A Theft Of Stars

A Theft Of Stars

by FAHyatt

Original COMPLETED Sci-fi Space Opera

The only law between the stars is the morality man takes with him. The Universal Church of Alcomer, invests its Grand inquisitor, Joshua, with the task of discovering the reason behind the disappearance of mass in a huge area between the stars. Will he be able to stop the rape of the universe?

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Table of Contents
42 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Gregory St. Croix ago
The Call ago
The Crew ago
Chapter 3: Voyage to Draco ago
Chapter 4: Diocullis Investigates ago
Chapter 5: Faulty Equipment ago
Chapter 6: Song Weaver’s Voyage ago
Chapter 7: Arlyis Investigates ago
Chapter 8: Arsenic & Old boots ago
Chapter 9: Sleepless nights ago
Chapter 10: Shipwreck ago
Chapter 11: Space Signals ago
Chapter 12: Friar Theomendus ago
Chapter 13: Earth Reprieved! ago
Chapter 14: Singers of Space ago
Chapter 15: Close Encounter ago
Chapter 16: Gregory St Croix ago
Chapter 17: Diocullis Investigates ago
Chapter 18: Avon ago
Chapter 19: Dinner at Leone's ago
Chapter 20: Sam's Key ago
Chapter 21: Father Abrams ago
Chapter 22: Wavies! ago
Chapter 23: Warm Welcome ago
Chapter 24: The Aye's Have It ago
Chapter 25: Questions ago
Chapter 26: Cry For Help ago
Chapter 27: Conversations ago
Chapter 28: Attack! ago
Chapter 29: Aladdin's Lamp ago
Chapter 30: Discussions ago
Chapter 31: Baine Prepares ago
Chapter 32: Forests of Avon ago
Chapter 33 & 34:New Vatica & Dio's War Conference ago
Chapter 35: Contact! ago
Chapter 36: The Leone Estate ago
Chapter 37: Muller's Lodge ago
Chapter 38 Baine Attacks ago
Chapter 39: The Fields of Avon ago
Chapter 40: Battle's End ago
Chapter 41: Aftermath ago
Chapter 42: End of a Mission ago

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A theft of star is a sci-fi novel. The story is solid: the storyline is clear, it isn't overly complex nor plagued with filler chapters.

The descriptions are great. They are detailled in a way that makes it easy to have very nice visuals with a little imagination. The military space operations are especially good in that regard.

The characters are mainly from New Vatica, a benevolent theocracy. Reading about the space christian church was weird at first, but it's a nice take on what governements and states can be in a sci-fi setting and it is well executed and interesting to read.

The first few chapters are confusing because of all the characters that are introduced at the same time. It gets better after a while, so I encourage to persevere.

All in all, a simple and good sci-fi novel.


Compelling Characters, Great Story, and Well-Written

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Singers of Space

I'm thirteen chapters in and I think I'm here for the long haul. This story hooked me in right from chapter 1. It's got great characters, a mysterious, universe-threatening problem, and tons of well-implemented sci-fi ideas. Also, I personally love the whole church in space thing...it's reminiscent of Simmons's Hyperion, without being derivative. 

If you like intergalactic science-fiction, with aspects of military, space-opera, colonization, and religion, this is a good place to end up. Despite the occasional typo (common for a story that is releasing quickly to meet reader demand), it's got some of the best writing I've seen on Royal Road so far. 

I thoroughly recommend A Theft of Stars