RESPAWNED: New Game Plus

by damancy

The world ended... but not really.

The current world we know is just a game made by elves.

Driskoll became a bugged NPC out of sheer coincidence and is ""respawned"" into a new world with his memories intact.

Inspired by a bunch of mangas, mostly Overlord, RE: Monsters and The Gamer

Edit: The original timeline has been split as a separate story. Please click the link below.
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Slayer of Soles

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Arc 1 Prologue- Game Over V2 ago
Chapter 1- Server Updates V2 ago
Chapter 2- New Game+ V2 ago
Chapter 3- Stage 1-1 V2 ago
Chapter 4- Player 1, Start V2 ago
Chapter 5- Home V2 ago
Chapter 5.5 - Patch Notes V2 ago
Chapter 6- Newbie V2 ago
Chapter 7- PVP v2 ago
Chapter 8- PvE V2 ago
Chapter 9- Stage Complete ago
Chapter 10- Bonus Stage ago
Chapter 11- (null) ago
Chapter 12- First Raid ago
Q and A and updates ago
Chapter 13- Halt and Catch Fire ago
Chapter 14- Loot Drops ago
Chapter 15- WINNER! ago
Chapter 15.5- Q and A ago
Chapter 16- 99 Problems ago
Chapter 17- Useless worries ago
Chapter 18- Villain ago
Chapter 19- Negotiation ago
Chapter 20- Ultimatum ago
Chapter 21- Love Story ago
Love Story Killed (Non-Canon) ago
Chapter 22- Again ago
Chapter 23- Rain ago
Chapter 24- Trapped ago
Chapter 25- Ruin ago
Chapter 25.5- Life of Brian ago
Chapter 26- Children ago
A quick poll ago
Chapter 27-Plagiarism ago
Chapter 28- Smaug ago
Chapter 29- Witness ago
Chapter 30- Fight ago
Chapter 31- Fall ago
Chapter 32- Continue? ago
Arc 1 Epilogue- G.O.D. ago
Arc 2 Prologue- Reroll ago
Chapter 33- Dinner ago
Chapter 34- Midnight Snack ago
Chapter 35- Celebration ago
Chapter ???- ??? ago
Chapter 36- Breakfast ago
Chapter 37- Second Breakfast ago
Chapter 38- Lunch ago
Chapter 39- Afternoon Tea ago
Chapter 40- Last Meal ago
Chapter 41- The Ring ago
Chapter 42- Drunk ago
Chapter 43- Map ago
Chapter 44- Mayor ago
Chapter 45- Adventurer’s Guild ago
Chapter 45.5- Death of Brian ago
Announcement/april fool ago
Chapter 46- Meet the Parents ago
Chapter 47- Running Away ago
Chapter 48- Scapegoats ago
Chapter 49- Murmurs From The Past ago
Chapter 50- Deus ago
Chapter 51- Ex ago
Chapter 52- Mechanna ago
Chapter 53- Hidden Machine Nation ago
Chapter 54- Lost ago
Chapter 55- Escape ago
Chapter 55.5- Assassin’s Guild ago
Chapter 56- Climb ago
Chapter 57- Analysis ago
Chapter 58- Flare ago
Chapter 59- "Mud" Slinging ago
Chapter 60- The Path Not Taken (Timeline B) ago
Chapter 60.5- The Road Not Walked (Timeline A) ago
Chapter 61- Reality ago
Chapter 62- Strings ago
Chapter 63- The Prancing Bear ago
Chapter 64- Aftermath ago
Chapter 65- Geordi ago
Chapter 65.5- Devoured (Timeline A) ago
Chapter 66- Smile ago
Arc 2 Epilogue- The Longest Night ago
Arc 3 Prologue- Lies ago
Chapter 67- Detour ago
Chapter 68- Orphanage ago
Chapter 69- Crime and Punishment ago
Chapter 70- B.A.R. ago
Announcement/New chapter ago
Chapter 71- Trap ago
Chapter 72- Deliveries ago
Chapter 73- Fairshare ago
Chapter 74- Party ago
Chapter 75- Claws ago
Chapter 76- Soldier ago
Chapter 77- Contract ago
Chapter 78- Nightfall ago
Chapter 79- Infection ago
Chapter 80- Ten Hours ago
Chapter 81: 8:20 P.M. ago
Chapter 82- 8:59 P.M. ago

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It's an enjoyable fast read with short chapters. It follows a Diary type of style in which Main character and other characters live day to day like Re:Monster. So far there aren't many chapters and are pretty short, but its still a nice ready with comedy.


Will keep the review short, because there's not a whole lot to comment on at this time. I'm also writing this review because someone decided to post a review akin to a troll post, and I dislike those.




It's Re:Monster's style of writing, but with a bit more detailed. To me, it feels like I'm reading a steady flow of short stories, as it progresses forward. Props to the author for this, by the way, as I happen to love short stories more so than other novels.




You have a guy who dies suddenly, and ends up as a reincarnated creature in what appears to be a game. I've seen a few stories like this, so it's not exactly "unique", but still interesting. His death is what fascinated me the most. Instead of a random vehicle that plows into our MC (far too common, and I hate it), this one dies after hitting a wall too hard. After reincarnating, the MC is suppose to be a "villain", but so far, he's more of a hero who has landed in some sort of bazaar twist of fate where the females have dicks. Reminds me of Hyenas, and their hierarchy.




There are mistakes. Such as punctuation errors, missing words, and words that need to be combined because they are, in fact, ONE WORD. Caretaker is one word, author. However, these mistakes don't appear all that often, so he/she is safe from me going into Grammar Nazi Rant Mode.




Again, the author is trying to portray our MC as a villain, but has instead created a sort of hero vibe. The guy is almost worshiped for being different, have him exploit it until some goblins need to be made examples of. He's supposed to have great/abnormal strength for a male, and yet he uses a brain instead of showing off every now and again. Don't get me wrong, it's a great trait to have, but the author has him rely on it a bit too much. If I was a goblin, I would question it, even if I was an idiot goblin male in that story.


What I am trying to say is it would be better to have our MC abuse his power, if the author is going down the path of a villain, so as to avoid too much heroism.


Overall - A great read with hilarious references and situations, extremely enjoyable.


Style - After a certain point, the author includes alternate timelines. While interesting, I personally dislike it. Still a great idea, and likely many others will like it, just not for me.


Story -THIS IS NOT SOMEONE REINCARNATED INTO A GAME. Holy crap, it's like some people don't read either the synopsis or the story. 

Now that the rant's over, it's a rather humorous story  that follows an npc that remembers his life, with plots and scheming going on both in the game and in real life. hehehe, the worst escort quest in history was escorting a tribe out of Egypt..... hehehehe. Also has it's serious moments though.


Grammar: Some problems here and there, but in my opinion easily understandable.


Character: The MC isn't good or evil..... he just is. For example, for most people, they can't be characterized as a hero or villain.This guy is representative of that. (Anti-hero doesn't mean villain, it meant not a hero) Other than that, each character seems rather well flushed out, and I find myself enjoying all of them (except for Goblin A, I hate that guy)


It shows promise, i like the humor and the protag seems interesting so far.


Although i enjoyed chapters that has been released i have 2 things that needs to be said.

I think tables for stats would clean up your chapters alot and, Why is the text different sizes throughout the chapters!?



The comedy is way too HIGH!!!!

This story is by far the comedy themed story i have ever read.It feels new when you read it much like what Re:Hamster did with the whole re-incarnation pattern of most generic novels and just butchers it to shreds and sews it in his on pattern.

This is what this site needs;aspiring artists with a passion to create new stories and think outside the box.

And this is what this author is,an artist which evoke emotions in us that makes us feel something else than just plain simple interest which in time dissipates;which is sense of want(in a comedic sense) and which  is really lacking in this site.

As most comedic works written here lose their 'funk'(if i may say) after like 18 chapters as those  authors become less innovative and get writers block ,which instead of finding the inspiration that made them write in the first place they turn to the works of others for new found inspiration.

This is where most writers fall back into the same generic patterns that the majority of amateurs and declining professionals are in.But some struggle through and find new aspirations and this author i can say is one of them.

The only thing i criticize about this is the spaced paragraphs,simple because no one other than people above the age of 30 uses them anymore and instead of a space we leave a line.

Sorry,just irritated people don't improve with the times.

And 4.5/5 is just because its another "earth becomes a game" theme.Generic-Yes,weirdly interesting that it makes you feel the feeling when you read Re:Hamster for the first time.


I'm not trying to advertise Re:Hamster or anything its just that its one of those special works in this site like this story here and I just had to relate it.


Can I even review my own writing?


Just testing out if I can do this or not.


It seems counter productive if I can review this.


Right now, I am trying to fill out the 200 Character requirement so that I can submit an advanced review.


EDIT: oh wow I can review my own story. Sweet. I am a hacker mwah haha. (not really)


I binged on this until CH 68, and I’m not gonna lie, this may not be everyone’s cuppa tea. The story is a bit reference heavy at times, which is fine in lighthearted moments but seem out of pace in others, but aside from some minor grammar problems, this is a run read.


The key thing in a story like this in that IT’S FUN, it may not be a technical masterpiece, but the jokes are funny and the sad moments really resonate with you, and the whole thing is just plain charming.


Could go a bit lighter on the alternate universe stuff though.


Although the chapters are relatively  short i've found each one enjoyable and engaging. The way you make references in the story's are excellent and enjoyable as well.

The style is interesting and fun and explains just enough about the story in the right way.

The story is captivating and has just the right pace off story progression in my opinion.

The Grammar is better than mine and makes me jealousy honestly.

The characters are rad as hell.


seriously... its  enjoyable ff.. but i worry for the fact that he's powerless against admins.. lemme weit n see


one of the better novels in RRL

An enjoyable read once you get into it. (Spoiler: I especially loved how the author mixed in concepts and characters from 'the Hobbit'- Smaug & the lonely mountain- and 'Inception'. And the whole matrix like world were the whole world as the MC knew it was a game and everyone including him were NPCs is a fresh take on things.) There is much comedy without loosing the seriousness of the story.