The Core of a Factory

The Core of a Factory

by Abysmal Lion

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

An abandoned steampunk arms factory, in the middle of a conflict torn former state of the Empire it served, gains a soul. This transforms it into a Lord, capable of turning land into power. Beset by enemies on all sides it must figure out how to win the war its creators lost a century ago.

This is a progressive Dungeon Core novel (which is to say the core will progress and expand in scale, eventually) across multiple dimensions with different characteristics (e.g. steampunk, magic, mythological). It has rationalist leanings (paragraphs of reasoning) and litrpg leanings (there are stat blocks). The core game mechanical idea is something like "what if different flavors of magic power actually did come from controlling land" and then the story is: "what if there was a flavorless (artifact deck) dungeon core".

Chapters will be relatively short (my aim is that in three column format each would fit on a wide screen monitor), the first few chapters - setting up the main character and mechanics - are currently the longest in the entire series. I write chapters in blocks, and then release them one a weekday (M-F; 6 PM GMT, unless RoyalRoad's publish thing screws up) until I run out. There may be a few days of gaps here and there if someone finds an egregious error I have to re-write around or if I am behind. In general though one can read this once a weekend. I may do slight retconns and edits, I'll make sure to put it in an authors note if I do.

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Abysmal Lion

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It’s sadly common to have a main character who has an alien form, but is really just a human playing dress up based on how they think and act. That is not the case here. The protagonist is a factory, and they do not stop being a factory as the narrative progresses. That doesn’t mean they’re the stereotypical Skynet, though. No, this factory has a developed sense of morality because that’s how they were constructed, and the story shows how alien minds don’t have to be what we’d call evil to be different. The language can be dense at times, and there are little puzzles in the text that the reader can figure out with a bit of thinking, but those parts can be skimmed if you aren’t feeling up to it.

I highly recommend this story.


Heavy bluescreen frontload, but good once you get into it a little.

Reviewed at: Book 1 - Chapter 10

The first few chapters are dense, almost impenetrably so, with blue screens a-plenty, and lots of upgrades you have no context for, but it starts to smooth out a bit by chapter 8 or 9 and you get a better sense of what's going on. Definitely worth a read, and worth getting through the first half-dozen (short) chapters to see how you like it.