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Chapter 5.5- Patch Notes

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Project: Earth + Patch 2.13


               Welcome to the new expansion for Project: Earth +. Now enjoy the new contents in  Project: Earth as magic literally comes to life. We have programmed the Recurrent Neural Network to create a new type of ability: Magic. A world reset will also occur. You can use all of your existing abilities that you have earned in the new world. The server maintenance downtime ends on 12:00 am. After that, you will be able to enjoy the new content.

               If you don't like magic and would like to experience our game more grounded in reality, we are offering free server transfer to the West servers until the end of the year. The West servers will not have the "Plus" contents implemented for the rest of its lifetime. We have managed to link the database of the East server and the West servers, so you would not need to worry about losing your data crystals and abilities. Please see your account page for more details.

General Balance Change:


  • New abilities available under the Magic Category

  • All Magic abilities use WIS as checks instead of INT

  • MP bar added


  • Reduce life expectancy from 67 years to 59 years.

All other race:

  • All old race are now available to be chosen as starting race

  • New races are unlockable by selecting a race at random or completing unique world quest lines.

Bug fixes:

  • Future changes made to the Recurrent Neural Network now does not need to accompany by a world reset.

  • Fixed a bug which causes Déjà vu whenever a change is implemented.

Project: Earth Patch 1.54


               To alleviate server traffic problems, we have acquired a new server on the west coast. Everything is duplicated including current players' skills and data crystals. The server transfer service is free until next month. If you wish to transfer your account to the west coast servers, please see your account page for details.

Project: Earth Patch 1.53


               The players have spoken. There will not be a world reset. Humans will be automatically be chosen at the start. We have also implemented a new mechanic. There are now different races for humans. Each race will have a different starting point. Future balances and fixes will be done through GM Events where unique items and data crystals will be given out to balance each race. All in-game history in regards to the removed race is now relabeled as mythology so that buggy data crystals will not spawn from them. Please see our event page for details.

Project: Earth Patch 1.52 December 5, 20496


         Due to a bug exploitation using the world item “The Tower of Babel”, all other races except for humans is now extinct. Players cannot choose any race other than humans as a starting character since there are no births for all other race. Unfortunately due to the coding of Project: Earth, we are not able to make any changes to the system without resetting the world since this is an item generated by the Recurrent Neural Network. If we reset the world, all data crystals and all abilities will be lost for all players. We have posted a vote on the main page to decide the fate of the world. The voting process will last for a month. Again, Fin'Dictive Gaming Studio apologizes for the inconvenience. Please see our main page for details.
General Balance Changes:

  • Removed world item “The Tower of Babel.”

Project: Earth Patch 1.51


         Due to a change in the law in regards to Dive Technology and sexual assaults, all activities that occur in the game will be recorded. These record cannot and will not be accessed by anyone unless a warrant from the courts for these data is issued. Sexual assaults against another player within the game will be treated as if the crime was committed in real life. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for details.

Project: Earth Patch 1.50


         Fin'Dictive Gaming Studio presents the world's first DiveMMORPG! Dive Technology allows you to have full immersion virtual reality experience while playing the game! Play as yourself or a multitude of other fantasy races, such as dwarves, humans and many more! The game contents, which includes events, abilities, NPC, and quests are 100% generated by the game's internal Recurrent Neural Network. Even our development team don't know how this game will turn out. Join thousands of other players to complete the community goal of reaching a population of 10 billion to unlock even more contents! Now DIVE in players! Please see our main page for details.

Project: Earth Patch 1.35 Closed Beta


         A quick reminder to all beta testers that there will be a world reset just before the official launch. Don't get too attached to your characters or abilities.

General Balance Changes:

  • Increased data crystal drop rate by 2%

  • Reworked how the Recurrent Neural Network creates, debug, and grants abilities.

  • Reworked the death penalty. It is now 1.5% chance to lose an ability, down from 2%. If you have 3 abilities or less, this penalty will not apply.

  • Reworked how heredity stats bonus are calculated.

  • You have a 1% chance to inherit their ability from EACH parent.

  • Interracial couples will now only spawn infants of one race or the other.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that affected scripts used in macros

  • Fixed an issue that could cause visual and sound effects for an ability to persist incorrectly on a target.

  • Fixed a bug which causes players to not be able to log out.

  • Fixed a bug which causes Déjà vu whenever a change is implemented.


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