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Chapter 13- Halt and Catch Fire


Authors Note:
FUCK ME Sideways. Work has been brutal. School was worst. 

Sorry for the huge hiatus. I think I forgot how to write a story as well. Oh well, lets hope this isn't as bad as I think it is.

Day  17 (Night)
***Mountain Range***


"Everyone understand their roles?"

          I looked at my meager force of 34 goblins. Only 10 of them were equipped with spears. All the other goblins were holding sticks. Any goblins that could not fight headed towards the bear cave as a precaution in case we lost the fight. If we were to fought head to head, we will lose for sure. Luckily, we have already laid our traps in advance. However, even with the traps, our victory was not guaranteed. There were still a lot of variables for this war, but this was our only chance to defend our home. Even though my home is literally shit hole in the wall, it was the only thing I have in this new world, and I am damn sure that no one will steal it from me.

"Everyone is ready, my lord." Queenie replied.

          Putting on my new hooded leather armor, made from the bear skin. I raised my spear, pointing at the sky.


""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""YES! MY LORD!""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

          My attacked force started to head south towards our home filled with enemies. We were about 1 hours of walking away from our target. Fearing that they have stationed some scouts around the premise, we covered ourselves with mud and grass for camouflage. I also split everyone up in squads of 5 and have them use basic tactic to advance, carefully scouting and covering for other squad. In the short few days that we had to prepare, I taught them basic hand signals so that we can sort of communicate without making a sound. Who knew watching all those cop movies would be so helpful.

          After about an hour, we finally reached our enemy infested home. We all lay prone in the grass and crawled towards the cave entrance.  I saw that there were only 2 goblins from the other tribe guarding the entrance. Luckily I don't think they have noticed us yet, as I saw one of them stretches and yawned. They weren't alert at all. This is very good for us.

          I signaled Queenie and 2 other goblins with spears to come to the front with me. I also signal everyone else to stay put and look out for patrolling enemies. Looking up at the sky, the moon shone brightly like a prison spotlight at night, searching for an escaped prisoner. It was simply too bright to proceed with the plan. I signaled the 3 goblins with me to hold position and wait for a better timing. Hopefully, a chance will appear before the break of dawn. If not, our plan will be a lot riskier.


*Knock Knock*

          An blond female elf's head poke out from behind the door.

"Fin, do you want me to wait for you? You need ride home tonight?"

"Nah, you go ahead and head home first. I have got to finish setting up for the first gm event for our players."

"I don't think I heard anything about this. What's it about?"

"Aenwyn, you have got to start reading the company memos. It is a low level standard goblin extermination event near the Welleborn Mountain Range. We are using this to test the event generator to make sure it's working as intended before we try anything more complicated."

"Are you sure you don't want me to wait for you?"

"Yes, this will take me at least another 2 hours or so. You should head home and enjoy your night. I will just take the public transit home"

"I don't understand you. With your salary, you can easily afford a very nice car. Why don't you get one?"

"All I can say is that I am a terrible driver. I crashed too many times and I don't think I can afford the insurance anymore."

"You can probably hire a driver."

"If I can't afford the insurance, I am pretty sure I can't afford a personal driver as well. I am not that rich."

"Isn't the CEO from Captivate Inc. that makes all the immersion tech hardware your boyfriend? Can't you just get him to hire you one?"

"We are just close friend from the university, Aenwyn. I don't know how many times I have tell people that." Fin'Vaiel replied with a sigh.

"Just bag him for yourself already! He is like the perfect bachelor! You are not going to stay 1000 years old forever."

"Have a good night, Aenwyn."

          Fin'Vaiel puts on her headphones and turned her attention back to her computer, ignoring everything Aenwyn is trying to say.

Day  17 (Night) 
***Cani's Cave***


          Finally, after 2 hours of lying on the ground, a large cloud patch covered up bright moon and everything became dark. From my estimation, there were only about an hours before the sun rise. We need to hurry up before it happens. I signaled Queenie and the 2 spear carrying goblins to crawl towards the ground beneath the cave entrance. Even though there were only about 100 meters between where we started, it felt like an eternity to crawl towards our goal. Every inch we move forward, I feared that we would get detected. I even try to move only when there is a breeze so that the sound of the wind would cover the sound of us scuffling along the forest floor. Luckily it was a windy night so were able to approach at a faster speed than I have anticipated.

          When we reached the ground directly beneath the cave entrance, Queenie and I scaled the steep wall, inching our way towards the 2 goblins that were on the look out. The 2 other goblins stuck the spear into the ground with the pointy side facing the sky and used their body to brace it. When we reached the top, they were still focused on watching far into the forest. They have no idea that we were directly underneath them. We slowly reach out our hand towards the 2 guard goblin's ankle. I looked at Queenie to make sure she is ready for what is about to happen. She gave a quick nod. I replied with a nod of my own to start the count down.


          Both of us grab the ankle with lightning speed and pulled the 2 guard goblins down from where they stand, throwing them towards the spear that was waiting for them. They didn't even have time to let out a scream before the spear pierced their lungs and became a goblin shish kebob. Both of them let out a small whimper before they expired.  The 2 spear goblins removed the bodies and set them aside.

            Seeing that we have dealt with the guard, Queenie and I pull ourselves onto the ledge with the intent to fight. We planned for the worse case scenario where there were other guards. Luckily it seems that it was not the case. There were no other guards. I signaled the all of my attack force to start working. Like a well oiled machine, all the goblins with spears set themselves in 2 rows of fives underneath the cave and stuck their spears into the ground, forming an impromptu spike trap. 2 goblins grabbed the spear on the floor dropped by the dead guard and joined the formation as well. A goblin starts a fire with his sticks and made a  torch. Like an Olympic torch bearer, they ran up the ramp and handed me the torch to me.

"Go burn in hell."

            I threw the torch into our cave. The dry grass on the ground quickly caught on fire and spreads deeper into the cave. Normally, it would have spread out towards the exit, but I confirmed that the air flow always runs inward. It was most likely due to the underground river that we use as a washroom.   Another goblin handed my spear to Queenie. She was to be stationed at the top of the ramp. Since she is still the strongest out of all of us, she would act as a bouncer. Any that try to escape down the ramp would be pushed down the cliff into our "goblin spike trap".

          Screams starts to sound in the cave.







        A few goblin shot out of the cave entrance like a cannon ball. The cannon balls became skewered meat, and our goblin spike trap grew larger. A few goblins try to run down the ramp as well, but they were promptly bumped off the cliff by Queenie and into spikes down below.

        We let the fire inside cave completely burn out before heading inside. Everything was charred blacked. I took a step into the cave and nearly vomited. The smell of burnt flesh was quite overwhelming. I signaled everyone with a spear to head into the cave, making sure that there were no survivors. The goblins without spears started to drag charred bodies to throw them out. It seems that an enemy survived by hiding in the washroom. She was dragged out and made to kneel before me. Standing in front of the cave with the sun rising behind me, everyone looked at me like I was some kind of deity.

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