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Chapter 8- PvE

Day 7
***Unknown Cave***

        If anyone walked into this scene not knowing anything,  they would have thought that we just finished having sex. I was on the ground bare naked and the queen lying on top of me, both of us drenched in sweat. I rolled the queen off of me while panting heavily like a dog to catch my breath. Some of the female goblins carried the queen and laid her on the platform. Nobody knew what to do. No one even considered the possibility that the queen would lose. Everyone just sat there in awkward silence, waiting for the queen to wake up. I stood up and spit out blood.

"Damn it. She did a number on me."


"What happened?"

"You lost, ma'am. You were knocked out."

         She glared into my eyes. She cannot believe that it happened, especially when she is barely scratched and my cheeks were swollen from the punches. She looked at other goblins, pleading them to refute my lies, but everyone stayed silent. Finally accepting her defeat, she took a deep breath, collected her thoughts and replied.

"I will submit to you, male goblin. Strength is absolute."

         All the goblin gasped. In all of their short life, no one would have thought that a queen will submit to a male goblin. It was unheard of in their clan

         "However, you have not proven yourself to be worthy with a successful hunt. You do not have your own Ki'th to cover yourself."

         She pointed at my nether region. As a reflex, I covered my junk. I have been walking around stark naked.  Is it bad that I am used to walking around naked? I guess it is the same as a nudist colony. After a while, you just don't think about it anymore.

"You are exiled from the tribe until you have completed the hunt for your own Ki'th. Bring back something worthy. May the goblin god guide you."

         She motioned another goblin for her crude spear. After she grabbed it, she descended from her platform. She handed her spear to me  firmly and whispered in my ear.

"Come back alive, my mate."

       Dumbfounded at what the queen said, I was lead out of the cave.

Day 9
***Unknown Forest***

"Why does this keeps happening to me? I don't want these flags!" I lamented. "And why the hell did they got the hots for me after I beat them? First the twin, now the S&M queen? Is this why the guys that do domestic violence gets the girls, while I, mister pacifist, gets to be forever alone?"

         A few days ago, I was exiled from the tribe. When Annie and Simone learned about it, they wanted to follow me into the exile. Of course, I did not allow either them follow me. I don't want to feel guilty if something happened to them. After about an hour of convincing, they finally let me go with a pout. After leaving the tribe, I wandered north following the mountain foot so that I would not lose my way back to the cave. I have considered leaving the tribe permanently and just try to find another settlement. After a bit of thinking, I decided that it was a bad idea. First, I may never find a settlement since I have no idea where I am headed. Second, even if I did find another settlement, there is no guarantee that they will treat a naked goblin nicely. And lastly, even if they treat me right, I would not be guaranteed to get a job of some sort to sustain myself.

"Uggg, I don't know how to hunt. What should I do?"

         I have been sustaining myself with nuts and berries, with some occasional larvae. I tried to catch some rabbits, but they were simply too fast to catch alone. Even if I did catch them, I doubt that I can go back to the tribe with just that. The queen said that I needed to bring back "something worthy". I highly doubt that rabbits are considered worthy. I believe what she means by worthy would be something like bringing back a wolf. Since she have a cape made of wolf pelt, it would make sense that she would expect me to bring back something similar. I doubt that I can hunt down a wolf though, since wolves always lives in a pack.

"It's almost evening, I better start making my camp."

         I collected some twigs and dry leaves to create a simple tent against a tree. The tent will protect me from the elements. After that, I gathered the necessary material to make a campfire. Even though I have no meat to cook, A campfire is extremely important because it keeps away other predators while I sleep. As I build the bases for a fire pit, I heard something behind me.


       I grabbed my spear that was laying beside me and scurried away from the camp site to put a tree in between me and the general direction of the growl. Gradually, I peaked out to see what made that noise. It was  grizzly bear.

"Oh god, I don't remember if I should run away or play dead!"

         Luckily, it seemed that the bear didn't notice me. It climbed up a small cliff and headed into a cave. Seeing that the bear was not after me, I let out a sigh of relief.

"There is no way I can take that down if it came after me... or can I?"

         I have finally found something worthy. It is the classic definition of David versus Goliath. Even though the bear is nearly 4 times as tall as I am, with some cunning plans, I believe I can take it down. Even if I am only armed with a crude spear, I believe I have a chance. I am sick and tired of wandering around the forest. It is kind of funny, but you don't know what you have got until it is gone. I miss the latrine, I miss the easy access of food, and most surprisingly, I miss the body warmth of sleeping in a group. Even if I died here, I will most likely respawn. I might even respawn as a human if I am lucky enough. It is a win-win situation. I quickly finished starting the camp fire, ate some berry and rested. I will need to be well rested for what is going to happen tonight.

Day 9 (Night)
***Outside of a bear cave***

         I woke up in the middle of the night. The sky was completely devoid of any clouds. The moon was hanging in the sky with a billion stars. My campfire was still roaring. I made sure that I had put enough fuel log for it to last through the night. I stripped some bark from a nearby tree and tied it on a stick, making a torch. Even though the I can see clearly in the dark because of the moon right now, I don't know how deep the cave goes and where the bear is. If it is as deep as our tribe's food storage cavern, I would not be able to see at all. There is no way I can fight a bear without seeing it.

         Armed with a torch, a few sharpened stick, a few pebbles and my spear, I  scaled the small cliff to the entrance of the cave. The bear made it look easy when it climbed the cliff. But for me that is much smaller, it was exhausting. After I entered the cave, I stopped to catch my breath. After laying down everything on the ground, I sat down to meditate for a bit. Since I cannot afford to make any noise, I had to make sure my breathing and heartbeat is  slow enough. As I meditate, I ran through my plans a few more times in my mind to make sure I know what needs to be done. I whispered as I open eyes.

"I am ready." 

         I picked back up all my belongings. I started my descent into the cave. Every step I take was extremely slow. I had to make sure that I have a secure footing so that I don't trip and fall. It took about 10 minutes of slow walking but I finally found the bear, sleeping without a care. I placed the torch and spear on the floor, and armed myself with sharpened sticks, one in each hand. Gathering the last of my courage, I inched my way to the head of the bear. I aimed the 2 sharpened stick at the bear's sleeping eyes. After taking a deep breath, I made up my mind the attack the bear. I jumped up, and stabbed downwards, skewering it’s eyes.

        It roared in pain. Clawing at its face, it dislodged the 2 sticks from it's eyes. The attack was clearly effective as it's eyes were flowing a river of blood. Seeing that my attack was successful, I scrambled back to a safe distant and picked up my spear. The bear was wildly clawing at the air, trying to swipe down who ever attacked it.  I threw some stones at it to anger the bear further so that it will to chase me. I need the bear outside of the cave. It would be suicide if I tried to fight it inside the cave. There is simply not enough room to dodge any attacks. I would probably die from one swipe of the bear.

"Hey, Smokey! Come and get some!"

         The ears perked up. It realized where I am and charged at the source of the sound. In a blind rage, it ran into the cavern walls, but it was determined to kill me. I ran towards the exit making loud noises as I go. Finally, when I reached the exit, I took a small sidestep on the ledge. The bear shot out of the cave like a cannon ball and fell off the cliff onto the forest floor.

         Clumsily, it  got back up on all four. Seeing everything was according to plan, this was the moment that I was waiting for. I grabbed my spear with both of my hands until my knuckles were white, aimed at the bear's neck and took a leap of faith. The tip of spear pierces its skin. Blood starts to squirt every time the bear move. Good news is that the bear is hurt. The bad news is that the bear is not dead.


"You got to be shitting me, it is still not dead?"

         Standing on the back of the bear, I tried to pull the spear out of the bear's neck. It was stuck in the wound pretty deep. The bear shook it's body to get me off it's back. I tried to hold on to the mechanical bull ride, but I was thrown off like a rag doll. I landed hard against a tree.

         A large gash opened on my forehead where I slammed into the tree. A little dazed, I struggled to stand up. I have no idea how to finish this fight. I didn't plan for it to survive the spear to the neck. The bear is just too big for any other attack to be effective. The bear danced around in the moonlight on his hind legs, swiping at a nonexistent enemy. I eyed the small cliff and I knew what I need to do to finish this. Wiping blood away from my eyes, I grabbed a branch that was lying on the ground and wobbled towards to cliff.

"I just need a little bit more."

         With a stick in my hand, I started to climb. I clung on to the edge of the with both of my hands. When I tried to pull myself up, the blood caused one of my hands to slip and lose me grip. Hanging on with 1 hand, I was barely able to stabilize myself with my feet. After much struggle, I finally got back up on the cliff side. Standing on cliff, I finally met the bear at eye level. I waited for him to miss his swipe. This was my last chance. I can feel myself losing conciseness from the blood loss.


         I gasped for air while I yelled out to grab the attention of the blinded bear so that it would face me.


         I jumped up and stabbed the branch straight into the open mouth of the roaring bear. It lost balance and fell backwards landing on its back. It pushed the spear that was stuck on the back of it's neck straight through it's throat, barely missing my by and inch. The spear became a flag declaring my victory against a mighty foe. Losing a bit too much blood, I fainted in triumphant on the soft belly of the dead bear.

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