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Chapter 6- Newbie

***Day 6***
***Unknown Cave***

" I don't remember falling asleep in this position."

                    Like the past few days, I woke up before all the other children before the sun rose. I found Andrew and Simon lying next to me, using my shoulder as a pillow. For some reason, those 2 have grown attached to me. Andrew and Simon were the two goblins that used my ear as a rope for the tug-o-war.

"Are these 2 going to be my childhood friend flag? Can I hit it off with another race instead, one without a penis? I am not into futa!" I sighed,

               A couple of days ago, I learned about goblin anatomy the hard way. It annoyed the hell out of me. Originally, I didn’t want anyone else to find out that I can talk yet, in case I would be labeled as a freak of nature. But finally, I caved in and spoke to the blue-haired caregiver. She wasn’t surprised that I could speak. It turns out goblins have some sort of genetic memory that allows for us to learn how to talk pretty much right out of the womb. Goblins are much like the spotted hyenas. All female urinates, copulates and gives birth using their pseudo-penis, which is called a "Nara". Compared with a male penis, which is known as a "Dara," a Nara is a lot thicker. For the first time in my life, I am glad that I have a small penis. I couldn't tell the difference before, but I confirmed that there were 3 girls in my litter: Andrew, Simon, and Philip.

"I need to rename them. I think Annie, Simone, and Phyllis would be nice replacements."

               She also taught me about other stuff about the goblins. It is a matriarchy govern by a single alpha female.  All females also automatically dominate over any male goblins since males are weaker than a female. I am an anomaly since I am stronger than everyone one else in the litter, including the girls. Our caretaker said that she will bring this up with the alpha female when she comes back with all the other males from the hunt tomorrow. They went out on a hunt. Anticipating for the food shortage due to the birth of the new litter. That was the reason I didn't see any male goblins up till now.

               I carefully slid out of the clutches of Annie and Simone, making sure that I don't wake them up. Heading out of the maternity, I turned around to took a good look at the cavern. Tonight was going to be the last night we will be sleeping here. We have matured enough that we will be considered as an adult by tomorrow. We will need to move to the main sleeping quarter, making the maternity available for the next litter. With a little luck, one of my kids will be raised in the very same maternity. With a lot of luck, I would able to meet some other race and have a kid somewhere else. I do not appreciate my wife having a bigger dick than me.

"I hope that interracial relationship works in this game."

               Feeling famished, I decided to grab breakfast. We were only allowed to eat larvae, bugs, nuts, and berries. If we wanted to eat meat, we would need to prove ourselves worth by having a successful hunt.  I started to feel a bit adventurous and wanted to taste some meat this morning. You can only take so many days of eating worms.

"Disney lied, there is no way a Simba can grow up on these."

               I would need to steal some meat out of the food storage, head down to the forest floor, make a campfire and cook the meat. I need to do all that without getting caught by any adults. I was like one of the prisoners escaping out of the Alcatraz Prison. Taking a quick peek outside the maternity cavern, I checked that the sun hasn't come up yet. The timing is crucial to the plan. After that, I tiptoed deeper into the tunnel. Passing the sleeping quarter, I heard loud snores reverberating off the walls.

"Good, this should cover any sounds that I accidentally make."

               Heading deeper into the tunnel, I can no longer see anything. The night stars that lit my way to this point no longer reflects on the wall. The darkness cannot hinder my determination to taste me. I put my hand against the wall so that it can lead me to the food storage.


               I tripped head first through the food storage entrance, and my hand landed on something.

"Okay, this feels like a pile of nuts. If I remember correctly from my previous scouting, the meat should be the right side of this pile."

               Slowly and blindly, I started to feel the flesh in the dark. I need to take something small so that I can hide it quickly and cook it fast.

"Nope, too big, this is probably a deer. This feels small enough;  I think it is a rabbit? Nah they didn't skin this yet. Ah, here we go, a feathered chicken.”

           I grabbed the featherless chicken by the neck. Slowly but steadily, I head back towards the maternity. As soon as I could see again, I bolted. I knew I don't have much time before the sunrise.

          When I reached the entrance of the maternity, I slowed down to catch my breath. I had to make sure that I don't alert the night watch guards stationed at the entrance to the cave. I started to tiptoe back into the maternity when suddenly, I noticed the sun began to rise.  It was time for the shift change. I quickly threw the chicken in between a rock near the entrance and the maternity cave's wall. Soon, one of the guards noticed me and turned around.

"Aren't you awake a little bit too early, kid?"

"I needed to pee."

         I yawned and rubbed my eye, acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary. She gave me a light pad on my bald goblin head.

"Go back to sleep."

          I head back into the maternity slowly, still pretending to be half awake. The two guards started to head into the tunnel. As soon as the two guards walked past the maternity entrance, I picked up the chicken and headed out of the goblin cave. I hear the guards of the next shift behind me.

"Shit, I don't have time to walk down the path. They will see me for sure."

         Seeing I have no choice, I threw the chicken down the mountain and slid down the steep slope of the mountain. Using my right hand, I held on to the wall to slow down my descent. When I reached the forest floor, I did a quick visual check of my body to make sure my injuries was nothing major. Other than a few bruises on my leg, my palm had a minor abrasive wound. I whispered under my own breath to assure myself.

"This is worth it. We are almost there."

          I need to find a place where they won't see the fire. Picking back up the featherless chicken, I walk north alongside the mountain. This way, when I need to head home, all I need to do is head south and follow the mountain. I didn't want to be totally lost by walking into the forest.

         I had walked a good 15 minute before I found a small clearing for my campfire. This should be far enough from the goblin cave. I tried to recall how to make a campfire from my days when I was a boy scout. I did all the preparation work needed to start a fire: laying the fire bed, collected tinder, kindling and firewood from the forest. It took me a while but I finally began to rub 2 stick together.

"This is a lot harder than what they show in the movies."

         After about another 15 minutes of rubbing, I finally got the tinder glowing. I blew on the tinder gently to increase the glow. Then, I gently lay the tinder on top of the kindling. As soon as the kindling is on fire, I celebrated because, from this point forward, it will be easy. I keep adding kindling to the fire and finally I added firewood. At this stage, the fire started to roar. Seeing that the fire stabilized, I finally turned my attention to the chicken. I use my finger to pry open its rib cage and gutted out the intestines. I stick the gutted chicken at the end of a stick started to cook the chicken. I waited patiently as the meat begins to sizzle and slowly become golden brown, drooling a bit in the process.


"Who is there!"

         I turned and yelled when I heard something behind me. When I turned, I came face to face with a female goblin, staring at me.


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