Authors note:
Here is the promised Q&A. I am finally free this weekend of any work. hopefully I can crank out 3-4 chapters to catch up a bit. 

Since there weren't that many questions, i pulled some comments from previous chapters

Q: she chose elf. 
"After all, I like to play as myself in the game."
is in real world she is an Elf ??

A:Yep. Our "earth" was created by Elves as a simulation program. Humans are imaginary. Elves are real.
The elves created this game and has been living among humans for thousands of years. The history that we know of is the West Server (Hitler and Stalin happened. It didn't in the East Server). The East Servers can be seen as our parallel universe where this story takes place.

Q:So he is an NPC who became a gamer?

A: In short, he is a bugged existance which the program treats him as both a player and a NPC. Just like how schrodinger's  cat is both alive and dead at the same time. I chose this in particular so I can be flexible when I am writing about the MC. If I need him to be a player, he can be a player. If I need him to be a NPC, he can be a NPC. 

Qundefined goblin don't have night vision ? i thought they have because the like live in dungeon or cave and become more strong when night comes, is not that what the setting for monster in Virtual Reality right?

A: No they don't have night vision. When I started writing this, I want ALL abilities to be rare. Normally speaking, an individual NPC would get a maximum of 3 abilities throughout their life time while players can get up to 10. The more abilities you currently have, the harder it is to get more abilities. Of course, if I find the need to add more abilities than that, I can give them an ability as a racial trait. Since goblins are at the bottom of the food chain, I didn't set any racial trait for them.  Yet.
In short:
Racial Traits -> Born with the ability if you are that race. Extremely Hard to get. Changes on the genetic level.
Racial Culture -> High Chance you will be taught the ability by the elders if you are of that race. Easily obtained if you are someone that can influence everyone. Not subjected to the ability cap.
Individual ability -> Gained through repetitive action. Can be taught to others. The more ability an individual have, the harder it is for him/her to learn new abilities.

Which reminds me, there are some parts that I really don't like and contradicted how I want the story to progress(I am looking at you dragoon jump, he gained an ability too easily and too fast.). I will probably do a massive rewrite at some point.

Q: Is stat increase possible or is that set?

A:Yes and no. What ever you are born with, that number is set. Just like in real life, there are people that are just born with talents. Lets take strength for example. There are people that are just born strong. If you are weak, you can increase your strength temporary by exercising. By doing exercise, you will gain a fading buff. After a year or 2, if you skimp out of exercising,  you will return to your default strength. You can also increase this number with magic equipment. This point will be elaborated a little more in future chapters.

Q: will the mc evolve into something more humanlike 'like the lord in re:monster)

A: Nope, no spontaneous evolution in this story (Wait, why is it called evolution anyway? sudden mutation is more accurate). He will become something else though. I think I have given enough hints how it will happen. It will be a logical conclusion on how the story progress.

Q: Will females ever lose their penis' ?

A: Nope. They are based on the spotted hyenas. Though if I could have turned back the time, I would have chosen gnolls instead of goblins. Its too late now. I spent the money on the commission my avatar and book cover already =="

Q:Is a new chapter ever going to come out

A: It just did.

Anyway I am going to start on Chapter 15. Hopefully I can finish before I go to sleep tonight. Expect several chapters to come out this weekend unless I get too absorbed into reading translated WN and LN.

Once again thanks for reading and keep asking questions.

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