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Chapter 11 - (Null)

Day 13
***Unknown Cave***
***                   ***

"And Queenie, that is why we need names."

"As you command." she replied with enthusiasm.

          When I started the explanation about the idea about naming, she wasn't too thrilled, thinking that it was just something trivial. But when I mentioned names are needed for a bigger tribe, she immediately paid attention to every word I said. The tribe is small enough that everyone can get by without a name right now,  but once the tribe is big enough, it will create confusion. At least I know how to get Queenie to do something for me now. All I have to do is mention "Bigger tribe" and she will do anything.

"Also, it will prevent accidental incest, since if you have the same family name, you are probably too close related to mate.

"What is incest?"

"It means that you mate with someone close to you within your family."

"Is that a problem?"



          I should have seen this coming. The goblins are like throwing every single weird kinky Japanese fetish into a single race. Can I just deal with some normal stuff when it comes to sex in this world? Please? Just one time? I rubbed my temple from the migraine. I am having none of this shit. I contemplated a bit before declaring a decree in my loudest voice.

"This is the first decree. No goblin shall mate with their immediate family. The goblin god told me that by not mating with your immediate family, he will bless our tribe with strength." 

          No one dared to object my decree when I threw the goblin god's name in there. Since I am aiming to expand our tribe, we needed to put a naming system in place. Our current population is about 40 goblins, with a new litter coming in approximately 2 weeks later. In order for me to name everyone, I had to develop a naming system from scratch. First I had the 4 eldest goblins come forth. I asked them about their mates and off springs in order to determine the family tree. By the time I finished, I realized that it would have been more accurate if I called it the family web. Next, I gave the 4 elder goblins each a family name: Garland, Kefka, Sephiroth, Edea. It turns out, I was a Kefka. Then, I assigned all the other goblin under each elder's family name and a random first name. By the time I was done, it was night already and I was both physically and mentally exhausted. I decided to head to bed without dinner. Out of old habit, I headed towards the maternity cavern to sleep. I was quickly escorted to the sleeping quarter and told that I was supposed to sleep on the leader's platform. I was too tired to argue. I laid down and used my Ki'th as a blanket. Finally, I can get a good night sleep without worrying about predators.

"I know I have forgotten to do something important, but I can't remember what it is. Oh well, since I forgot about it, it can't be too important."

Day 14
***Unknown Cave***
***           ***

"Shit, I messed up."

          Upon checking my stats to figure out what the new abilities are, I found that I messed up.

Personality #29A
Occupation:Goblin KingTitle:Giant Slayer
Abilities:Gamer's Mind, Marksmanship, Gazelle Punch, Dragoon Jump

          I knew I forgot to do something. I didn't finish declaring my name. Instead of the question marks, now it is just blank.

"No problem, I can fix this. All I have to do is to declare my name again to everybody."

          I toyed with the menu a bit since I couldn't see the newly gained goblin tribe abilities. After a while, I finally found it. By focusing on the Race: Goblin, I was able to access a sub menu and find out what religious fanaticism does.

Goblin Race Abilities:None
Goblin Tribe Abilities:Cooking, Designation, Religious Fanaticism

Religious Fanaticism:Activate: Gains Berserk (Double STR. Auto-attack anything that is non-friendly). Duration is proportional to the number of believers in your same religion.

         After I was done playing with with the menu, I walked out to the entrance of the cave and found most of the goblins had woken up already. Some of them were cooking their their breakfast, others were repairing their Ki'th. Which reminds me, I need to get them to make my Ki'th into something wearable. Seeing that almost everybody is here, I called for everybody's attention.

"After a night of thinking. I have decided that from now on, I shall be known as..."

          A goblin bursts out of the forest seemingly out of no where.

"LEADER! The other other goblin tribe is mounting an attack on us!" 

"Can I get a fucking break for fuck's sake!"

         As soon as I said that, I stood in terror as I realized what I have done.

Personality #29A
Name:Cani KefkaRace:Goblin
Occupation:Goblin KingTitle:Giant Slayer
Abilities:Gamer's Mind, Marksmanship, Gazelle Punch, Dragoon Jump

"God damn it. Lets try this again. I shall be known as Slobad."

"System Error: Maximum free renaming attempts reached. Please visit our main webpage for details on paid renaming service."


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