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Chapter 12- First Raid

Day 14
***Cani's Cave***


           Queenie jumped up from her slumber after hearing a scream. Not usually the one to sleep in late, she did not sleep well last night. It was because she was used to sleeping on the smooth flat platform instead of the rocky, dusty ground. She rushed outside and found Cani pacing back and forth in the cave entrance.


          A murderous intent emanated like a wave of daggers towards everyone near Cani. Everyone within a close distant fell onto their knees. Even the battle harden queen had weak knees and barely was able to stand up. She wobbled towards Cani.

"W-what is h-happening?"

            Finally realize everyone was affected by the blood lust, Cani closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down and explained to Queenie what has happened.

"One of our scout report back that another goblin tribe is attacking us."

          Queenie has mixed feelings. On one hand, she is just as angry that the other goblins are attacking them. On the other, her heart was soothed to know that she has passed on the role of the leader into the right hands, someone that cares deeply about her tribe. If it was any other male goblin, they would have most likely ran away in cowardice at the first news of the attack. An unfamiliar feeling strengthened inside Queenie. First time in her life, she wants to be with Cani, and no one else. Female goblins, especially an alpha, usually takes in more than one mate at the same time. However, with Cani, it felt as if there was no need for any other males. If she could have him, it would make her feel complete. Queenie pondered the feeling a bit before realizing there is more important tasks at hand as Cani questioned the scout about the details.

"Which direction are the forces coming from and how many days till their attack forces gets here?"

"The forces came from a cave south of us, around 6 days of travel. I should have a 2 day lead from their troop. However, I don't know if they traveled at night like I did. It could be less"

"How many goblins does their forces have?"

"About 60 of them, all of them female and armed with spears."

"How many goblins do they have left in the whole tribe?"

"I think 120 of them? It could be more."

          After hearing this, a few of the goblins groaned in despair. The attack force alone has more female goblins then their whole tribe. Not to mention, they are all armed with spears.

"How do we differentiate between within our tribe and their tribe."

"Their skin is slightly darker than ours."

"You have done well, go to the sleeping quarter and take a quick rest. You have earned it. We will wake you up when we need you."

         The scout obeyed and disappeared into the sleeping quarter. Cani closed his eyes in deep thought. After a good 5 minute of silence and contemplation, he opened his eyes, licked his finger, points it cave ceiling, and gave a sinister grin.

"Tell everyone to drop what they are doing immediately and gather around.  This will be a massacre."

          After Queenie gathered everyone on the forest floor, Cani started to explain the situation.

"Another goblin tribe is attacking us in 2 days. They have a superior number of female goblins and equipment."

          The crowd became unruly with that news. Queenie knew that she needed to take control of the situation quickly.


           Everyone became silence from the banshee's scream. Cani continued.

"If everyone follows my instruction, no one will die, except our enemies. First, have the goblins that cannot fight head north. This include any injured, disabled or pregnant goblins. To our north is a small cave about 2 days travel. Stay there until we send someone to tell you to come back. 4 of the goblins will move most of our food supply out of the cave, but make sure you leave something behind. Everyone else, gather as much dry grass, leaves and wood as you can."

Day 16 (Night)
***Cani's cave***
***Goblin Attack Force Captain***

          By the time the attack force has reached the cave, the sun was no longer visible in the sky. It has set behind the mountain range. There was still an orange glow but night was rapidly approaching. The tension was high within the force as they are ready to launch the attack against their neighbor. Everyone gripped their spears until their knuckles turned light green. They saw a goblin running towards them.



"There are no signs of anybody from this tribe in forest or in the cave. I think they have evacuated."

"They must of escaped when they hear about our attack. Smart choice. Our only aim was to capture more living space for our tribe."

         The captain commanded half of the troops guard the forest floor while the other half would follow him to explore the cave. Cautiously, the troops walked up the steep path to cave entrance, wary of a surprise attack or traps. Once they have entered the cave, they slowly explored each room. They found that the cave is completely devoid of life.

"Captain! There is no one in the cave."

"They must of been really scared of us and not want us to pursue after them. They even left fresh bedding all over the cave and even a small deer to feast on to make sure we stay in this cave."

"What are your orders captain?"

"Station 5 of us to guard in case they come back and try to assault us during the night. The rest of you, get in here and enjoy a nice meal and rest. Tomorrow, I will send someone back with the news that we have captured the cave and have some of us move into this cave."

            Putting her spear on the floor, the captain laid down on the fresh bedding of dry grass and leaves.

"Easiest victory of my life."

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