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 Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Early New Year everyone. 

I have got to be honest with you guys. The biggest reason I haven’t been posting recently is that I have a huge writer's block. I don’t really know how I want to write the whole arc. I know how I want it to end, I know what mechanics of the zombie invasion I want to use so that it stands out from all the other zombie stories. The pieces are set, but I am not quite sure how I want to connect them fluidly. 

I guess that’s what happens when you get rusty with writing. 

I wanted to keep writing something so decided to write a small filler piece.


Chapter 82- 8:59 P.M.


***July 14th, 965 A.F.***

***Dwarven Capital***



“What’s with all the ruckus outside? I can even hear it from here.”

“My Queen, the preliminary report suggest that it started with a drunken brawl that got out of hand and turned into a riot.”


    Queen Rosie yawned and stretched as she gets ready for bed after a long day of work. A team of attendant helps her changed into her silky nightgown behind a screen, getting ready for bed. On the other side of the screen, Sebas took an audible gulp before giving his report. The full moon outside the window shone on Rosie, casting a silhouette onto the screen, making Sebas uncomfortable. Sensing a bit of awkwardness from his tone, Rosie smirked and decided to play a small prank on Sebas. She started to pose seductively. Luckily for him, it is customary to respond to the queen while taking a knee. The reason for his discomfort wouldn’t be revealed to the other attendants in the room.

“Is it being dealt with? I don’t want the last day of celebration to be marred by a riot.”

“Squads has been dispatched to quell the crowd.”

“Good. I don’t want any traces of the riot when I wake up tomorrow. I will leave it in your hands.”

“As you wish.”


    Instead of his usual smooth movements, Sebas uncharacteristically sprung up quickly. He had headed towards the door before anyone noticed the abnormality in his pants. Once outside, he closed this eyes and took a deep breath to calm his racing heart. Straightening his black butler suit, he regained his composure and headed downstairs to another room in the castle. Several soldiers were sitting in the room and talking with each other. When they noticed Sebas, they immediately stood up in attention.


“Captain, what’s the situation?”

“We sent out several squads about half an hour ago, but they haven’t reported back yet.”

“I can hear the riot is still not settled. Most importantly, our Queen Rosie can hear that, too.”


       The on-duty captain fell to his knees instantly after hearing the queen's name being mentioned.


“I apologize for our incompetence, sir. I will personally assemble another squad to handle the situation.”

“Before you go…”


      Another soldier rushed in before Sebas can finish his sentence, another soldier rushed into the room to report a new situation that happened within the city.


“Sir! We have a new emergency in the outskirts of the city! Several groups have taken control of our gates! ”


       Sebas slammed his fist on a table nearby in anger. It was hard enough to shake all the items on the table.


“The riot! Everything must be a plan to distract us so that they can take control of the gates! Didn’t the Mountain’s Mouths catch wind of this planned attack? Do we know what they want?”

“We don't know anything, sir. After they had taken control of the gates, they didn’t do anything. No demands, no negotiation requests. Nothing. They didn’t even open the city gates. They just holed themselves up in the city walls.”

“The attackers, which race are they?”

“Sir, they are from multiple races.  The reports say there were Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and even a Lamia were spotted.”

“That sounds like the work of a guild of travelers. Sound the alarm. Call every soldier to report on duty. Send half to stop the riot and the other half to deal with the travelers. We need to handle this as soon as possible.”

“”””YES SIR!””””






        I prayed earnestly in my heart.


“Please be outside. Please be outside.”


         I was locked out of the city by Fin, but I was still able to log in and search around outside of the Dwarven Capital. Using my G.M. power, I flew around the city at a frightening speed looking for Ajax. This would have been so much easier if I can use my G.M. commands on Ajax to find him. I flew around the city for almost an hour already, but there was still no sign of him anywhere. If he were outside, I would have found him by now.


“Could he still be inside? Was it too late to send the warning?”


         Even if he is inside, I wouldn’t be at peace until I know Ajax is safe. I logged out and took off my custom pink virtual helmet in frustration. Pacing around my office, I tried to come up a solution. If somehow, I can get inside the city.


“Can I make an alt account? No, that wouldn’t help. The city is locked once the event started. Oh, wait… the spectator mode!”


       I jumped out of my office and head towards Fin. When I found her, she was discussing with another employee. There weren’t many people left in the room. Most of them that stayed were the ones that are working on the current event.


“All issues with the server transfers dealt with?”

“Yes mam, we wrapped up the transfer with event “The Rapture” and initiated the next season for the players that decided to stay on the west server. Since we have dropped hints of it in the world for quite a while, everyone was looking forward to the next season where the theme is “Apocalyptic Wasteland.”

“Good job. It’s pretty late now, you should head home.”


          I waited for them to finish their conversation. Fin hates it when someone interrupts her, especially when it comes to her pride and joy.



“Why are you still here? Aren’t you off the clock already?”

“Spectator mode!”

“What about it?”

“Let me view the “Raccoon” event in spectator mode. You wouldn’t have to worry about me messing up Tolkien’s even since I wouldn’t be able to do anything except look around.”

“Why are you so eager to do that? The Wyn I know would have taken off already instead of waiting here to look around at some other people’s event. What are you up to?”

“I am up to nothing. I just need some inspiration for my next event that I have in mind.”


     Fin looked at me with suspicion. After a moment of silence, she finally answered.


“Alright, I will let you use the spectator mode, but if I find out you are up to something…”

“I promise, I am up to nothing, and I will just watch.”


     Fin sat down at the nearest computer. After a few strokes of the mouse, she looked back at me.


“There you have access to the event only in spectator mode.”


     I gave a hug to Fin and rushed back into my office to put my virtual helmet back on


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