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Chapter 5- Home

***Day 3***
***Unknown Cave***

         I woke up just at the break of dawn. I can see a bit of an orange sunrise reflecting into the cave from outside. All the other children were still sleeping. Looking at my arms, legs, and my third leg, I had almost doubled in size. Best of all, I feel that I was strong enough to walk once again. The growth rate for goblins is just incredible. I immediately tried to stand up and walk.


         That hurts. I fell on the rocky ground after a few steps. Walking might be a bit of an exaggeration, waddling would be a better description. I picked myself back up from the floor and heads towards the cavern exit. I wanted to see the outside world. I want to know what else is different from my old world. As I head out of the cavern, two fatigued female goblins carrying a staff taller than themselves headed towards me. My hunch is that they are the night guards, getting off their shifts. Their hair color was different from the first goblin that fed me last night. One of them was a redhead, and the other was dark green. Their ears were different too, one of them have longer ears than the other. Other than their ears and color, I cannot tell the difference between them. The three adult goblins that I have seen looks the same as each other. The same shade of skin, the same white fur around the waist the, the same exposed breast. I guess it is because they are NPC’s that they look the same.

"What if a child sees this? Wait, I am a child!"

         I initially thought that the blue haired goblin was half naked because she was in charge of nursing the children. I am guessing that being half naked is a tribal thing. Chances are the people that made this game have a different set of values when it comes to sexuality. Although it is possible that they have the same value as I do, it would be egotistical if I assumed that.

        The goblins walk past the entrance to the maternity cavern and head deeper into the cave. They were just too tired to notice even me. I stared at their ass as they walked by. I haven't acted like this ever since my girlfriend left me. After she had left, it felt like this part of me left with her.

"Argg! What is wrong with me! Why do I keep thinking about sex!"

         I have heard that people with a near death experience undergo an increase in sex drives. The survival instinct kicks in, to preserve their bloodline. Either that or goblins are just that horny. No less than three days after being born, I already experienced sexual desires. I guess this falls in line with the classical image of a goblin. I continued my journey to the outside of the cave. It took me about another 15 minutes of waddling and a couple of falls before I got to the entrance. I squinted at the sun that was staring straight at me.

"Ah sweet sunlight, I never thought I would see you again."

         The darkness was maddening. It seemed like an eternity when I was waiting for the respawn to happen. If I didn't experience this myself first hand, I would have never thought that solitary confinement was a cruel punishment. I am pretty sure that I would have gone insane if I had to stay there any longer. The cave entrance was elevated from the forest floor. The elevation was almost as tall as the pine trees.I saw a small path that leads to the forest floor it was extremely narrow. It would be dangerous for me to go down there since I don't have full control of my motor functions yet. I decided to head back to explore my "home."  Retreating into the tunnel, I saw a pair of goblinette each holding a long staff heading towards the exit. I wonder if the drapes match the carpet.

"GOD DAMN IT NOT AGAIN! Stop thinking about sex!"

"There’s a baby there."

One of them pointed at me. Understanding what she meant, the other goblinette. She took her staff and herded me back into the maternity ward.

"I'm going, I'm goi.. OW."

She walloped me on my butt cheek when I slowed downed a bit. I felt like I was a prisoner.

"Negative reinforcements on children hinders their growth!"

         I was back in the maternity cavern and watched the two guards leave. I probably should wait for all the adults to go out and explore the cave again. This small incident was a relief to me, though. I found out that I can understand their language. I knew it wasn't English, though. It was just like Rosetta Stone for this language was downloaded into my brain, and I could understand everything. I have to explore this later.

         At this point, most of the goblin children have woken up from their slumber. Those that were awake started to have a play fight with each other. Children laughter echoes in the cavern and the whole room turned into a ring for naked green midget free for all wrestling, Pretending not to see anything, I sat down in the corner and stared at the ground to avoid joining the fight. Much to my dismay, the fight chose me. One of the pairs that were fighting rolled to my corner, and I got involved.           
          For some godforsaken reason, both of them started to pull my ear. One of each side, my ears became the rope for the tug-o-war. When did I become a toy? Being at the end of my patience, I grabbed both of their arms and threw them to the ground. Taking about 3 seconds to register what happened, Both of them started to cry.

"Oh come on, I didn't even throw you that hard. Boys shouldn't cry so easily."

         There were twelve goblin children in total. In my mind, I have already named them even though I couldn't tell them apart. Since there were twelve of them, I gave them a name of the most famous twelve people group in history.

"Andrew, Bart, James one, James two, John, Thad, Mathew, Peter, Philip, Simon, Thomas... and Bob. Does that make me Jesus? Hahaha."

          Naturally, I didn’t want to name someone Judas. I don’t want to be betrayed. Speaking of which, I just noticed something that is bothering me. Every single one of the children was a boy. Where are the female children?

         After the blue haired goblin had fed us our lunch, I saw a bunch of adults scurries out of the cave. I decide that it was time to explore. Making my best impression of a ninja, I left the maternity to go deeper into the tunnels. The cavern next to the maternity is probably the sleeping quarter. The two guards that I saw on the night shift was sleeping soundly in this room. The cavern after that had a hole in the ground. I peered into the hole and saw an underground river.

"Is this our water well?"

My nose said otherwise. There was a faint smell of urine in the room. Near the end of the cavern, I saw a trickle of water running from the wall and into the hole.

"Automatic flushing toilet and a running water faucet? Aren't we civilized."

Continuing my journey, I delve deeper into the cave system. The next cavern was also the last one in our cave. There were a few corpses of rabbits, deer, and squirrels. There were also other small berries and nuts in a pile. This should be the food storage since this cavern was a lot colder compared to others.

After satisfying my curiosity about my home, I started to return to the maternity. Passing by the latrine cavern, I saw there was someone in there. He was standing in front of the hole urinating.

"This is the first time I have seen an adult male goblin. I wonder if we are ugly."

          After a good long minute, he finally finished urinating into the hole. After a quick yawn and stretching, he shakes his penis to make sure he gets the last drops out, washed his hand with the trickle of water and turned around. His hair was dark green hair, donning the same fur apron as the female goblins...

... and breasts?

He/She drowsily walks back into the sleeping quarters.

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