it done boss."

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