As the sun set over the Deepless Sea Zen knew he would unfortunately have to go home soon, the hammock he had set up was so comfortable to. Home wasn't too bad, he lived with his parents near the center of the village. The only problem with going home was that he might run into some of his old friends, friends he had when he was still considered normal. As Zen went back home running through the tree canopies he gazed out over the island he lived in, near the center of the island was Mount Morak, tall and looming over the island. No matter where you were on the island you could see Morak, the rest of the island was just flat land that extended out from Morak.

      As Zen arrived back to his village he could still see some people walking about even though the sun was mostly gone, it was to be expected of course since tomorrow would be the Diving ceremony. The Diving as most in the village called it was a celebration done once every two years where the young men and women of the village over 13 would dive into the ocean to hunt for a fish or better yet a monster. The Diving allowed the young of the village to prove themselves to the village, that they could be trusted to provide for the village and their future families. Most who participated in The Dive already had at least one or two Skills some talented ones even had three. This was where Zen had a problem, despite being almost 15 he still did not have a single Skill. It was unheard of in the village or even in the entire island for someone of Zen's age to not have even a single Skill. Regardless he would dive tomorrow skill or no skill he would dive and prove to his family, friends and village that he could be trusted and relied upon. He would show them that he was no longer the lazy boy he had once been. Besides he was already prepared for an astounding success. Two day prior while lounging in the tree tops had overheard the elder saying The Dive would be held on the West side of the island. So of course he had prepared accordingly, by going to the next village over and buying the biggest fish caught that day. After that it was simple enough to make some vine rope and tie one end to the fish and the other end to a tree by the shore and hiding the vine rope underneath the sand. So despite not having any Skills he knew he would succeed and prove everyone wrong, he would prove to them he was capable but all that was for tomorrow, for now he would go to bed early after all tomorrow he would dive...right to where he had tied the fish of course.


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