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Chapter 2 - New Game+


"Where in hell am I?"

        I tried to yell out, but I didn’t hear an echo from my voice. I was in the middle of a pure white void. There were no walls, ceiling, or even floor. There was no light source of any sort, but I was surrounded by nothing but a blinding white. I tried to will my wisp-like existence forward, but I couldn’t tell if I was moving. There was no visual cue that I could use as a reference. The only thing I could see was the blue menu screen counting down that remained at the same location no matter where I look.

System Message: Respawning in 10...9...

"YES! Do this mean I get to live again, right?"

System Message: Respawning in 2...1...0

System Message: Rolling race, stats and abilities for Personality #29A

Race:GoblinTribe:Stone Age
Constitution:AverageIntelligence:Below Average
Endurance:PoorCharisma:Below Average
Wisdom:Above AverageLuck:Poor

            I looked at the information presented in front of me. The status menu gave pretty a vague description of everything. I guess that there are hidden numbers which rate a stat from the lowest, poor, low, below average, average and above average. I guess that there is, at least, two more grade that is better than above average since the average grade should be right in the middle. It looks like I will live my new life as a goblin. Judging from my stats, my new life would suck. My stats were below average as a whole. Not only that, the tribe that I would be starting in will be in the stone age, which means that my survival would be reliant on physical strength. The best stat I have was wisdom, which probably wouldn’t help much. Unless I get to a position which I can lead the tribe, my ability would be useless. I wonder what my stats were like when I was a human. I had cursed at my bad luck before another blue message popped up.

System Message: Resetting memories, existing stats, and abilities..

"Wait, what?"

         I felt dread when I read the system message. Staring at the three dots at the end of the sentence, disappear in and out as if mocking me with what is to become of my memory. Not a shred of evidence that Driskoll will remain. The feeling I have is worse than learning that I was dead. Staring into the endless white void, my short life flashed before me.

My first step.

My first day at school.

My graduation.

The joy of buying my first car.

My first car accident soon after I bought the car.

Meeting my first girlfriend because of said accident. It was her fault. She crashed into me because she didn't look while changing the lane.

My first date with her and my first kiss at the theatre.

Losing my virginity in my car that night.

“Let's watch that again.”

Losing my virginity in my car that night.

My first break up. It was totally her fault; she crashed MY car into another guy's car. She dumped me for him by the end of the week. I am starting to sense a pattern here.

My first job in the supermarket.

Leaning on the chair and falling on the nail that killed me.

Learning about the whole world just a game and I am an NPC

Learning about the fact that my memory is going to be wiped

Me, having a flashback of My first step.

Me, having a flashback of my first car.... damn, it this is going in a loop?

Losing my virginity in my car that night.

             My guess is that seeing your life flashes before you is the effect of the memory wipe. The memory wipe made sense since everyone respawns and nobody remembers their previous "life". Even those that do remember what they were before they respawned, only retains a small part of it, sort of like a residual data.

System Message: Data wipe failed. Data currently in use. Reattempting 1/3

System Message: Data wipe failed. Data currently in use. Reattempting 2/3

System Message: Data wipe failed. Data currently in use. Reattempting 3/3

System Message: ERROR. Data wipe failed. Bypassing data wipe.


         I jumped around in my ethereal form in excitement when I learned the news. I felt like an innocent prisoner that was condemned to the death in the electric chair, and when he flipped the switch, the power went out. After the power comes back on, the warden runs in with a letter in hand, declaring my innocence. I gave a non-existent sigh of relieve. Not only I get to keep on being “me”, but I also get to keep all my memories intact too. Having the knowledge of the “future” is an insane cheat. I have read a lot of web novels and light novels where the main character rely on modern knowledge as a cheat. I hope I can do the same thing.

System Message: Finalizing Character Sheet...

Personality #29A
Title:N/ATribe:Stone Age
Strength:Above AverageDexterity:Average
Constitution:Above AverageIntelligence:Average
Endurance:Below AverageCharisma:Above Average
Wisdom:ExceptionalLuck:Below Average
Abilities:Leadership, Gamer's Mind

           I looked at the final character sheet in awe. I realise that it was not the same as what I have rolled before.

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